BREAKING NEWS: Three children drowned in Norway


Alta, Norway: Three Bhutanese children were found drowned in swimming beach in Lahori in Alta, Northern Norway late afternoon Sunday.

Rescue helicopters trying to air-lift the drowned children for emergency treatment.
Rescue helicopters trying to air-lift the drowned children for emergency treatment.

The children now receive full intensive care at the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) in Tromsø. The condition of Devi Chhetri, 14, and Diwas Chhetri, 12, is known to be critical while Sita Baniya is risk free. Devi and Diwas are brother and sister while Sita is a daughter of their maternal uncle.

The children had been immediately taken to the University Hospital by a rescue helicopter. Relatives of victims were not available immediately for comments despite several attempts,.

The Chhetris and Baniyas hail from Khudunabari Refugee Camp in Nepal and presently live in Alta Kommune, North Norway.

Details sketchy..

By Ramesh Gautam/BNS


  1. This is very common in Australia with the migrant community. This is because migrants do not have water safety knowledge and swimming skills.
    As a thumb rule, all children in the western countries are taken to swimming lessons once a week by parents. This has to start in all Bhutanese resettled areas to avoid future tragedy. It may be hard for parents to recognise since we come from differet culture but swimming lesson are must.
    I pray for the receovery of the young children in Norway and hope the settlement agency will organise water safety programs.

  2. I pray for the speedy recovery of our Children. May God befriend the persons involved in their treatment. Where ever we are SAFETY FIRST PLEASE. Each educated Bhutanese in any country- please lets help our people as stated by Parsu jii.and keep away our young children from such incidents.

  3. Iam really shocked by knowing this news,I pray to the almighty god for their fast recovery.GOD bless them with his kind and mercy, let this sort of accidents not occur to any people in the whole world.GOD BLESS .