CMC appeals fellow-Bhutanese to support fire victims


The Camp Management Committee (CMC) of Beldangi camps has appealed fellow-Bhutanese to extend financial assistance at will to support recently displaced fire victims of Beldangi-II.

In a letter addressed to Kathmandu-based Bhutan Media Society, Camp Secretary Dhan Bir Subba has asked the Society to set up a donation box to garner donations by involving resettled Bhutanese and their well wishers from various resettlement countries.

The Camp Secretary letter said, “The camp management committee would like to request the Bhutan Media Society to conduct a donation drive by involving the resettled fellow-Bhutanese to support the fire victims, similar to what the Society did for Goldhap and Sanischare fire victims in the past.”

 Donation closed !

Following consultations with some of the perennial donors and well-wishers, the Society decided to conduct an online donation drive through the official news portal of Bhutan News Service, stated a statement issued by the Society, Friday.

“The donation box will remain open until December 25. We request everyone to be a part of the drive for sympathizing the fire victims,” added the Society’s statement.

A massive fire on December 4 displaced above 400 individuals belonging to various 101 huts in Sector C3 and C4 of Beldangi-II.

Editor’s Note : Due to some problems with the PayPal accounts of the Bhutan Media Society, donations are being accepted on Punya Foundation’s accounts for the purpose. Inconveniences are highly regretted.

Donation submissions

  1. USD 500.00, William Gillett, Manchester, NH, United States
  2. USD 20.00, Dil Mishra, Austin, TX, United States
  3. USD 25.00, Ratna Subba, Charlottesville, VA, United States
  4. USD 10.00, Dhananjayah Khatiwada, Kansas City, KS, United States
  5. USD 250.00, Bhutanese Welfare Association in UK, United Kingdom
  6. AUD 50.00, Julia Freeman-Woolpert, Concord, NH, United States
  7. 303.05 Euro, Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands, The Netherlands
  8. AUD 25.00, Tulsi Upreti, Lexington, KY, United States
  9. AUD 100.00, Parsuram Sharma Luitel, Melbourne, Australia
  10. AUD 21.00, Tal Rai, Tasmania, Australia


  1. Its an unfortunate news. And the refugee population need immediate attention. Children and women affected by this should be responded with adequate immediate supply of materials, food, clothes and living tents.

    However, in a larger political spectrum, the so called bhutanese democratic movement of the refugees’ self proclaimed leaders have gone no where what so ever happened in the last 20 years of their exile.

    These refugees must immediately accept the option of resettlement offer and head to third world countries to educate feed their kids and youths.

    We cannot send funding to further build those long term refugee camps that ware house refugees as hostages in the name of establishing democracy in Bhutan. Refugees must understand this.
    Your political battle can be fought even by making to western world, getting united together and advocating against the plastic democracy of Bhutan.

    I am not of the favor of keeping those refugee camps in the long run. They must be dismantled sooner the better not by seting up fire but choosing a humanitarian solution to the long standing deadlock.

    Rupak Neupane

  2. Rupak Neuraola:

    In the history of mankind, perhaps, you would be named the most disgusting person to be called human being. Majority of us understood the fact that refugee camp wasn’t a base to battle from to oust the regime and invent democracy, so we came to the third world. There are innocents children, women, disabled, old living in the huts of refugee camps in Nepal. Their situation isn’t less harrowing than anyone crushed in Syria by its own regime. It could even be more pathetic. This wasn’t an appropriate time to share your cunning opinion. This actually was a time to come together as a community and help them rebuild their shelter, bring sick and old, children and women under the roof. I was more amazed to read a sentence where you appeared as if it was you feeding these innocent refugees for the past couple of decades. I apologize to you if it was really you digging your pocket to make their ends meet. I am deeply convinced that they( all refugees) will eventually come to third countries. I hear from people at UN that resettlement of Bhutanese refugees is going on full swing. If it was to happen off the bat without any series of screening and interview process there would be no any indication that very civilized and peace loving people ever dwell in there. They are to live there until their turn comes because they don’t have place to call their home. For public consumption people like you make a propaganda which put the life of vulnerable people at stake. You would be applauded had you spoken sensing the need of the time. Only mad dog like you has no worries to bark and dance in someone’s funeral. If you were mindful of the situation you would work to bring back the situation where it was left and talk about things that would better off everyone. Why don’t you step up say they deserve support at this unfortunate time? Have you ever asked how little kids are surviving in this bone chilling weather ? I wonder why that didn’t popped up on your devil head. Answer lies within…….