Community Leaders meet President Obama, VP Biden


Two Bhutanese community leaders of Scranton, PA, have got a brief chance to meet and talk to President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden  Friday August 23 at around 5:30 pm in Lackawanna college .  Narad Pokhrel, President and  Kedar Kafley, Secretary of community organization of Scranton, entered the crowd  with a three point agenda for President Obama and managed to submit it crossing the circles of security.

Narad told to BNS, “We had no plan to meet such dignitaries and thought it would not be possible to do in short time. But, I thought it would not be another chance to meet, so I gave a try with the mayor and he soon arranged two tickets for us.”

“We are Bhutanese refugees and we are proud to be here. So on behalf of Bhutanese resettled in all states of US, we like to thank the US government, I said to vice-president Joe Biden”. “He shook hands and gave a hug”, Narad was excited over the phone.

Narad Pokrel speaks to Vice-president Joe Biden
Pokhrel speaks to VPJoe Biden (Photo: Kedar Kafley)

Of the President,  Narad shares, “Then I talked to the President Obama for half a minute and thanked him for bringing us here and, also requested him to see our petition. He said he will.”

The duo hand-delivered a three point petition to the presidents, which was prepared overnight by  Narayan Sharma Phuyal.

It is reproduced as it is below:

  1. Thousands of Bhutanese refugees continue languishing in the UNHCR administered camps in Nepal, the majority of whom have opted for repatriation to Bhutan and have not thus far accepted the offer of resettlement in any of the resettling countries. While UNHCR considers repatriation as the most preferred solution in refugee situations, it has not been possible so far in the case of Bhutanese refugees despite over-fifteen years of bilateral engagement between host Nepal and refugee-generating Bhutan. An international solution through resettlement sans Bhutan’s involvement has the propensity of sending a wrong message as meaning an endorsement to Bhutan’s refugee policy. We wish to take this opportunity to request you Mr. President to exercise all available diplomatic measures to urge the government of Bhutan to allow return of all willing Bhutanese refugees in Nepal’s camps and those surviving hardships outside the camps back to Bhutan.

  2. A large portion of the total resettled Bhutanese in USA comprises of the elderly and many are semi-literate or even illiterate. Many do not have a working knowledge of the English language. While they are fighting all odds to integrate in the mainstream, they face a real and imminent difficulty to acquire US citizenship. This group has faced historical discrimination in Bhutan. We, on behalf of this group of our people, wish to request you to consider relaxing some of the procedural requirements of the citizenship qualifying test so that this unfortunate group that has been deprived of the protection of citizenship may be enabled to acquire US citizenship and live as proud citizens of this great nation in the rest of their lives.

  3. As stated, resettlement has been a blessing to a huge population of the Bhutanese refugees. That said, it has generated an emotional problem to those families whose family members are divided across continents. While those resettled in other countries can arrange family visits, it is a huge emotional crisis for those whose family members continue to remain inside Bhutan. These families would be truly thankful if measures could be explored to help them effectuate family union by enabling them visit their family members or possibly enable permanent family reunion. We, on behalf of such families wish to request you, Mr. President to kindly explore possible solutions to these concerns bedeviling some of our community members.


  1. Truly, this is the job well done! Congratulations to Narad Pokhrel and Kedar Kafley for success in their endeavor for the good of their fellow Bhutanese folks.

    None but God permitted the leaders of Bhutanese people with anointing on them nurturing true feelings and expressions of genuine Bhutanese present elementary facts to the authorities of Great Nation under God. May the petition reach fruitarian, especially on the part: “An international solution through resettlement sans Bhutan’s involvement has the propensity of sending a wrong message as meaning an endorsement to Bhutan’s refugee policy”.

    A nation that struggles to integrate with communist China on the north first building up cultural links to Tibet while falsely accusing the evicted refugee community being the mass infiltrated by Maoist ideology must be contained with its own contradiction.

    Why should international community exempt the terrorist regime to continue in strength hiding behind their garments and cosmetics while much lesser evil elsewhere are punished more severely? Should it be exempted even for unleashing state terrorism victimizing innocent citizens that sought for nothing more than basic human rights?

  2. Congratulations for this step. This is very effective path. Others should support these fellows. Please keep the consistency and seek follow up meetings, if not personally through email and phone to their PA. This will take one step up.
    Send them greeting in festive and new years to remind them.
    Kudo folks… “where there is a will there is a way”.