Camp secy elections over; Beldangi-II remains tensed for sometime


The camp management committee elections in all even camps ended on Friday electing just five camp secretaries for management of seven camps as three Beldangi camps elected only one secretary.

Chabi Khrel congratulates Camp Secretary - elect Dhan Bir Subba (right)/Lok Mahara

Chairperson of the election board, Harka Bahadur Rai, who is also the Camp Supervisor of Beldangi-I camp, announced that Dhan Bir Subba of Beldangi-II Extension camp has been elected to lead three Beldangi camps. Subba received 101 votes out of 324 defeating Chabi Kharel who secured 95 votes.

Meanwhile, Mon Maya Mongar of Beldangi-II has been elected as Deputy Camp Secretary of Beldangi-II and Beldangi-II Extension while Yeti Raj Baral will service Beldangi-I in the same post, the election commission informed.

Baral also contested for the secretary post. However, was able to book only 18 votes.

List of camp secretaries

  • Dhan Bir Subba – Beldangi
  • Campa Singh Rai – Sanischare
  • Chiranjibi Rai – Goldhap
  • Yuba Raj Gurung –Timai
  • Tika Ram Rai -Khudunabari

The security on the second day was at high alert to avoid any unwanted situation or clashes among refugees during the election process.

Our Jhapa correspondent reported that Goldhap camp remained tensed early today at 8 a.m. as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) declared KB Gurung as ‘out of criteria’ to contest for the post of camp secretary. Hundreds of his supporters demonstrated against the UNHCR before the actual start of voting for the camp secretary.

Jhapa CDO speaks to agitating refugees of Beldangi-I to convince them in Beldangi-II camp as they warned of boycotting election/Rohit Pokhrel

Similarly, Beldangi-II camp witnessed demonstrations for almost two hours as the UNHCR and Refugee Coordination Unit disqualified TB Gurung at the eleventh hour. Initially, all representatives from Beldangi-I decided to boycott the electoral process demanding Gurung’s candidacy.

The government officials tried to convince the agitating mass. However, nothing was proved fruitful, initially.

Chief District Officer of Jhapa, Sashi Shekhar Shrestha, who reached Beldangi-II camp to witness the election process tried to convince the agitating refugees and warned them to obey the criteria. He even told refugees that they can file the case against UNHCR and Government of Nepal if they regard that such criteria are against the morale of election and told Gurung was disqualified as his resettlement process was underway.

Following negotiations between the general mass, elected representatives, government and UNHCR officials, Gurung was able to convince his supporters allowing the election commission to conduct the voting.

Reported by Jeetan Subba and Tilak Niraula from Jhapa for BNS with inputs from Tulasi Upreti, Lakpa Tamang, Lok Mahara and Rohit Kumar Pokhrel.



    After reading this news and having learnt about the new camp management committees,I am curious to congratulate all those elected and also would like to extend Good luck for their successful tenure in near future.Despite the prevailing push or pull situation (Dual Dialemma) in the camps,we do hope that,the five new camp secretaries can contribute reasonably by working selflessly in favour of all the remaining people. All the best.
    Hem Gurung.

  2. Congratulations to all the contesting candidates!!

    It is a great joy to hear that you have decided to dedicate one more year or so for the betterment of Fellow Bhutanese Brothers and Sisters in the Camps. And finally you have keyed the string of the vehicle Camp Management Committee to move ahead.

    This vehicle is a vehicle against the injustices and cannibalism of Druk despotic regime and its brutalities pathetically experienced in the earlier decades, and plenty of chances are there that the episodes of ruling atrocities against the fellow insiders will continue in the recent future in BHUTAN.

    Many people have resettled and whole lots are in the queue to get resettled in the recent future. Seeing the overall satisfaction rate of the resettled Bhutanese fellows, it is certain that resettlement is not the durable solution as advocated earlier, and if you will believe it, the life of resettling folks will be more complicated and challenging one.

    People have started to say that “we have left our country to save our life by safeguarding our religion, culture, language and tradition but with resettlement in the western countries we are in a more troublesome zone even with full fledged rights to practice them. Even the self practice and use of language and culture are in bad scene now.” This reveals that Bhutanese people won’t be happy in the resettled land for long.

    Personally, this writer may be satisfied with his new life after resettlement having potentiality to compete and have job in the states, having the ability to adopt in the new setting and being adjustable to the new culture and society. The main concern here is, what percentage of Bhutanese Fellows fall under the category of this writer? Certainly not more than 30 percent of the people come under this category. It is the time to start thinking how can we build satisfaction to remaining 70% of the Resettled Bhutanese fellows. Microphone leaders will not do anything to address this concern and the needy don’t have mouth in this English world to speak their suffocated throat.

    Our main goal is to go Bhutan and have democratic universal conducts guaranteed in Bhutan, and lead the remaining life happily in our own country. Now is the time to make a combined effort from all the countries wherever we are living to make our vehicle head Thimbu.

    I believe you Camp Secretaries now will exert additional efforts to open other options including safe return to homeland-Bhutan. Otherwise there will be additional allusions of self committed crimes in the resettled lands in the days to come.

    Dear Editors and the Management team of BNS !! Can you all think of launching a poll to measure the satisfaction range of resettled Bhutanese in the western lands? That might give a clear idea on what percentage of Bhutanese refugees are happy with the new life after resettlement.

    Chirang Bhutan
    Now Kansas USA

  3. It is unfortunate to hear that Mr. comrade Chabi was thrown out from the post. No problem you will be elected in coming election, but not sure whether in Nepal or in Bhutan. Mr Comrade I saw you after couple of year back on the screen. Please wait for the next election
    Thank you friend

  4. Heartiest congratulation to all the newly elected representatives and wish you good luck for their successful tenure.Can anyone give me the tel. no or mail id of Dhan Bir Subba. I would like to congratulate him personally.Nameste

  5. hi dear

    it is great to participate then to win.i do not think above some of the fellows are so called intellectual is not good things to say like that to is not a human behavior or they are not called as human not think only you guys are the important people who face difficult in your life.Do you ever thinks still there are people who want to return homeland and also there are more then 5 hundred thousand people expecting somethings from plz try to think in broad sense and give is not important to win the match but important is that to participate.

  6. Who are these guys fouling Chhabis status? What is right to say is that you people are ill hearted actually. You don’t ever think of our own people in Bhutan and some of them in prison.
    Chhabi alone can’t do anything. But we all need to contribute for our general cause and release all of our people facing injustice. No matter whether u hooligans are in Europe, Australia or America, u can contribute your intellect if u are having so!

  7. Dhan Bir Subbajee,
    Congratulations for the success and your interest to manage the camp. I personally value you as the most decent and right candidate; free from controveries, matured and educated one. Wish you a ‘success’ during your tenure as you risk during the very fragile period and take this challenge as the opportunity to prove you as the man of deeds. Aim high and climb higher.
    Many of our honorable comrades try to bully their zero strength and tried to take to the situational advantage but sorry to hear their losing trend for the fifth time. It’s a shame.
    Milan or Bka, you tried to defend your side but the words and actions are too insuffient to lobby the favor in your side and gain the sympathy. Half thing either in education or experience is dangerous not only for you but for the complete society. Try to be a complete person and understand the message. Evaluate yourself.
    And Milan in specific, your amature thinking of in-Bhutanese mass and suffering in the Bhutanese cells is just an illusion as your team can’t retain the relation within the people of camp. Had you all worked with friendly environment and trust and respect with others, this situation won’t have arouse. You cannot win the heart from the warnings and threats.

  8. Hi first of all wanna congratulate to those who won n gotta full responsiblity to work for those fellow citizens around u,they r all ur friends,brothers ,sisters and elders n to those who loss, wanna say keep up ur cooperation n interest. Glad to c chabi dai N YETI MAMA

  9. Hi Camp secretaries,
    Congratulation! But be mindful that you guys are the camp secretaries of the perplexed time, everyday bulk of desiring and undesiring issues and concerns challenging your portfolio.Camp secretaries do not influence the total policies that govern the refugee management affairs in jhapa and morang.Winning certain post itself is not success but largely understand ,it is an opportunity to serve with short term and long term security of your voters.who knows any one of may not be inflicted against the interest of the most refugees.Look people around you”eagle eyed and serpent pose”ones.They are of neither sharp peck nor venom.Make sure you demonstrate the timely players.


  10. Dear Mr. Milan,
    From your name and jotting some threats I guess you as the comrade, am I right?
    Your writing is not impressive to win the heart of innocent folks and keep the public in your favor. Being an activist and leader, your writing should convey the message of your vision and indepth understanding of movement, the strategy to overcome the existing barrier and certain actions at respective levels. You have not expanded the horizon of vision and enriched yourself.
    I don’t understand your intention of your comment as you are considering others as ‘hooligans’ which is a big blame on one side and requesting to support you and your team on the other side. How can you claim others as hooligans when you and your line crews are warning and threatening other innocent folks in the refugee camps? It is your team who is damaging the Bhutanese image in the neighborhood. The security concerns are due to your activities which are beyond the limits of existing norms and conditions.
    Most of the people are fade up with your behavior and inhumane activities. People are trying to escape from your cruelty and most of them say that they cannot survive in that social environment. Have your ever evaluated why are the mass of folks opting for resettlement when there is huge confusion in the majority of folks? Your activities is encouraging and serving as the promoter for the people to choose the options.
    When some tries to mention the fact of failure of your team, you cannot digest that and never hesitated to blame as hooligans. If you are to serve for the betterment of common people or general good, you need to accept the criticism. When you see the comments in favor of your side you make the feast but when there are negative comments why are you not digesting? People are writing the result of election which is a fact and not the allegation. You cannot digest the truth.
    Be more constructive and play positive role not the role of villain.

  11. Dear Batta ji,
    please do not waste your time firing mr.milan because you are firing the milan is already in one of the resettled countries and making mony.He is speaking his dreams which he had prior to resttlement.there are many milans keeping quiet and few milans are trying to appear differently.Do not worry mr batta,the way mr milan shows up is clear symtom of the LAST FLICKERING and then light goes put off fore ever.the man in the hell uses words from the dictionary made in hell,the dictionary that teaches disastures,nothing more.let him be the ruler of hell,but we serve the heaven.people of nightmares speak that way.Otherwise what was wrong chhabi lost the vote which is fact.people clearly know between subba and kharel and then their representative.holiganism is a activity of mr milan’s thought.He speaks of the reflection of his deeds towards innocent refugees.but i respect mr chhabi because he accepted the defeat PROVIDED same milan is not real chhabi otherwise.

  12. By going through the write ups above, now one can easily say that BNS has stepped up with a standard norms and practices of an unbiased media center.Today it provided space to point out an undisguised towering personality like Kharel and lets hope in future it provides same sort of space to point out other incognito personalities like Limbu, Neopaney, Giri, Nepal, Gadtaula, Thulung,Timsina, Pokhrel, etc. and etc. But let me be spellbound if these incognito personalities are already in Milan’s camouflage.

    Thanks BNS.

  13. Let me first of all congratulate all the winners for the post of camp secretaries and special congratulations to Db subba sir.wish u all the best of luck and the fruitful success in your endeavor.Also keep advocating for the dignified repatriation of the remaining bhutanese refugees who are in a limbo situation.

  14. first of all let me give Thanks and congratulate to newly elect cmc secretary mr DB and I hope he is our last camp secretary untile the bhutanese were in camp and may be he will sign in the bhutanese refugee issue close since 20 years from mr subba head

  15. Damber,
    The one that you mentioned are at least the cream and the bigger tank in their system. They are of less harm and they may not have direct touch in the local level. But the henchmen like B Poudyel, H Poudyel, K Thapa, P Bhattarai, Khatiwoda, A Dahal, Katwal, etc were the worst activists in the local level threatening and displaying the warning posters. Neither skilled nor educated, the only thing these shits do is to harass the mass and to target someone who had progressed in the community. They couldn’t achieve anything in their lives and involved in all the antisocial activities like- selling others ids, selling duplicate certificates, bribing and even looting.
    Among the group, P Bhattarai already settled in Vermont and such group of people will be dangerous in the resettled place also. We need to watch them closely as such criminal motive minds can harm the community at anytime. Why they need to come for resettlement when they curse all about these nations. These people have no shame at all. Sunken heads and devil looking filths are cowardice with no prestige.

  16. hi chabi bro

    it is good news to hear to participate in the post of is no matter whether you win or lose the competition but you are great.Anyway you are going good dont loose your step unless achieve the actual goal.still there are more people who believe you and only the party(communist)other hail will do not things but you give little way to join hand for those fellows.dont worry about other hails who speak negative on you.dont bother but go ahead and help them who need your help.