Chinese Dy Foreign Minister in Bhutan

The Prime Minister Thinley with Chinese Vice Foreign Minister (Picture courtesy : BBS)

What Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley was claiming as regard to Bhutan’s formal diplomatic tie with China following his recent meeting with his Chinese counterpart has finally came out to be more realistic as the country received Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying on Thursday.

The Prime Minister Thinley with Chinese Vice Foreign Minister (Picture courtesy : BBS)

Minister Ying, who would sit for the 20th round of border talks between the two nations earlier today, called on PM Thinley and acting Minister for Foreign Affairs Khandu Wangchuck yesterday in Thimphu. She has been leading an eight-member delegation to Bhutan.

The Prime Minister expressed condolences on behalf of Bhutan and the government for recent loss of lives and properties in China due to recent monsoon rains.

“Lyonchhen welcomed Vice Foreign Minister Ms Fu Ying on her first visit to Bhutan. He also conveyed heartfelt condolences from the people and the royal government of Bhutan on the aftermath of heavy rainfall and loss to lives and properties in China,” the Cabinet Secretariat’s website stated.

The Secretariat further mentioned that the PM also expressed his admiration on the extent with which China has been able to lower its poverty level.

In response, the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister spoke of GNH and said that Bhutan’s development model of GNH was increasingly becoming opular and admired in China.


  1. Hi friends,
    I am sure China don’t help Bhutanese people. They are against weaker section of the human society. GNH in Bhutan? A bogus matter. See how they support without any good things in it.

    For refugees? They do not even listen. Embassy in Bhutan? It is only to ease their own tension. Let me see if they disproof my opinion.

    N B Giri
    Bhutanese Refugee

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  3. China swallowed the whole of Tibet, over 50 times the size of Bhutan alive and almost done crackling it to digest. That happened in our very lifetime. By what right? By the right of the might. How can we be friends with such neighbour and feel safe? China defended Tibet but killed the Tibetans as if they have no rights in their own homeland. Will they not do similar to others? We have no need of such friend, it is dangerous.

  4. Mr kasapa drukpa, u r only a frukpa.
    you are toad frog like in ur well. have u seen the world?

    i know the cruel wangchuck regime has kicked us but, u know we r not leaving our fight for justice.

    if it is power that kicks citizens oneday u will have no place when u will be kicked out.

    i have guts to challenge any bloody power who is cruel against human beings. can you open your trap like me. no. because u can only challenge me, i am, a simple, countryless refugee powerless man against whom people like u can challenge or write stupid things.

    shame on you.

  5. Hello friends!
    I remembered the days we walked across the boarder of Bhutan and India all the way to Nepal. Earth is kind of round. So, it’s human nature to increase their property, power or anything greater than any others. As countries are same. Increasing their power, territories or country’s asset are kind of games. So, there is nothing that we need to be worried. As a refugee, this world is my home. We cried for going back to Bhutan, but Bhutan just claimed we are terrorist and grow terrorist activities in Bhutan. In-fact, we are only one peaceful refugees in the world without weapons. If Bhutan government would’ve given land for us, we would never go against. Instead help to promote countries development. This is message to the government of Bhutan. “We were never against the government in purpose of destroying our own country but asking for our living in our birth place. And still now we are just for trying to love the land we born, so we haven’t stop calling Bhutanese and doing all kinds of activities to popular Bhutan all over the world. Now the people of this planet has stop asking where is Bhutan, they know where is it.
    While friends, opinions are always personal. People give comments or opinions from the position they are in. Some hate, some love or some don’t do either. It all depends on the way you are and the way you believe in the stuffs.

    Bhim Grg.
    Man of non-intentional life.

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