BSK hosts fundraising dinner

Alina kafley entertaining the dinner

Bhutanese Society of Kentucky hosted a first ever fund raising event yesterday evening at Buechel Park Baptist Church.  The event was attended by more than eighteen businesses and non-profit organizations, including the two resettlement agencies of Louisville-Catholic Charities and Kentucky Refugee Ministries.

Alina kafley entertaining the dinner
Alina Kafley entertaining the dinner/Photo: BNS

Per Jiwan Bista, president of BSK, the fundraising dinner is hosted specifically to raise funds for the upcoming memorial soccer tournament on June 4, to be played in memory of three youths killed in train crash a year ago.

Fifteen donors sponsored tables worth $250 that allowed them eight participants.

The dinner was entertained by selected dance and songs performed by local artists, ranging all ages-as little as four years old Alina Kafley.

BSK was established in 2009, and has since been working on volunteers support on issues of community like health awareness, funeral arrangement, crisis management, policing, youth and sports.