Canadian Bhutanese celebrate Christmas


Resettled Bhutanese people in Canada have celebrated Christmas in various provinces with different programs.

On the occasion, Multicultural resettlement agency in Fedictron Newbrunswek gave away gift card, cloths, and cosmetics to the immigrants, Maya Kuikel told BNS over telephone. She further added that her family organized get-together meal to Nepali origin folks.

Meanwhile, corporate settlement agency of Saint-Jérôme Québec organized Christmas party and distributed toys and gifts to children and gave away turkey to immigrants, our correspondent Parangkush Pykurel informed BNS through G-talk.

Association for New Canadians settlement agency of St.  John’s organized Christmas party to the Bhutanese immigrants and other ethnic immigrants where Santa Claus gave away various gifts to the immigrants children. Our correspondent in St. John’s further informed that Anglican Church provided the resettled folks with gift cards of various stores and children with sweets, cosmetic items and winter warm cloths.

Reported by BNS correspondent Yadap Neopaney.