Buddhist community celebrates Losar


The Buddhist communities from various resettlement countries and refugee camps in Nepal have observed this year’s Losar festival with much funfair.

Buddhist community members and lamas during the Losar celebration in Sioux Falls (Picture courtesy: Karna Gurung)
Buddhist community members and lamas during the Losar celebration in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
(Picture courtesy: Karna Gurung)

The Gurung Family of Sioux Falls, South Dakota organized ‘Tola Ta Losar 2013’ on the occasion of 2598th Losar festival on Dec. 29.

Buddhists from various nine states including Nebraska, North Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, and Illinois among others attended Losar celebrations in Sioux Falls, Karna Gurung informed Bhutan News Service.

Around half a dozen of Bhutanese artists including Kishore Siwakoti, Lokesh Gurung, and Chabi Neopane entertained audience with live performances during the event graced by the Mayor of South Dakota.

Martial art demonstrations, release of DB Tamang’s music album ‘Auta Tara’, speeches and cultural dances also became a part of the event that started with “special prayers” from Mani Malam from the Nebraska Buddhist Samaj. The event also honored various artists from the community.

Meanwhile, Bhutanese Buddhist Community of Charlotte also celebrated this year’s Losar amidst various celebrations, Wednesday.

Buddhist community celebrating Losar in Charlotte (Picture: BNS)
Buddhist community celebrating Losar in Charlotte
(Picture: BNS)

Around 150 Buddhists from Charlotte and nearby communities joined the celebrations.

The event was aimed at preserving culture of the Buddhist community in America, and teach younger generations about significance of celebrating festivals, Pradeep Gurung said.

Various stage programs were shown during the event, also attended by Chairperson of Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA), Hari Bangaley Adhikari, and Hasta Pradhan, Chairperson of the Bhutanese Community Association of Charlotte (BCAC).

Our reporters from refugee camps said similar programs were organized to celebrate Losar in Beldangi and Sanischare camps.