BRRRC demands repatriation support from GoN


Oct 09: Bhutanese Refugee Representative Repatriation Committee (BRRRC) has accused government of Nepal for hammering on sentiments of those refugees wishing to back home. Bhampa

In an appeal sent to the government of Nepal today, BRRRC chairperson Dr. Bhampa Rai also demanded that there should be involvement of refugee leaders during decision-making process at anytime.

Rai has further urged the support of government of Nepal in making genuine Bhutanese refugees return home. “If Bhutan absconds from repatriating its genuine citizens than the government should garner the support of international communities to press the Druk regime,” reads the appeal.

BRRRC has further demanded for management of security to those refugees wishing to go back home. It has also appealed the government of Nepal to carry out ‘refugee registration’ process for those who were absent during the official registration conducted jointly by the UNHCR and the government of Nepal.

By Arjun Pradhan/BNS


  1. Dr. Bumpe Rai should know that repatriation has not taken place in the last almost twenty years how can it take place now? He should stop playing petty politics and face the reality that Bhutan will never never accept refugees back home. Ask him what his personal contributions are besides treating sick people. He sits in the clinic whole day, makes money, cuts jokes with his patients and……………

    Repatriation is a dream which each of us has dreamt last twnety years now we know dreams are dreams but hard to realize. …………………….. Its no use asking them to seek international help. They can do nothing. Bumpa should run his clinic at Damak thats all and let refugges decide their own future.

  2. It is always appreciable to encourage the repartiation movement. But one has to realize the pratical challenges. One has to storm the brain instead of showing the muscles.
    Dr. Rai needs to review the new constitution of Bhutan. Article 6 clause 3 b and 3e mentions two disqualifying criteria for all the refugee mass for granting the citizenship. 3b mentions as ‘not record of imprisonment for criminal offences within the country or outside’ and 3e as ‘ have no record of having spoken or acted against the tsawa-sum’.
    Who in the refugee mass havenot spoken against the tyarant king for his cleansing. And serving camp is a crime as per the bhutanese definition.
    Dr. Rai, if you are capable enough and if you are really struggling for the refugee mass, than why can’t you change these clauses in the constitution and create the legal spaces?
    We’ve voids in this policy level and I personally feel that it is your role to play and act. Win your people through deeds not by false oily words.
    We salute your professional skills.

  3. Every leaders have their own propoganda.. so let them continue.. some has political, some human rights, some repartiation, some maiosts, some NRB and others news topics..
    The bottom line is Core group of country has understood that Bhutan will not budge an inch in the current climax and its new democracy.

    What ever option or path you all take to visit bhutan one day if possible, IT IS ONLY THROUGH DIALOGUE… YOU START NOW OR AFTER 30 YEARS.. YOU HAVE TO TALK TO RGOB TO SEND YOUR SIBLINGS TO BHUTAN.

    So, don’t fool around yourself and fool others, take the practical approach and that will be good for us as well as Bhutan.