Claire Thomsen for Bhutanese library


In an undaunted commitment to reach the target of $50,000 raised for establishing public libraries in rural Bhutan, Claire Thomsen a 15 year old girl from Malibu High school, California, attained her goal to be donated to READ Bhutan.

Claire in Bhutan (Picture courtesy: Kuensel)

Claire is now in Bhutan to meet her beneficiaries of her hard work and determination, at a place called Chuzeygang, Sarpang where a public library is constructed by the community effort.

In her mission, Claire partnered with READ Global which is working in rural parts of India, Nepal and Bhutan helping to establish community reading centers and libraries.

Claire first visited Bhutan in 2009 with her parents and was deeply moved by the ignorance of Bhutanese children living in rural areas. The first community library was established in Ura, Bumthang.

Community library in Sarpang (Picture courtesy: Kuensel)

Taking opportunity of the spring break, off from the school, Claire flew to Bhutan to share her heart.

On December 11,  2011, Claire organized a fund raising event at Linda Hamilton’s House in Malibu, CA during which she was able to raise $10,000 in a day. The event was attended by Thinley Choden, the country director of READ Bhutan whom Claire donated the raised money.

Claire Thomsen maintains her blog to post all events and her dedications for building library in Bhutan.


  1. a good way to visit bhutan without having to pay $280/day tariff. i bet her parents, siblings, relations, frens & acquaintances will too get to visit free of traiff for doing $50000 charity work. what happens when the $50000 run out? will u be supporting the charity work for the rest of your life or see the library become a cattle shed in a couple of years time. let bhutan alone with charity handouts…let the Bhutanese stand on their own feet without having to rely on handouts. we are not beggar country & we can do very well without any freebies. it is such charity & handouts that is making bhutan a lazy & corrupt society.
    Ms Claire Thomsen, USA has millions homeless & destitute. Please help them instead with your charity works. good deeds are best at home without any publicity. To do good unto others is to do in silence.