Youth in Texas shot, stabbed


April 13: Report received late confirms that a resettled exiled Bhutanese Bharat Rai, 23, based in Huston, Texas has sustained serious injuries in an attack by unidentified gang.

DB, brother of Bharat informed BNS that the gang shot the latter while he was waiting at a bus station early in the morning to leave for job.

DB quoted the doctors in the hospital as saying that the gang also stabbed Bharat after he attempted to escape the scene once he was shot by the gun.

The Rai family knew about the April 07 incident only after a couple of days as Bharat did not return home. According to DB, he started to look for his brother once he received a call from the latter’s supervisor at job stating about his absence in work.

Bharat Rai in hospital.
Bharat Rai in hospital.

It is reported that Bharat was without any identity cards and immediate attempts to sort his whereabouts failed repeatedly until police were involved. Soon after Bharat’s admission in the hospital through emergency rescuers with the help of helicopter, he was able to say “Bhutanese” as his identity. A woman, volunteer social worker at the hospital, who once read about Bhutanese refugees’ arrival in the City, finally contacted Rai’s resettlement agency.

According to doctors at the Hermann Memorial Hospital, one among two bullets has pierced one of his lungs now compelling him to take Oxygen pipe support to breathe. The other bullet that pierced his left arm is reported to be still in liver.

According to doctors involved in his treatment, Bharat’s condition now is believed to be stable.  Formerly from Khudunabari camp in Nepal, Rai was resettled in Texas through resettlement program.

TP Mishrain North Carolina


  1. I am shocked completely by reading this news about the miserable condition of Bharat Bhai resulted by the attack of the unidentified gang. I have nothing 2 offer currently but pray to ALMIGHTY for his dexterous recovery.Same 2 u all wholly bulls and idiots rowdies for managing drugs by attacking such innocent and possessionless people. God will no doubtfully curse you all and send to hell oneday.

  2. Iam very much shocked by reading this news about the condition of Bharat rai. This is my question to those who claim themself as elder plus educated. don’t you have power to protest against such crime? when you were in Nepal you were barking like Dogs what happen your mouth? it has been closed by Dollar? otherwise one day the condition of Bharat rai will fall upon you. don’t you have a pen to write against such crime coward?

  3. i am really upset of this bad news of our brother who was in the process of of his life ,i pray to god for his good recovery and good life for him to restart his journey od struggle GOD bless him and to be normal to his family for his life
    shanker sharma
    arizona USA