China sets up three camps; PLAs patrol inside Bhutan


Indian intelligence reports have claimed that China has been operating three military camps inside Bhutan since May 24 last month, and is hosting the Chinese flag.

Special commentThe Times of India (ToI) reported that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) even carried out a petrol last month in Bhutan, imposing high security threats to India.

However, the Bhutanese Embassy in New Delhi is reported to have refused to comment regarding the Chinese intrusion.

“Bhutan is having boundary talks with China. We have not be able to demarcate the boundary,” said the Embassy, and has maintained that no Embassy officials could comment on boundary related issues.

Media from inside Bhutan haven’t reported about the ongoing Chinese intrusion. Also, the Bhutanese authority has remained silent.

Last year, Chinese PLAs entered Bhutan and operated a military camp from May 25-Oct 5.

Until 2010, the area of Bhutan was 46,500 sq. km Chinese intrusion resulted in seizer of 8,229 sq. km from the northern belt of Bhutan, surprisingly downsizing the country’s area to 38,390 sq. km.

According to Dr Govinda Rizal, who has been seriously researching on Bhutan-China border issues, there are chances that Bhutan might lose another 4500 sq. km or up to 10 percent of the country’s area, if Bhutan fails to scientifically resolve the longstanding boundary disputes with its northern giant.