Child dies in lake


Information received late confirmed that Bishnu Kumar Nepal, 9, was drowned to death yesterday in Nesbitt Lake behind King’s apartments in Ohio.  

According to family sources, the child was pulled from the water by the parametics with oxygen tanks after a search of nearly 1.5 hours.  It was the first day of his summer vacation.  

The dead body is now at the funeral home awaiting cremation. Formerly from Timai refugee camp, Nepal family moved to USA in 2009.  

Details sketchy


  1. Oh my God. What a sorrowful news! It is evident that, our children are prone to be the victims of several kinds of accidents and injuries in abroad because of certain reasons. The specific reasons of such accidents could be the lack of idea about swimming,the trend of imitating other local children- who owe experience plus proper training and number of other situational causative factors. Not even a month has passed about the news of three children at beach accident in Alta Norway,we have to hear this news,which is even bitterer,more sorrowful and more heartlamenting than that earlier one in comparision to the casaulties.Any way, I extend a heartfelt condolence on the sudden and unexpected demise of our young Bishnu,Let the Almighty bless the entire Nepal Family with courage to tolerate this irrepairable loss and Let the departed Soul rest in Heaven.

    HEM GRG,Norway.

  2. Its really sad to hear the very untimely and sudden death of Bishnu Nepal in Ohio while swimming. We know that death or any disasters cannot be predicted but most remain always cautious and be most careful anywhere. In Nepali we say, “DAHSHAA KAILEY PANI DHYANGRO BAYERA AUDAINE.” We’re really sorry to hear such accidents in our community anywhere we are. We pray to Almighty for holding absolute patience and courage to overcome in such critical situation for bereaved Nepal Families and I express my heartfelt condolence for the unexpected demise and pray Almighty for his departed soul to rest in eternal peace in heaven.


  3. Really really sorry to hear the sad news of the fatal accident that occurred at Akron Ohio. The family and community are deeply troubled and shocked in this particular phase of time and need. And obviously they need moral support from all sphere of life. The family had devoted all the resources to the betterment of such children but fate has turned to be so cruel. Let Bishnu’s soul rest in heaven.
    This accident has raised many burning issues that need to be addressed collectively.
    First, since there is no comparison of life and money, eventhen it will be a heap in the near future. I am sure that Nepal family needs to pay their travel loan to USCIS/MRS. What will happen to such cases if the person passes away? Will that be family burden or the family will be exempted from such debts? Who will raise this issue and where?
    Second, ours is a society where children are least bothered by the parents and guardians. We are like the survival of the fittest from the extremities. And children also are not trained accordingly. Our children least bother about the casualty. They run away for such play off without informing their seniors or caretakers. Who are to be blamed? But at USA, law demands that the children below 12yrs must be with adult at all time. When such fatalities occur the guardian has to be answerable. Now it is our time to make our innocent mass understand the prevailing regulations and accountable for the loss. So please, the friends who had been here for a longer span of time contribute your earned knowledge to make our people know what is acceptable and what not. Let us be serious as we already lost a valuable life.

  4. We are deeply shocked to hear the sad and untimely demise of our young star Bishnu. At this hour of grief we would like to send our deep condolences to the bereaved family members. May the soul of our innocent Bishnu bhai’s rest in peace in heaven.

    Ram BK Chhetri and Family.

  5. It is the painful news for all the Bhutanese society wherever we are. USA is not only opposite side from South Asia in Globe but also in many other ways. We used to leave our children alone at home in Nepal but here we can”t. Children used to play with their own with the friends only of their age but here they are not allowed etc.
    Here almost all the foreigners are of master mind and strongly strength mentally and few Bhutanese were only able to compete with them. But when we came here we all work hard and being able compete with them. But we need to be more careful and compete in every angle.
    Some time the god cannot favor the lovely children and take away from the Earth.
    I pray for his demise soul for the peace and request to provide the power to control themselves

    Devi Charan Adhikari
    Lexington Kentucky