Census-absentees to get refugee ID cards


The Nepalese Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to issue refugee cards to 1,800 Bhutanese, who missed out on official recognition of refugee status provided after a census held some five years ago.

The decision to provide them the refugee cards was made as per the recommendations of a three-member taskforce formed to study the demands of those who could not get enlisted as refugees during the earlier census, reports an English daily from Kathmandu.

Those granted refugee cards now include census absentees, asylum seekers and family members of those already receiving the refugee ID cards.

Earlier in June, the ministry had formed the taskforce led by Under Secretary Shambhu Prasad Ghimire to probe whether those who claimed to be missing during the census conducted in 2006 were genuine.

Ghimire said the taskforce comprising of assistant Chief District Officers (CDOs) of Jhapa Yogendra Dulal and Morang Gopal Parajuli had invited applications from those seeking refugee status from various camps in Jhapa and Morang districts. “We received applications from 2,106 persons seeking refugee status. While 132 did not turn up for the interview, 174 others were found not genuine,” he said.

The taskforce in its report submitted to the ministry on October 16 had made the recommendation of providing refugee cards to 1,800, out of the total 2,106 applicants, following a series of cross verifications, according to the report.

Those missing from the refugee camps during the last census had long been demanding that Nepal government officially recognize them as refugees so that they could be eligible for third-country resettlement.

Officials at Home Ministry said some 72,000, of the original 108,000-plus refugees, have already started living in various eight western countries as part of the resettlement program overseen by the UNHCR.


  1. Hi Rp, Don’t be a too narrow dude! Thanks them and be more optimistic in life. I got relatives in the camp, who are still not register and i know how much they suffer. Once more thank you for the generosity that Nepal government has shown to fellow Bhutanese refugee.

  2. To be frank, Nepal government is behind pushing some of its population to resettle in the name of Bhutanese refugees. I know personally many people (close friends of mine) who’re resettled in the United States. Some of them already brought their families after getting permanent residency status. This world is truly– “survival for the fittest”. Those who’re capable can do anything; those who don’t have voice can remain behind. It is the way it is………………..

  3. Some Bhutanese whose family already resettled in third countries are still struggling for their refugee identity…..They are teaching in Nepal for Rs.1500/month for survival cause they are not recognized as refugees…Wish they could join their families soon…

  4. Hi Danesh,
    Overall, Nepal has benefited more by keeping Bhutanese refugees. It is because of Nepal that our issue has not been resolved for more than two decades. I don’t have single bit of sympathy towards Nepali government.