CDO asks to withdraw sit-in protest, assured registration


Chief District Officer of Jhapa, Yadav Prasad Koirala, Monday asked all the agitation Bhutanese to end up their ongoing relay hunger strike.

Koirala requested a joint team of camp secretaries and the struggle committee that has been demanding registration and refugee status of all pending cases.

Agitating Bhutanese asylum seekers in Bel-I/Arjun Pradhan
Agitating Bhutanese asylum seekers in Bel-I/Arjun Pradhan

The delegation that reached Chandragadi, Jhapa this morning also submitted a 10-point demand paper to the CDO. Their demands included registration of non-registered Bhutanese, settling all pending cases for refugee status, issuance of photo identity cards to those whose registration was over, and facilitate local women married to Bhutanese for an aid basket, among others. With a 15 day ultimatum, the struggling committee and camp secretaries decided to withdraw their all protest programs.

CDO Koirala assured to resume the installed verification process. “I have notified the government regarding your concerns,” he told the delegation, “We are trying to verify the pending cases immediately.”

Meanwhile, the Country Representative of the United Nations High commissioner for Refugees, made it clear that UNHCR has formally asked the government of Nepal to resume the office of Joint Verification Team (JVT) as early as possible.

The Bhutanese delegation with CDO Jhapa, Koirala/Arjun Pradhan
The Bhutanese delegation with CDO Jhapa, Yadav Prasad Koirala/Arjun Pradhan

He said so in an exclusive interview with Saranarthi Sarokar, weekly radio magazine from Nepal FM, Kathmandu yesterday.

“It is not good to keep these people unregistered,” Stephane Jaquemet said, “We are equally concerned regarding their demands.”

He told that the UNHCR had sent a formal proposal to the government. “We were responded to make some amendments in our proposal, which we did,” he explained.

He also said that it was not good to keep unregistered people for another month.” The process must start in few weeks,” he added.

According to UNHCR, it is ridiculous to assume the non-registered cases as high as 40,000. The highest figure in our record is 3,000, Jaquemet elaborated.

“Until we register Nepali, we can never achieve such a large figure.”

Bhutan News Service and Radio Bhutan Online will publish an interview Jaquemet the coming week. BNS: Inputs from Jhapa by Arjun Pradhan in Chandragadi.Please comment us at editor [at]


  1. Thank you, CDO Saab.You have done a work of praiseworthy in concern of breaking the hunger strike of those status-less people. Let all the people,who have been deprived with Registration as Bhutanese refugees get recognition and Ration,if they can prove themselves as Bhutanese with reliable evidences necessarily.However,we ought to take consideration in mind,that there can also be a little possibility of Non-Bhutanese trying to registered as Refugees tempted by TCR programme.
    Hem Kumar Gurung.

  2. Its a good news for those bhutanese refugees who r being saved from being stateless.The numbers swelling up daily, thanks to UNHCR and Govt of nepal for being so inefficient in trying to verify bhutanese refugees all by themselves not involving the village elders from the camps.Also the silent policy of UNHCR of not spelling out anything about mixed marriage, encouraging mix marriage with the local, and the nos goes up. Is there anything surprising about it ?
    The geniunes r sufferring.

  3. The CDO and Nepalese Govt officials should come up with their initial agreement that when you have offered registration to so many Bhutanese, what is the logic behind holding for few whoa re in need?

    UNHCR has made very clear to me in Geneva in June 2010 that they are ready to register the unregistered ones, it is the Nepalese Govt that has halted the process.

    The CDO and RCU should really come above the local politics and corrpution by some of your staff and address this issue.

    The quicker the refugee issues is resolved, the better will be for the Eastern Nepal to come to normalcy and resume other development activities for the local Nepalese community in Eastern in Nepal. The country like Denmark is so keen to work after the refugee problem in nepal.

    The politics of dilly-dally should be realised by the local Nepalease officials.

    The Nepalese Govt at the top level is very clear and there in unilateral agreement among all political parties in Nepal, it is the local staff and corrupted officials advising wrongly to the Home Ministry Secertary for thier short sighted bebefit.

    Thank you,