Breaking News (6:30 p.m): Beldangi-I camp under fire again


Beldangi-I, May 7: A sudden fire that broke out at 6:15 this evening from a hut registered to Chandra Maya Sanchuri here in sector A-2 hut number 201 gutted some three dozen of huts. (Download audio)

Exiled Bhutanese and camp based Armed Police Force were trying to bring the fire under control while this news report was being prepared.

Fire extinguishers from Bhadrapur and Damak had just reached the spot, said our reporters.

(With inputs from Arjun Pradhan from the fire spot)



  1. It is too sorrowful to hear the incident of fire time and again in the camp. Although, it is a natural calamity but I am quite suspicious, whether there may be the hands of someone,who committed the mischief intentionally.I am sorry,if I was not supposed to have come up with this blind-blame. But if not also, it is certainly the carelessness of the certain people,despite of several such incidents before,which have already resulted heavy casualties frequently. Nonetheless,I pray to God not to let such incidents take place here after.

  2. hi everyone, its extremely hard and bad to hear all. since i was also the victim of such disaster as i am from goldhap. let almighty help the victim to overcome in such situation and it happens obliguely so take care and be aware of all.

  3. Dear all, it is very sad indeed,to hear about the fire disaster in the refugee camp,especially in beldangi-I.Life in the west is much better than in the refugee camp.Even though we cannot avoid any natural disaster,but it wasn’t a natural disaster,but just a mistake of a one man can suffer the many.I only desire that all people leavee the camp soon and come for resettlement,…