Country expects 100,000 tourists this year


As tourist arrivals in the country go up by more than 50 percent, Bhutan expects to receive some 100,000 tourists in 2012. Altogether 65,746 tourists visited the country last year.

Tourist arrival in Paro Airport

According to official records maintained, tourists arrival in the country has been increasing each year since 2010. The growth rate is around 56.65 percent, reported the government-run Kuensel.

Regarded as one of the most expensive spot for tourists, the country has been charges daily tariffs of US $ 250 and US $ 200 during peak and off seasons respectively. The peak months for tourist arrivals are March to May, and September to November.

After the VISA endorsement and tax deductions, US $156.8 is returned to the travel agent for the tourist’s accommodation and food at least in a three star hotel, treks and tours and guide’s charges, added the report.

The industry earned some US $ 47.68 million last year and collected a royalty of US $ 14.89 million.

Of the total tourist arrivals in 2011, more than 50 percent entered Bhutan by land and majority of them chose to stay in more than three stars hotels, according to Tourism Council.


  1. Ripping of tourists but not allowing international free press to cover the situation in the country without strict censorship and not allowing people to travel to the south or east to see how life is there.
    So the only tourists that go there are wealthy and don’t give a damn for the wellbeing and the human and citizens rights of this closed country. But like North Korea, isn’t it?

  2. I absolutely agree Alice!

    It is good in a sense that more tourist visit this locked country, more they would have experience about the ongoing situation inside Bhutan.

    Let us see, how long they keep could keep the secret and their bitter truth hidden ?