Chosen Generation attracts youths towards music


Children and youths have grasped a chance of learning music by paying Rs 7 per day at least for a week, thanks to the Chosen Generation.

A pastor looks at the banner after cutting the ribbon

The Chosen Generation, which is a platform for the refugee Christian youths and children, started its week-long guitar class in Beldangi-II based Ashish Church on Monday amidst a grand opening ceremony.

“We have around 80 students for this class and fifty percent are girls,” coordinator Bhakta Acharya told Bhutan News Service,” We just wanted the learners to feel that they have paid some amount for the class as free classes go sometimes meaningless.”

However, around a dozen students are without the fee, which is Rs 50 for seven days.

According to Acharya, the Generation has felt that changes in youths can be brought through music. It was formed in 2007.

“There are children and youths using various forms of drugs. They need to be changed. And, such a change is possible only through music,” Acharya added.

Even non-Christian students become a part of the Generation’s program. At least 10 students from the Parijat Bal Samuh have been enrolled in the class.

Acharya further said, “We are not luring young minds to turn into a Christian. We just want changes on them.”

Participants of the program

Meanwhile, other members of the Generation expressed that they lack the regular funding for conducting such programs.

“We can do a lot of similar programs targeting youths and children in camps. However, participants can not afford always,” said one member.

Representatives of various camp based organizations, pastors of different Churches and senior figures from Beldangi camps were present to encourage the students during the opening session.

Reported by Khem Prasad Dahal and Moses Lagoon for BNS


  1. Music is good for the heart and soul of youth. However, I just hope there is no hidden agenda of the church groups. It makes me sad to see lot of our people in the camps converting to Christianity, in the hope of economic help. There is no doubt that Christian missionaries have done good jobs in the third World countries but their ultimate objective is to convert people to Christianity. This is the reason why there is resistance towards Christian missionaries. Our people also became victims at the most vulnerable stage of their life. I am sorry, my Christian brothers and sisters but this is the truth.

  2. I agree with two things – in the name of religion people do not commit crime. If this group is having some resources either human or capital, they can utilize in campaigning for the healthy society and minimize the crimes in and around camp areas. Learning the musical instruments is the artistic skill when one enters s/he doesn’t feel of coming out. It has such a power and also a very good hobby or time pass and is of course ageless. If people (youth) spend most of their free time in such activities, I think mugging up, teasing, robbery, drug use, etc can be reduced and this is naturally a productive alternative. It won’t happen immediately, but they should start thinking of longer time.
    Conversion to another religion is a personal choice and right to practice their faith. But if people are converting with just the influence of music classes, then they are weightless without self-esteem. Let’s not suspect and feel negative if something is done by other sects then ours. We all are in the present stage with the extended hands from the people of other faiths. Let’s value their contributions and take what we want or desirable to us.
    We have resources constraints at camp but we people especially our youths wanted to involve in diverse area of interest when they have time. One cannot do many things that we aim during our charming youthful days due to age-factor.
    Things began getting worst in the refugee camp. Brightness of our tomorrow is how our youths are trained or cultured. But due to changing scenario, almost all the innocent youths are mislead. People are not serious and they are not investing anything in the development of human resource.

  3. This is in response to prem’s comment on Christian missionaries.
    It is not at all surprising how the world often views at generous services that Christians reach out to others – sadly by and large people understand that the only only one motive is conversion. That is not the case.
    The goal of good work the missionaries do is not to convert anyone to Christianity. Unless God works in the heart of man, people (missionaries) cannot change anyone’s heart. Ir’s a very personal decision and nobody can coerce one into following Christ and His teachings. If people are forced to convert, I bet, it will only be a temporary change.

    Your people are not being a victim(s) but thank God that there are people who care enough to reach out to the them, embrace them just as they are and help them the best that they can. And if it was (is) not the heart of God, I wonder how such an act of selfless kindness and generosity is made available. God uses people to reach out to those that are lost in wilderness. Please do not feel sorry for those that have accepted new faith in Christ. They are a new creation in Christ as the Bible declares and will live an abundant life no matter what they face or have to go through life.

  4. No one can become Christian just to receive some material benefits.
    We have seen many people who pretended to be Christians for few months once they come to USA. Once they get all material helps they stop going to Church. My point is no one can force people to change their religion.
    If there is genuine conversion to Christianity, no one can stop. Not even persecutions in Bhutan could stop them from following Jesus. If you say people accept Christianity for material and financial benefit, than why are people in North Korea are becoming Christians? Do you think they get material benefits or do you think they have been lured by missionaries? How about Christians under USSR? Millions of them were killed, forced in concentration camps. Why did they converted to Christianity? Did they receive material and financial benefits from Missionaries?
    If there is fake conversion nobody can make them Christians. It is all matter of faith deep inside your heart. They may act for few days but their fruit will reveal them who they are.

  5. Nikao, you sound like a typical neo Christian who believe that only Christians go to heaven. Because the number of Christians increasing in the camps, people of other faiths like Hindu and Budhists are starting to take their religion seriously. This development only divides our Society further and people become fanatics like we see in other religion. There are too many people being killed in the World in the name of religion. Religion is more culture and tradition base in our Society and a way of life. I wish I had more time to participate in this discussion.

  6. thanks for your response/cooment, prem.i cannot shed any light on the perspective of “a typical neo Christian who believe that only Christians go to heaven” because i’m not one and i also do not know if only Christian can go to heaven but the Bible is very plain and straight forward that “all have sinned and the wages of sin is death” – eternal death of our soul which is in hell.
    i hope we will appreciate the true sound when the sound indeed is released.
    i do understand your statement that Christianity brings division – in it will not be easy for one to just accept the wishful thinking of being a Christian because it is not quite simply so. it’s a matter of surrender, a total surrender to the call of Jesus Christ to receive the gift of salvation. it’s a deep struggle both within self, family members and yes, society. it’s a transformation of life style and outlook of life and world at large and this doesn’t come easy.
    Christianity is not just any religion. it is about a personal relationship with God. It is not about violence or fanaticism (although we may see this in Christianity as well) but the Prince of Peace, Jesus offers peace that surpasses all human understanding. i hope it will be a healthy challenge for many of us to explore the truth. i’m very glad to see that Chosen Generation is being a blessing to many youths, who will shape our future.

    and people are kind of challenged to take their faith seriously.