Chasing the dreams- Refugee camp to Sydney


After two years of undergoing through a tedious vetting process for my resettlement, I couldn’t wait longer to leave refugee camp- a place where not only were I was born, but also raised and spent the most frolicksome time of my childhood and teenage calling it a home. Since my childhood, I have been a people’s advocate. Whether it was with UNHCR staff who visited the camps for inspection or advocating and encouraging young people in camp to focus on education and extracurricular activities, I would step forward. As happily we all wanted to live, the struggle was real. While growing up, I have witnessed so many premature and preventable deaths including my close friends who I used to play with. Hence, I always dreamed of working as a healthcare professional, or at least, be a part to prevent those premature and preventable deaths.

The dream seemed approachable after I received a travel document to come to Australia. I was very excited, and it soon turned into a big sigh of relief, as if Australia was offering me, my family and thousands of others a second chance in life.

As soon as I arrived in Australia in November 2008, I started recalling my dreams and resetting my goals while working onto successful integration into my new home. Again, “the struggle was so real” to integrate into a whole new world of new culture and new way of life.

Despite the fact it was a bumpy-ride at the initial phase of my resettlement, I didn’t give up. I was very determined to look for opportunities which could create avenues to build my own identity, change the gender stereotypes and eradicate social stigma for the people from disadvantaged minorities.

My first attempt was fulfilled when I became a “Chess Champion 2009” at Evans High School. In 2010, I had another wonderful opportunity to represent Australia in a Junior World Cup, 2010 in South Africa. My dream to represent my country with pride came true when I played football in a mixed team of boys and girls from 32 different nations. With the football skills, leadership skills and new experiences I gathered throughout, I started coaching football in one of the high schools. I am on my seventh year of football coaching at the same school.
Another hope arose when I completed my high school from St. Mary’s High School and was awarded a Jim Anderson Scholarship in 2013 to pursue my University degree. While pursuing my nursing degree, I joined My Nepal Television(MNTV) Australia as a Television Presenter of the show “Lok Lahari”. Furthermore, I founded a Funfigher’s Academy where I teach young children cultural dances, public speaking and drama in Nepali language.
I completed my bachelor of Nursing degree in 2015 at the University of Western Sydney. My dream to work as a healthcare professional came true when I landed on a job in Westmead Private Hospital as an anaesthetic nurse in Theatre, a place where I always wanted to work. In addition, I am undertaking a postgraduate course “Professional Honours in Perioperative Nursing specialisation” under a scholarship to enhance my knowledge in my specialized working area.

In parallel to pursuing my education, I am actively involved in community work, media and extracurricular activities. I just completed my 2 years of leadership as a youth coordinator at Association of Bhutanese in Australia(ABA), Sydney. In 2016, I received “Talented Artist of the ABA Sydney” award for my contributions in various areas such as sports, dance, art, singing, anchoring, being an active community volunteer for more than five years and my contribution in literature such as writing poems, articles, stories most of them featured in the Nepali literary site, Bhutanese Literature. In 2016, I was nominated as a youth representative for Football United Organisation to take part in a youth leadership workshop program held in Mumbai, India where I met young people from various countries and discussed youth issues and related solutions in various countries. Recently, I have been featured in a music video called “Asare Jhari”. In addition, I have been nominated as a Vice-President in the “International Forum of Nepalese Youths.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my family members, relatives, community members, mentors, friends, Football United organisation and each and every individual who have contributed in many different ways on shaping my past and present and wish to receive the same support and encouragement with my future endeavours.

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