Dago Tshering in Havana

Dago Tshering discusses Bhutan's efforts to expand yet another tie with a communist country after China (Picture courtesy : Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

As a special envoy of Prime Minister, Dago Tshering, Bhutan’s ambassador to India, visited Cuba August 7-10 to discuss the bilateral prospects in the field of education and medicine.

Dago Tshering discusses Bhutan’s efforts to expand yet another tie with a communist country after China (Picture courtesy : Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

During his visit Tshering met with the acting foreign minister of Cuba, Marcelino Medina and called on Vice-president Estaben Lazo.

During the meeting of two sides, areas of bilateral cooperation like fielding of Cuban doctors in Bhutan and Bhutanese students studying in Cuba were discussed, besides Bhutan’s lobby to seek the non-permanent seat in UN Security Council.

Dago Tshering also affirmed his recognition for Cuba’s contribution towards educational development in Bhutan, according to Havana Radio.

The acting foreign minister of Cuba, Marcelino Medina thanked  Tshering for Bhutan’s support  to fifty-years-long struggle of Cuban people  against US hostility, reports Radio Havana Cuba.

Meanwhile, two students from Bhutan, four from Sri Lanka and three from India are ready to fly to Cuba for their higher study in medicine. The students from Bhutan and India met Cuban Ambassador to India, Abelardo Cueto on August 25, who gave useful advice to those aspiring students on their stay in Cuba.

Bhutan, with constitutional monarchy as the head of state, has opened the floodgates of diplomatic relations even with the communist country like Cuba and now considering the diplomatic ties with China, the northern communist giant.


  1. Dago needs to be at the Hague instead of havana for his crime against humanity act. He should be hiding like saddam and Gaddafi did during their last days of living in the holes of mountains.

    Criminal Dago, 120 ethnic cleansed Bhutanese will never forgive you cleansing them from their country Bhutan.

  2. Jigme Thinley and this guy are relatives it’s why Thinley is promoting him. They are both equally responsible for the miseries and plight of exiled Lhotshampas and those who are inside Bhutan.’ Thinley designed the wicked master plan not to accept exiled Lhotshampas by postponing Nepal-Bhutan talks and Dago was the mastermind to kick them out of the country. They are two sides of the same rotten coin. One day they will meet the same fate as Gaddafi.

  3. WE started making so many allegation at the fall of hat, some half truth and some are fabricated against the Bhutan government and leadership.
    Now we should realized that, due to advance media followed by computer world we can not bully each other and the world community at large.
    Such half truth added by fabricated allegations will just satisfy our painful feelings and anger, but may lose respects and genuine supports in long run.
    So lets come together, have a united community first.

  4. Dago: the living human cannibal : the another form of Devil… Dago is concisely described as
    D: devil in human form
    A: absolute monarchical puppet
    G: gangs of tyrannical system
    O: olive tongue human beings with sword in the heart..

  5. I read the article by Ambika Sharma. It is deeply moving. Nobody really knows how many of Lhotshampas had to suffer such brutal atrocities and torture at the hands of GNH king and Dago’s men. It is not a story but a history suffered by innocent Lhotshampas. But I am sure with Lhotshampa refugees all over the world raising their voice for an impartial international inquiry into Bhutan atrocities one day things will change for king, Dago and Thinley and they will be made to pay for human rights abuses committed by them.

  6. Rightly! It is this man along with Jigme Singye and Jigme Thinley , who are responsible for the woes of the Southern Bhutanese of Nepalese origin for the last over two decades. People like him should be brought to justice at appropriate forums such as the ICC and there are mechanisms in place for doing so – but we need to put in a joint effort.

    The international community who are actively involved in the resettlement of the victims of the trio’s misdeed after the former failed to persuade the perpetrators of this human tragedy should not pretend any longer that they do not know the trio’s misdeeds. Let the likes of Cuba or Iran promote them but no more support by the champions of human rights and democracy.

    It is a warning to those who are trying to divide the exiled community by going to the camps and using divisive words such as “where r ur leaders, they’ve ditched you and gone abroad” etc while in the heart of heart they know that it is them who conspired against us and blocked us from going back to Bhutan . It is common knowledge that if not 100% then 99% of us were initially very reluctant to come overseas. It is common knowledge how some of our leaders had expressed disapproval of the resettlement policy at Kathmandu when they were urged to agree to this alternative plan. Rather than these divisive and inflammatory words against us, the outsiders will do good now by recognising the exiled Bhutanese leadership. If the intention is really to help then they should speak through the leadership. We have plenty of people with leadership qualities as good as or even better than those in Thimphu “given a chance” and the environment. But what happened in the past two decades is the trio’s (evil axis) leadership was not only recognised but promoted by the international community while the prevalent exiled Bhutanese leadership was not recognised and new leadership was not allowed to develop – hence, the failure of the Bhutanese Democratic movement from exile.

    Common! Don’t be afraid!! join hands friends the let’s bring this man under the long arm of the ICC.


  7. I fully support Akash. Let us not keep quiet and make all efforts where ever we are to expose these three men at the international level. They must be held fully accountable globally if Bhutanese courts cannot punish them. Let writers like Ambika write more to expose the true colour and ruthlessness of these three men who ordered to uproot Bhutanese citizens from southern Bhutan.

  8. AKASH, I do appreciate your thoughts.

    In my understanding Young Bhutanese who are in the process of being armed with political and social culture in US should take initiative to take this responsibilities.

  9. There are so many Bhutanese organizations/societies/associations etc. What they have been doing, organize conventions and enjoy parties? Men start your real task, start writing petitions to UN, international players, Lhotshampas are waiting for justice.

  10. AKASH, you do not hold copyrights for the expressions made and should never seek to hold them for yourselves alone. And there need to be more intelligent works with accuracy of facts, not with the intent of implicating and maligning the misguided souls that are accused of various crimes.
    It was all the side effects of benign policies for strengthening the causes of a nation and nationality that lacked proper definition before their leadership. Let them be given the chance to know what transpired from their unlearned zeal and wait for sensible response. We will not be happier in overcoming them than living among them as amicable friends, neighbours or relatives like before.