Columbus fire displaces 20 resettled families


A fire that tore through at a north side apartment complex in Columbus, Ohio has reportedly displaced 20 households of resettled Bhutanese on Monday night.

According to Tara Dhungana, firefighters battled until 1 am to contain inferno, whose cause the US officials have been investigating. Investigators are treating the fire as suspicious in nature.

Firefighters have said that it appeared that the fire started in a room used for storing bulk trash.

Columbus Division of Fire investigators returned to the scene Tuesday morning. The scoured the bulk trash bin where it is believed the fire started, local reports said.

Residents nearby told stories about escaping the fire with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Then, there were the stories about the living conditions, which one Ssurowi Mohammed described as worse than living in a refugee camp.

The American Red Cross has been assisting the families displaced by the fire. They have opened an emergency shelter at the Feddersen Recreation Center at 3991 Dresden St. The shelter will remain open Tuesday night to help families, displaced by the fire.

“The American Red Cross and resettlement agencies are in the field to help displaced families,” Dhunaga said in his email circular to the Bhutanese community.