Child discharged from hospital in Sweden (Update)


Tromsø, Norway: Devi Chhetri, who was undergoing treatment in Sweden, is discharged  from the hospital Friday morning.

The health condition of the child has widely improved though she is still receiving follow-up treatment in University Hospital in Tromsø. She was brought back to Tromsø Hospital from Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.

Devi Chhetri. Photo/family
Devi Chhetri. Photo/family

“I want to go home as early as possible and get back to school. I miss my friends”, Devi said over telephone. Diwas Chhetri, her brother who is another victim of the incident, is also undergoing the treatment in the same hospital. He is known to be still unconscious but the doctors say that his condition is risk-free.

“We would like to express our thankfulness to all involved in giving new life to our children. We are indebted to a local who first rescued the children from water, rescue team, local residents who have paid due care and expressed a feeling of togetherness, hospital authorities and Norwegian government in total”, Deepak Chhetri, father of the two children, said. “We are also thankful to Bhutanese communities across the globe who shared their prayers for the recovery of the children”, Ram Bahadur Baniya added.

Three Bhutanese children were found in a swimming beach in Alta, Northern Norway late afternoon on May 16. They were immediately rushed to University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) in Tromsø after they were rescued. Owing to the complexity of the case, Devi was referred to Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden on May 17. One of the children has already returned home and other two are expected to be discharged after some days.

By Ramesh Gautam/BNS


  1. Thank God,you have ultimately listened our voices and granted our prayers,that helped our children regain their new life again.We all the family members are praying together for their fast recovery constantly.Nonetheless,we are equally grateful to all our well wishers.

  2. GOOD NEWS for all of us.
    May be KARKI AND BANYA families have their wards back from the mouth of so called KAAL.
    God bless and wish for speedy recovery.
    prayers for god is great.