Commenting on Bhutan’s report- II


Several countries’s representatives commented on the report presented by Bhutan. The quick texts transcribed from the live broadcast reveal difference in supporting Bhutan’s position and situation of human rights.

Unknown representative
Wish over come all the challenges including poverty and work for lasting solution to refugee issue.

Addressing the challenges with all available resources. Rights not able to access due to geo location.  What measure for effective judiciary and human rights.

Sri Lanka
Asked about constitutional provisions for ending domestic violence. Appreciates for good health services.

What detail in tenth plan for empowering women. Women unit in RBP good way to end domestic violence. World must help on its food security program. Form national human rights commission. Train, police judge on human rights.

Appreciates environment policy. Good program on women and child development. Set up institutions in other towns to look after child and women issues.

Appreciates transition to democracy and GNH philosophy. 605 revenue on social sector since 1960. Focus to poverty reduction. 

Appreciates initiatives for promoting human rights and GNH expansion. Good that the country signed additional protocol on child rights. Fighting challenges on climate change.

Traditional friends. Questions on Bhutanese refugees. Efforts made so far to protect human rights of minorities. When will Bhutan start reunion of families between refugees and their relative in Bhutan. Verified not repatriated. When will they be repatriated .When will bilateral talks resume.

What are the practical results about the national plan of action about domestic violence. Strengthen its strategies on human rights. Remove NOC, SSC. 

Welcomes transition. Resume dialogue with Nepal for repatriation. Voluntary return and family unification. Stateless children must not be there. Eliminate violence against women. Protect right of minorities.

Appreciates transition. Good achievements in health, education and environment. How is GNH operationalized in development. What are its tools for implementation.

Making efforts to protect human rights. Expand the system of village health workers. Improve situation of poverty and drinking water.


Good progress on poverty, health, education. Near achieving MDGs and SAARC goals.

Appreciates transition. Ratify ICCPR, International convention on social and cultural rights. Wants to know the situation of women. What happened to recommendation on CRC Committee. Protect rights of children in monastery and in extended family. 

Eliminate all forms of violence on women and give access to justice to these women. What are the instruments for this. Ratify all rights instruments including convention on culture. Set program to implement CEDAW. What happened to repatriation of refugees and their reunion to relatives. 

Appreciates GNH. Constitution guarantee human rights. The government has special attention on this. Free primary education to children. Ratify convention on disability.

Continue strengthening human rights. Form national institutions and mechanism to study and implement of human rights laws. 

Appreciates transition. Repel civil society organization act. Address domestic violence. Concern about refugees. Repatriate those wants and resume talks with Nepal. 

Bring acts to resolve domestic violence. What measures taken address stereotyping of women in women?

Appreciates for achieving MDG 1. Ensure fair health service. Call UN agencies to protest women and child rights. Register child birth. End refugee issue. Ensure family union.

Achieved so much in short period. Appreciates the efforts of fourth king. Has independent judiciary. Parliament has human rights committee. Achieved most MDGs. Good efforts to preserve environment. Bhutan making efforts to resist terrorism. Need to learn from fourth king. India has continuing support and cooperation.

Protested rights of people with HIV. Welcome to domestic violence bill. Make efforts to reach out to rural people. Protest human rights of women, children, HIV patients and disabled people. Ratify convention on disability. 

Appreciates transition. Encourage women to participate in political process. Make democracy sustainable. Bring relevant laws. Continue with free education policy. 

Peace transition was appreciated. Welcome on committee in human rights in parliament. Free media developing in Bhutan. Address climate change. Combat domestic violence. Teach people about human rights and democratic values. Bring more women in electoral process.

Strengthen measure to protect women and child rights. Protest rights of all religious and ethnic groups.

Cooperate with UN human rights bodies. Ratify ICCPR and International convention on civil and cultural rights. 

Appreciates Bhutan for making efforts to learn form UN human rights bodies. Protest human rights as guaranteed by the constitution. 

Why no other religions than Buddhism allowed? Is there religious freedom? When will Bhutan ratify many rights instruments. What measures taken to repatriate refugees? Repatriate refugees. 

Establish national commission on human rights. Cooperate with international rights bodies. End child labor. Extend health care and ensure education on human rights and human trafficking.