Chhetri nominated as ABA chairman


Information received late confirmed that members of board of directors of the Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) nominated Dr. Purna Chhetri as their chairman.

Dr. Purna Chhetri.
Dr. Purna Chhetri.

Shortly after one of the board member’s disclosure of information regarding ‘nomination of chairman’ to BNS on condition of anonymity, the newly elected chairman responding BNS query confirmed about his nomination to the position of chairman. According to this board member, they had nominated chairman on July 11 over phone conference among the board members. The nomination was made on consensus basis.

Talking briefly with a BNS correspondent over phone, Chhetri said that his first priority is to work for unity with Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America. “Our community is seen heading towards fragmentation. There is growing demand for unity, thus, my first responsibility is to work for unity,” added Chhetri.  According to Chhetri, some of the positions including vice chairman will be finalized on Sunday.


  1. This nomination reflects the year 1996, when few political parites and organisations compete against AMCC, and headed for cycle rally and got stucked in jail in India.
    Dr.Purna Chhetri was the first among all of us who bond signed to be out of temporary detension.
    Let’s see how he is going to lead ABA?
    Congratulation on your nomination.

  2. Congratulation to Dr. Chhetri on being nominated as a chairman of Association of Bhutanese in America. I on behalf of Bhutanese Community Resource Center (WA) wishes and hope for the Unity of Bhutanese in United States through your precious role as a chairman of ABA.
    Tanka Dhital

  3. Dear Tika Acharya sir,
    Director of Bhutanese Community of NH,We are still waiting to know the final message from the Bhutanese Community of NH,regarding working with National Organisation? What is in your mind as a director of BCN and founding member of OBCA.. Where do you stand?? Which organization (ABA/OBCA) do you suggest in terms of chosing a national organization.Please throw your pure thoughts.

    Prem Lal

  4. Congratulations Dr.Purna for being nominated as the chairman of ABA. Now, it is imperative that ABA works with OBCA to make one national level organization in the near future. We Bhutanese see the merger of ABA and OBCA impending. If this attempt fails, then this fragmentation will act as a conduit for zillions of such national level organizations mushrooming in the days to come. Please keep aside your own personal problems and work for the cause of Bhutanese people. I know every one wants to work for the community with whole hearted effort, but some might not like others doing things in their way. Ego problem….huh!. This is the root of all the perturbations…’twistings’….So, please sort out the differences and work for the people. We have faith in you Dr.Purna, so keep our belief upbeat.
    Rabi Ghimire
    St Louis,Missouri
    Bhutanese Association of Saint Louis(BAST)

  5. Congratulations to you Dr. Purna. Expectations are high on your leadership, and the success of Bhutanese in America will not be without challenges. Hope the challenges are pragmatic, fair and with a vision for the future. Wish you the very best of luck.

    Coming Together is a Beginning,
    Kepping Together is a Progress,
    Working Together is a Success.

    Asking all Bhutanese in America to make our society a successful one by working together at the national level, with due respect to all different local orgs. You lead, we follow!

    Best greetings

    Dick Chhetri

  6. Dear Dr. Purna,
    Congratulations! Bhutanese Community in Nebraska (BCN) heartily supports the foremost agenda of the new Chairman of ABA. My community can be one of the best resources for the progression of unification with OBCA.

    Kumar Gurung
    Bhutanese Community in Nebraska

  7. Well come Dr. Purna. We are a little excited going through the news. We are optimistic that you will soon call OBCA for dialogue for unification. This is I think the second time you have publicly addressed the agenda of unification.Once in the convention and here in today’s news. We are watching your activities seriously. Please keep your words, if you want to be a real hero of Bhutanese in America. Otherwise there is no sense of you being the Chairman of ABA.

    Deepak Adhakari

  8. Mr. Dr. Purna,

    Let me first congratulate you for taking the post, though ABA practised undemocratic nomination, instead of election ! Please take this seriously.

    Next thing is that several Bhutanese still hesitate to count your head since you are not fully open – they say. And, your supports to community is another issue. Heard that you were in Nepal a couple of months ago to ?????????????????????????????????? Are you investing a part of it in our community development?

    We are expecting to see the news of unification of ABA and OBCA under your chairmanship !

    Ganesh pathri

  9. Congratulation Dr. Purna Chhetri. We are much eager to see your step towards unification between ABA and organization of Bhutanese Communities in America. Let your words of unification not only remain in your lip.
    Appreciated BNS for bringing the news into public.

  10. Its a great news. New Chairman of ABA Dr. Purna willing to merge ABA and OBCA. You will be appreciated if you do so. We truely want only one national organisation. Come on-speed up. disolve both and form a new one which addresses both and in general Bhutanese in America.

    Purna Kumari Sotang

  11. First of all,I would like to say, HEARTY CONGRATULATION to Dr.Purna for acchieving nomination on the chair person of ABA. Simultaneously, I express my BEST WISHES for his successful leadership,which should pave a path to lead the targetted goal in UNIFICATION of ABA and OBCA significantly. In addition to this,I cordially encourage him to manoeuvre hiså driving by balancing both accelerator(opportunity)and brakes(challenge)logically. Further,what I have expected is that,since the United States having the highest potential for resettling our Bhutanese,I believe that,there is not at all scarcity of literate and capable manpower in any fields,whether for politics or for musical clubs or for social sector either. Thus, the Bhutanese resettled in USA and especially,the responsible leaders ought to focuss on Unity,Integraty and Co-operation,while working on behalf of the people,which could represent an inspiring example for rest of the Bhutanese resettled in other countries and even for those,who are still back in the camps in Nepal.Any way,all the best for
    the successful tenure of Dr.Purna Chhetri.I appolize here,as I want to go a little sentimental because one of my friends as well as a relative,who have been resettled in USA have ceased to recognize me,which in my own words stopped responding me whenever,I say hello,hi via online status in yahoo messenger,which inturn dishearted me.So I utter-( WHEREVER WE ARE,WHOEVER WE ARE OR HOWEVER WE ARE,ONCE WE SAY BHUTANESE,WE ARE ALL THOSE WITH SAME STORY,AGONIES AND BACKGROUND,THUS WE MUST ALWAYS REMAIN CLOSELY CONNECTED IN SPIRIT OF FRIENDSHIP OR BROTHERHOOD)
    if not for any complex goal but atleast for safeguarding our Identity and sustaining our spontenous Interrelationship on the global periphera.
    COURTESY- Hem Kumar Gurung.
    Hometown- Khudunabari.

  12. Congratulation Dr Purna.
    I remember the story of the spider which fell several times and tried to go up each moment it fell.I think time will certainly tell whether you really have that in you to make to that position or its simply the push of your flock. Some times back there were lot of concerns regarding the unchanging leadership of ABA, I dont know this is a strategic nomination to answer to the critics. I would be more happy had the organisation followed democratic process to elect you. Anyways you are now at the helm of power and its time to prove you mettle. No body would like to see mushrooming national organisations in America too as has been the practice back in Nepal.

    Best of Luck to you for the days.

  13. Dr. Purna, thank you for accepting this post, and hearty congratulations. You are the symbol now decorated by ABA for the peace and progress. I guess you will not immitate our political leaders back there by reaching only upto the ‘green signal’ and not making anything more ahead of that.
    For the unity, you will just have stand still holding the unity flag and the passing wind will wave it loud so as to reach all the ears. Also, be careful because the wind looks a little scary, it may sweep you off the deck. Our people will care the working hands, and not the boss very much, because the “tides” are high.

  14. Dr. Purna jee,

    Congratulation !!! Now it is the time for you to take two responsibilities. Hope ABA will now have big piller to stand with strong man. DR. I know you well and you have strong determantion to work in the organization.
    Thank you dai
    Ghana Luitel
    Melbourne Austrlai

  15. Congratulations to Dr.Purna.I have no words to comment this article unless the spoken words comes to practical.If our leader think this senario,it will lead every organization and name in the sack of minus zero.I dont want to see number one to zero.This is not my wishes,but all bhutanese.UNITED WE STAND,DIVIDED WE FALL.

  16. To unite all the 50 states representatives isthe demand of the time.Therefore before you unite a couple of states and their representative one must do lot of homework to have all our friends from all the states.After that only comes unity between the two if every party agree else it gonna be a day dream like.Best wishes to the nominee.sure congrats comes later aftre a successful penalty shoot out and the team is the winner with the trophy.I cheer up for the two finalist if I am not mistaken,OBCA vs ABA.
    P .M.Thapa

  17. “Unite all the 50 states representatives,” and then what? To do what? For what? What next after unity? This unity seems to be sucking all the air out of anything we attempt to do. What really is it that comes after unity that makes us forget everything and run after it? Is it for the feel good factor? BCDM, UFD, AMCC, and the whole host of khatera ‘united’ platform got us thus far.

    What is with this “national?” There is no national. There is no local. Thereare organizations with specific purposes. Focus on that! Do some work. Provide services. Stop bickering about unity. Bhutanese don’t get united. They never were. Look at our history. From the chamcheys who turned us over to the government in the early nineties, to the moles all through in the refugee camps, to those who sold our citizenship documents to Nepalese facilitating them to be “Bhutanese asylees” in some countries of Europe as well as the US….. we have exploited other fellow Bhutanese all through our life. So, let og of this unity utopia and go tot he airport when you get time to pick up a newly arriving family. Do it in an organized way if you can. be realistic. Wake up.

  18. My hearty congratulation to you!. I am happy also that your first press statement clarifies your commitment to reconcile ABA and OBCA and create united national front which has been the desire of all resettled Bhutanese. Having keenly observed both the conventions held in GA , I have had the privilege to know the sentiments and views of both the parties and ironically is similar-to preserve our cultural values and help in smooth assimilation of Bhutanese in main stream American culture. Clearly, the similarities we share far out-weighs our differences.

    With trepidition and hope, we can now look forward since we have passed the “why” aspect of our dialogue for integration and national unification and are now in the threshold of the “How” part of it.And I see good heart participation and relation building process unfolding.Furthemore,individuals and community team players now have the oppurtunity to play their important role by providing necessary suggestions and inputs on how to achieve, sustain and give our one common body the national character it so much deserves.

    Additionally, what a gift it will be for our children and to great country of America.

  19. Badai Cha Daktar SAAb,
    Congratulations Once Again for Assuming the most prestegious post of ABA.
    Doctor saab,I understand you have as a professional medics felt the pulse and heartbeat of many sick ones in Bhutan and in Nepal.Now it is the time for you to feel the pulse of the society.
    Your service to the bhutanese refugees in nepal in providing medical assistance is commendable.
    Now you are given the responsibility for leading the ABA.I am sure you will give a new height for it and make unseen sacrifices for merging it with OBCA and work together as a single unit.
    I am sure you don’t have to sign bond here and run away from the field as you once upon a time did………During CYCLE RALLY.During these days many youths had unforgetable memories of the event.I wounder how meekly you surrendered to the authorities in West Bengal.When many of the leaders and youths staged hunger stike in the Jail in ALIPUR DUAR……..You were lucky to get freed and spent a night in a cosy PADMA HOTEL in Siliguri……I hope you will never run away from the scene when jantas are suffering…….Come and Give COMPANY all when they have a lot of expectation from you as a CHAIR MAN.

  20. Dear Purnaji,
    Good to hear that u are the person leading the association but do u think u can consolidate all the Bhutanese folk in United State and win the heart of most veneral group who are struggling here in United State and other part of world.As a true leader u should be able to find the real problem of people and address in the right place. WE don’t want people of political minded and looking for the opportunity for their supporter only.Be wise and farsighted guy and work for the betterment of the society.

    Wish u all the best from
    Refugee camp

  21. BAST(Bhutanese Association in Saint Louis) Congratulates you as a chairman of ABA.We hope your saying will certainly come into reality in the forthcoming days.We do trust Organisation never works in nepotism and favouritism.We do not want any kind of perplexity- turning organisation into politics,like we had during our 20-year long stay in Eastern Nepal.One should not be politically victimized once more due to the cause of organisation and leaders.We have left our society under the aegis of Dr.Purna.