Camp Secretaries urge GoN to exercise repatriation


Camp Secretaries of all the camps of Jhapa and Morang have appealed the Government of Nepal to explore possibility to excercise the dignified repatriation of the Bhutanese refugees.

In an email petition sent to Nepali Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal, the secretaries have said, refugees in camps have been forced to opt the third country resettlement program by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and International Organisation for Migration, informed Beldangi Camp Secretary, Dhan Bir Subba, on Sunday.

“What was most disheartening for us was that the thir country resettlement was put into effect without the general consent of the refugees, particularly those who had worked to settle them in camps in coordination with the Government of Nepal and other organisations,” the appeal letter said.

They have said, that some international organisations based in Damak have been strongly and openly giving a push to the idea by actively campaigning and motivating the refugees for the resettlement.

Asking PM Khanal to review and appraise the refugee issue, the secretaries have also urged the Nepali government to act to set in motion the process of repatriation.

Download appeal ( part-1 & part-2 )


  1. This is an excellent idea. I too love reparation. I am pretty sure that we sall be able to go to Bhutan. Camp Secretaries,I am at your back supporting your ideas. I like to march back to Bhutan with all the enrichment that I have been achieving. I am not less sure that I will be able to contribute the precious experiences gained from US and Nepal. Keep it up guys I will definitely trail you back.

  2. Hi camp secretaries,
    who gave you the mandate to comment on resettlement and repatriation?Are you guys not acting beyond your territory of camp secretaries,I mean your areas of responsibilities?.Mr.Subba,whom you are refering to “those who worked to settle them in camps in coordination with nepal govt. and other organisation”DR.Bhampa’s language I guess. Speak your language and should be totally humanly please.Mr.Dhan Bir was elected to that post bacause chhabi kharel would do politics,nothing more than that, other wise mr kharel was many times better candidate than mr. subba to the post of camp secretary.Please stop to issue this kind of statement.stil you are a good gentleman in the whole not get spoilt by local netas.
    Next thing,Afnai doti sangalnu nasakney Khanal ley arkako doti sangal la ta?From both perspectives,you secretaries are wrong.please be reminded here.let me not harsh in future.

  3. There is nothing wrong to petition, and to me each of us should send the petitions. There is no specific individual or collectives who need to send such writings and they are equally valid. Rights and limitations may cost us heavily and is just the way to oppose for the sake of writing. I think camp executives are concern for the future well being and their life security of the camp inhabitants. Such moves will mount the inertia and gain the momentum. We need to encourage the peaceful approach.
    Secular’s way of attacking may invite unto wanted partition among the folks. And this will further functions as a promoter in the chemical phenomena. Let’s create the ‘desired’ environment than the ‘forced’ enclosure.
    Comparison of skills with if clause will serve to overcome the weaknesses but definitely within the existing parameters the one who won had outclassed the other. Other may have some better qualities in other areas of interest and we/ community will benefit from his expertise.

  4. Dear Camp Secretaries,
    Help me understand “repartriation”…We the Bhutanese people would like to know what exactly you meant by repartriation.Fair enough, you would like us to go back to Bhutan but when and how?For 20 odd years we listened to your crap and how much more would you like us to listen? I know you would blame our so called LEADERS,same story will pop up and same old BS prevails.Allow me to be personal here,please explain why you do this? Dr.Rai and other leaders are not in the refugee camp.Why you listen to them?I acknowledge that you are elected but dare to speak your own mind why to lick someone’s spit.Even after 20 years if you didn’t get the gimmick of these so called leaders you have no right whatsoever to represent us and write a petition to any organisation or government on our behalf.Stop this nonsense and stop misleading us.

  5. Dear Tortola,
    The sense in my comments above is to restore peace among the camp inhabitants and let them freely decide their safe future-could be resettlement,repatriation or assimilation.But these elected camp heads are practicing politics among the refugees when they are standing between cross path ways of east or west and, harboring anti -resettlement feelings from the same stranded leadership around the refugee prone areas.This leads to longer stay of refugees undecided towards meaningful life.Caution to mr. tortola that if you encouraging camp secretaries to do politics,then you guys like minded intelectuals should be responsible for any kind of chaos and trauma in the camp in future.Also, let it not be misunderstood,to repatriate single refugee to Bhutan the they presented in the petition is not the vocabulary in their capacity/resettlement just began with
    the agreement between refugees and resettlement countries.This information if shared to camp secretaries through Tortola jee would be fine.I just want what is realityand believe No suppose and just oppose.