Community friendship in volleyball

Photo: CM Nirola


By: C M Niroula and Vijay Khanal, NH

As beautiful as the day was,  another beautiful event that took place in the  community was the volleyball match played between Bhutanese and Nepalese youths.

Photo: CM Nirola
Photo: CM Nirola

There were two  communities of different national origin but sharing a plethora of commons, language and culture making them alike, and the sports so popular in their home countries.  They were playing a volleyball tournament with idea of strengthening brotherhood relationship.  But the highlight there was not the tournament, but  friendliness they showed to each other in such a friendly manner.

The volleyball tournament was organized by Bhutanese youth council, played with NH-12 Nepalese community.

The tournament was played in Gossler Park School premises in Manchester NH. The tournament was won by youth council.

After the tournament, lead of council Om Basnet extended gratitude to all youths and players. “We are so glad that we got a chance to extend brotherhood relations with Nepalese residing in the state of New Hampshire.  We are encouraged to work together from now”, Basnet spoke to BNS.

“Lets come together and spread peace through unity”, added Basnet.

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