Cultural function in Melbourne


Bhutanese community in Melbourne, presented an awesome cultural program on the occasion of Dasai, one of the greatest Hindu festivals, on Saturday October 23.

Young dancers in Nepali cultural dress

The program featured a series of cultural performances in typical Nepali dress and songs. The performances included Sangini, Balan, Deusi, children dance and fashion parade exhibiting diversity of dresses from Bhutan.

Top officials from various agencies in Victoria including Hon George Lekakis, Chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC), attended the function.

Around 80 Bhutanese from Albury and Wodonga, including artists, some 15 Bhutanese from Tasmania and 300 resettled Bhutanese in Melbourne attended the function.

The VMC chairperson praised the BCA for its rapid progress. He promised for more support from the government creating opportunities and support to strengthen the community.

Chief guest awarded the 10 dancers with certificate of appreciation who had participated in Premier’s Gala Dinner in March 2010. The Bhutanese Kitchen members, and six volunteers also received gift vouchers and appreciation letters while five senior members from Bhutanese community were awarded certificate for their exemplary role model in the community.