CMC elections on Jan third week ; Three Beldangi camps to elect single Camp Secy


Elections of new Camp Management Committees (CMCs) in the camps are slated for January 20 and 21.

According to the Refugee Co-ordination Unit (RCU) at Chandragadi of Jhapa, some 47,597 voters above 18 years are casting their votes during the elections.

Unlike in previous years where only the household head was allowed to cast the vote, the RCU this year has set provisions allowing all exiled Bhutanese above 18 years to cast their votes, Deputy RCU Director Lekh Nath Pokhrel informed.

Of the total voters, 24,214 are males and 23,383 are females, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)’s statistics revealed.

Three Camp Secretaries of Beldangi camps, Narad Mani Sanyashi, TB Gurung and Ganapati Adhikari (from left)/courtesy

Meanwhile, the camp management authorities are preparing to elect a single Camp Secretary for three Beldangi camps along with two Deputy Camp Secretaries.

However, the camp residents have been protesting against such a decision, Beldangi-I Camp Secretary, TB Gurung, informed Bhutan News Service.

On the other hands, asylum seekers and those whose cases have been pending for registration have warned of disturbing the election preparations.

They have demanded their registration first and then only the election where they would also be getting the chance to cast their votes.

Camp Secretaries of three Beldangi camps have expressed their solidarity in their demand, one of the agitating Bhutanese informed.

These elections will fulfill the positions at CMCs which have remained vacant after the resettlement of those who occupied them.


  1. Infact,the registration of genuine bhutanese people ,who have been living in the camp for a long time, is more important than conducting an election.Its very sad that some of the non bhutanese are being resettled in the different countries under the fake identity of bhutanese whereas the real bhutanese are still fighting for the registration process.let the justice be given to those innocents.Nepal Government ,UNHCR and refugee representatives should sit for the round table talk inorder to verify the real bhutanese and opportunists.Verification in absence of bhutanese representative is useless as they(RCU and UNHCR) can easily be bribed or cheated.
    Raghu Osti.

  2. Now we should start calling ‘PRIME MINISTER’ for Camp Secretary. Logic- all adult franchise in practice.
    Will there be any set criteria meaning prequalifying conditions for the candidates? Then Rizal, BR Poudyel, B Rai and others need to file their candidency to know who is popular. Let them come up with their ‘GHOSANA PATRA’. How is that?
    Best of luck.

  3. It is a fact that corruption was and still is rampant in the camp committee and RCU. The camp committee members who were used to pocketing large sum of money from the ordinary refugees are finding it hard to work hard to earn their living in resettled country. Even to get your new born child registered for ration we had to bribe them. Those corrupt committee members who walked around camps like big bosses, lived on refugees hard earned money which they earned by doing back breaking work in Jhapa’s heat, it will be interesting to see how they will earn their living. For sure they won’t be able to sit on their ass and get fat on others hand out in the western countries.

  4. It has perplexed me to learn that there are Bhutanese in the camps still not registered as refugees after 18 years. Where have they been for such a long period of time? Were they not the one who lived in the periphery of seven refugee camps, Asam and Bengal(originally from Bhutan) and then were they not the one who prefered calling them either Nepali citizens or Indian citizens but not Bhutantese citizens? Were they not the discouraging and stumbling element for repatriation of the refugees? Were they not the one who humiliated and exploited their own brothers and sisters in the refugee camps?
    And if they were, do they have the moral ground today to demand for their registration as Bhutanese refugees?
    Now it is cristal clear that they are eyeing for America, Canada, Australia and European nations under resettlement package. They can do so if they do not feel ashamed of their deeds and UNHCR and IOM can assist them under humanitarian ground.