BREAKING NEWS: Fire breaks out in Sanischare camp


The fire that broke out in New Horizon Academy building in Morang-based Sanischare camp today is reported to have destroyed several rooms, though accurate loss is not yet known.  According to Amrit Bhandari, tenth-grader student, the fire broke out at around 11:15 pm. It is reported that attempts are underway to bring fire under the control. 

Details sketchy


  1. OOPH……………… FIRE …FIRE…..FIRE.
    Time and again fire. Tt is extremely sad to hear incidents of fire in the camps frequently. I pray to God that,let our people not be affected by this harmful calamity any more.

  2. Who has done this notorious work? who is the caretaker in the school? what were the security Camp watch Team doing when the incident occurred? Why are the children not controlled for smoking and playing fire?
    Hope this will not happen again

  3. As per the news the fire broke out at 11.15pm. There is no life in the camp after 9.00pm due to its own regulations and means. And monsoon is bit early this year. Due to dampness or moisture or humidity, the construction materials are not that dried to catch the fire from just a stoke. If above things are correct, then I suppose it is done by some miscreants who are against the education of the refugees.
    Our values are shared from each generations through this education. Our tiny world with mere hand to mouth existence didnot permit us to contribute the significant artefacts for the ages to come. All the life support elements are through the kindness of our well wishers.I do not understand why such physical infrastructures are made the target? Such nonliving things never harmed any animates.
    Who ever had done and whatever is the purpose of it, such incident will never do good in his life. The curse from the people is sufficent for the complete breakdown of such miscreants.
    The culprit has to be booked and brought under the pervailing arbitation. Everyone individually or collectively need to cooperate irrespective of ideology, belief, choice of life, caste, color, sex etc to imput on human development. And education and school are fundamentals of such evolution.

  4. Hello 9 Stars of OBCA,

    If you really care for the people, why not you start collecting $500 each and send it to the victims. DJ Khaling,BM Rai, and Bhakti Bhandari, you are from the Pathri Camp.. Do you care for these people ? Neta giri matrai garnay ki Janta ko pani Sewa Garnay? Remember D J, when there was fire last time, ABA had sent NRS 53000 and you , Hari Bangaley, and Hari Dhakal had a nice party in Damak.