BSK to organize voter registration and soccer game

Long line of voters/Photo source

 Louisville, Kentucky 

September 30,2016

Long line of voters/Photo source
Long line of voters/Photo

Bhutanese Society of Kentucky has announced two days for new citizens to register for voting and  soccer tournament. In a media release sent to BNS, October 1 and 2 shall be used to reach out to as many naturalized citizens to register them for voting.

The media release also mentions of the BSK program to honor the elderly Bhutanese  for having naturalized to US citizens. It shall be an opportunity for these new citizens to exercise their right to vote in democracy, says the release.

The opening of soccer shall be at 9:30 am and the first game scheduled to be played at 10 am. The game and the voter registration shall take place at a soccer ground located at Buechel Bank Rd.

After the final game is over on Sunday, the senior citizens shall be honored at 4 pm.


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