Community in NH sets up office, successful to secure some jobs


The Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) has inaugurated its own office Friday afternoon amidst a special function.

Tika Acharya, executive director of the BCNH, informed BNS that Barbara Seebart, State Refugee Coordinator, DHHS, New Hampshire showed up as the chief guest of the inaugural function, where other guests included Dean of Southern New Hampshire University Dean, Board and Director of International Institute, Director of Immigration office- Catholic Charities, Board of Beans Foundation, Grant Coordinator of DHHS, prominent volunteers including Doug Hall, Director of Somali Development Center, officials from African American, among others.

State Refugee Coordinator addresses in the Community's new office. Photo/Kamal Basnet.

Meanwhile, the Community has declared its programs, which are being funded by various resources in the locality. According to Acharya, Narapati Poudyal from the Community has been hired as a full time case manager for the Social Service for Bhutanese in Manchester. The project is funded by Office of Minority Health and Refugee Affairs, NH. Meanwhile, the Human Service Case Management for Bhutanese in Manchester funded by Beans Foundation, NH has hired Parsu Nepal.

BCNH in partnership with International Institute, English for New American and Holy cross Education initiative have created two job positions for Bhutanese to serve the community folks in Manchester. The responsibility will be shouldered by Tika Subedi and Krishna Nepal:

Acharya further informed BNS that his organization will launch Individual Development Accounts, Nepali and Sanskrit language learning program, GED, establish first Hindu Temple in NH, citizenship classes, among others.

Formed in May 2010 and formally registered as non profit in October 2010, BCNH has been actively involved in providing social service to the needy Bhutanese folks resettled in NH.


  1. A great source of inspiration for all Bhutanese Communities/Associations in the U.S. Tika dai’s hard work paid off, not forgetting other active members of BCNH. Great job every one.

    Rabi Ghimire
    St Louis, MO

  2. Everyone gives glance to news posted, and taste the sweetness of words jotted down in letter.But, No one try to reach depth of what’s going on in the small world of Non- profit organisation. It’s glad to have organisation for serving people in the community but unfortunately, small organisations are being used to climb the lader rather than serving people in the coomunity. Being lack of knowledge and concept of of politics and diplomacy,new leaders are following old patterns of climbing the stair of success and feel themselves smart like a wolf.Reaching the goal without serving people and making individual competive in this small world of Non -profit organisation does implies the story of rabbit and Tortoise.Communities are formed for people welfare not for the personal welfare and it is shameful to write such thing in this comment but, it is a bitter truth experiencing by bhutanese people rsiding in Different states.It is not a offesive writting but it is genaral fact that has been seen in th world of non- profit world and pain is suffer by Bhutanese residing in Diiferent part od states.

  3. Great job of inauguration of office for the community. Infra red words are the real truth and not any imaginations. Nothing is expected nor trusted by anyone except few who are close relatives and of same category. It would be a great shame to Tika Acharya to mention for the needy Bhutanese folks rather than fulfill his own desire. You all have been conspiring for only Hindu Temples and never for the problem of the general community. Never, ever think of your private business involved in the name of Innocents and you’ll be trapped and put into custody by the public sooner or later due to your boasting and crazy for chair. Now everyone knows your diplomacy and the technique how you try to manipulate all in the name of the community. You have been using as ladder for the community since beginning and you never thought back towards anyone.

  4. This is an exemplary acheivement to everyone of us resettled in differnt parts of the world that nothing is impossible if we are united and committed.
    i congratulate everyone who have contributed to accomplish this, though it might have been too late to repond on.

  5. Great Job BCNH!!!!!!

    You have been a true example and source of inspiration in the Bhutanese Community.
    Please do not bother junks like infra red and Bhutanese American who are hiding their identities and commenting just because they are jeolous of what BCNH have done for the community.

    Let me ask infra red and Bhutanese American to share what have they accomplished in their communities.

    Congratulations BCNH. I hope to hear the news of other accomplishment in coming days.

  6. Hari…this country has still freedom of speech and I am letting know that you are being junk yourself by supporting your inspirational hero Tika acharya. You know what Hari you must benefited by him or you must have family relationship with him. But keep in your mind that Tika acharya is not doing good for community despite he is looking for benefit of his and his family relatives concern. There are many examples and proof of him being nepotism and favouritism in his path. He is very young to do such junky diplomacy and getting benefit from community welfare. Hari ask the residents of Manchester, concord and laconia about the Tika acharya , you will get the information all about your inspirational hero Tika acharya. I am not being offensive to any body and it is Tito satya…the establishment of BCONH provokes only for the benefit acharya and Mishra family…not for entire Bhutanese residing in three cities..I am not against in the formation of BCONH

    but I am strongly against principle of junky and fraudy . Every opportunities is grap by acharya and Mishra

    family why? this is question is not only in the mind of Bhutanese but it is in the mind of local agency and local people. Why this family get an job every where they like why not others? Tika acharya is working in bank and he is working State now it is because of his talent and intelligence but one part of his success is Bhutanese community . He got his credit fr

  7. Sorry I miss the first part …he got credit from Bhutanese community but he has forgot he is elected member not a superior hero so this is good lesson of him o have this comments..gaining short popularity is not long lasting , it would be great challenges for every one and if individual does not come in track in right time there will be failure of regime we all know that..true.. This is warning to BCONH that the time will come to get sue every members by the time there will be no chances to escape .. If someoneWants to serve the community serve true heart serve from true feelings….
    Here are some questions why residents of concord didn’t get Nepali interpreter in concord hospital and why didn’t get job in by right person in Bhutanese community?there are many such questions we can keep in mind and if we won’t take right action now the same Trend will be followed and benefits will be taste by wolf….be care ful…

  8. Hey,
    Hello infra red. I have a question for you. There is a full time job which pays good salary with insurance. And your sister is unemployed. Do you request potential reference to your community member or to your sister? Other thing is do not put BCNH into controversy by bringing once private matter in media. Stop shitty write up/nagetive puking and also try to see positive development also.

  9. Hello manchesterian .. It Shows from your comments that you are also part BCNH oh no part of Tika Acharya .. No offense Manchester basi… History of state executive director reveals that he has good image in public since he has been in camp. Or you must be employed by him directly or indirectly so you sound as a BHAKTI of state executive director… you have given good example of sister but it does not mean that if someone has a power or good outreached and net work skills can get the job only but the people need to get same oppertunities . The oppertunity is not for certain family it has to distribute equally to all Bhutanese people ..I don’t have any negative thoughts towards BCNH but i have feelings toward people who runs this BCNH..if someone does not improve it gonna be published in local newspaper.. Take is serious ..and this is not private affair and it is really concern about all Bhutanese resident …I have been getting the news that there is establishment of temple and Mishra is assurance nod getting pujari position and he is asking that also .. So every program is family related not BCNH .. And you also know that ..

  10. Mr Infra red, here i would like to remember one Nepali anecdote. Vadhau ma aankha futeko goru le barai mas hario nai dekchha aare vantheea saahe racha.Otherwise BCNH has done a lot of good good things why dont you see that. As you are so you see other. isnt it? And we already have great board members. we do not need your useless suggestions. And if you are so unsatisfied with Tika’s activities why dont you come forward and talk with him. I know why. Nepali ko banee. Aaru lai aagi pane badna nadine aafu pane aagi badna nasakne. Jay hos infra red.

  11. Well done Tika and friends. Keep up your good work. Dont get distracted by negative comments. There are lot of obstacles in doing social work. Do things with clean heart. You will see success at the end.

  12. Congrats! Friends and countrymen of BCoNH. In a short span of time you have been able to achieve and taste some success. There, definitely are obstacles as you try to strive further in pursue of more success stories. There are people who always bite at your back. They don’t have to have any logical reasons, they just are made for that. whoever is leading, rather working for the welfare of the community should be aware of the fact that there are some among yourselves with vested interests. People who have tainted images play greater roles in dividing the community and in retrospection you will find some among yourselves with such images. Every work you do now are your stepping stones to other bigger ventures. Every decision you make reflects your ability to row the boat of BCoNH. Every opportunity that comes along your way should be dealt fairly and democratically.
    Looks like so far not so bad but if you fail be be judicious now, you might some days repent as some clever knaves are never tired of repeating their knavery. Good luck..Hard work always pays.

  13. Hello BNS Publishers/Commenteters!

    If anyone is really practical and really desired to be one of the genuine future American Citizens, be in truth and swear in truth in the name of American constitution as well as God.Be not so fake and go ashtray by mere theoretical and good language limited in this page itself! Simply highlighting some of the highly reputed personalities and organization who had been helping the refugees directly or indirectly cannot be our sole responsibilities,but our people misusing them in the name of community for “good reputation -God knows the truth but waits” Who really possesses a good community leadership in the whole UNITED STATES OR ANYWHERE around the globe in the Bhutanese Community? ” A ROSE DOES NOT MOVE TO SPREAD ITS PERFUMES BUT SPREAD ITSELF BY ITS QUALITY AND COMMITMENTS and SELF PRAISE HAS NO RECOMMENDATION” Its a great piece of advertisement and good article which tries to make everyone as if a miracle but its hollow inside! Communal discrimination never vanishes from our brain and heart or culture and external showoff of our culture never brought an everlasting peace and harmony in our community- simply an example of Nepal where thousands of Gods are worshiped but no lasting solution for a single problem. Same thing will be happen out here after couple of years where there will be deep rooted disrespects, conflicts,backbitings,jealousies,chaos and disorders in each and every steps of our life. Rich becomes richer but the poor will remain the same fighting for two times meal and good sleep! Go on using but how long COZ THERE IS SAYING –

    Hope BNS editors may not use to fake articles to fulfil its page and attract others but know each and every realities otherwise you all would loose your good reputation and become the same!



  14. Truth

    Now I can see where you are not satisfied.

    Hindu Temple and the Hindu religion is only your problem…….I dont wanna argue with you any further because I also know that your are diagonesed with mental illness.

  15. Hari,
    You really felt offended with the universal truth and you love everyone to be in darkness and enjoy yourself to cheat others and get benefited. Broadly speaking any Haris…are expert in putting false allegations and baseless communal conflicts. You should be one claiming a job of pandit or purat with the name of community mandir and never ever think to gain without doing hard work!!!!! Mind your language and do practise more before publishing any article!

  16. There should be lots of conspiracy going on in the Bhutanese Community if any truth is disclosed which feels offensive by some corrupt leaders! Injustice anywhere would be a threat to justice everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Truth/Google,

    Should you see any conspiracy you better report or you will get in trouble for not reporting.
    Also, injustice anywhere would be a threat to juctice everywhere…..very true. Its more of injustice to keep mum and let it happen. I know you are barking here but you better report to concerns.

    Just so you know I dont have qualifications for pandit and I do not intend to be puret, but I’ll fight to keep my culture, tradition, and religion alive.

    Commenting in this forum does not changes anything. If you would like to make a change, make a difference in the community, help people who are in need… better get involved.
    God Bless America!! God Bless this Community!

  18. Hariji,
    I respect your concern for community and community is not made by itself but “Unity in Diversity” and should not be advocated partially. In my point of view we are all resettled on humanitarian ground and not stressed that our only culture had been in verge of collapse but being treated so rudely and evicted more than a street dogs by the regime. We were accounted and concerned in terms of equality irrespective of cultures,ideologies,ethnic background,caste,creed,etc,etc. Keeping preserved our personal and individual cultures, we need to think above all and act as equal human beings. Flatly speaking, sugar coated words and being lucrative are the main hindrance practiced by our community leaders which ultimately brought conflicts and discriminations and great gap amongst all.