Brave women receive donations


Various 11 women, who fasted-to-death for 12 days last month, received cash donations from their friends abroad, Thursday.

Woman Coordinator Durga Devi Bista hands over cash donations to her friend

The Bhutan Media Society distributed US$ 410 collected from various 15 individuals and two organizations -Punya Foundation and Bhutanese Community in Netherlands – to the women in Beldangi-II.

The donation was mobilized to regain the lost health of women, who fasted without food and water for 12 days demanding refugee status and other aid facilities.

Meanwhile, Women Coordinator Durga Devi Bista thanked all donors for their valuable supports.

“The women will use this money for their treatment and diets,” said Bista.


  1. Thats great! Well done friends. I wish that the boy from Khudunabari too will be helped by our frens living in the diaspora.

    Kalyan Pradhan, 8 years old, born to Dil Bahadur Pradhan and Bhima Pradhan from Khudunabari Camp, Sector B4, Hut Number 44/45, studying in Class III in Druk Model School, is now undergoing treatment at Koshi Hospital.

    Headteacher of Druk Model School, Khudunabari, Mr. Rudra Prasad Subedi informed Media Network Bhutan.According to grandfather, his mother eloped to another husband and father went to unknown place. Presently he is looked after by his grandfather.

    In a little accidence, his head was injured. He was referred by AMDA for further treatment. Since, it required secondary treatment that is surgical operation to remove stagnant blood from the head, AMDA handed over to the concerned guardian.

    Now he has been admitted in Neurohospital privately by his grandfather (Mobile Number: 9816985506) who further added. The Doctor is demanding 1.5 lakhs for the complete treatment. He is worry to find enough money for the treatment, “I don’t have money and no one to help me, what to do? I can’t think”. He further lamented.

    The hut was visited and interacted with the family members; Kalyan is the only grandson who is economically crippled. It has been felt the need of help in terms of money in order to get the life of Kalyan at normal state.

  2. I am happy to see the recipients receiving the money donated from across the globe. I am proud that I became the part and parcel of the cohort and the bigger community who have the hearts and mind for the needy people.
    I like to thank BNS for organizing donation drive for the “Fast- unto death” participants. However, the donated amount wasn’t so impressive, but we are learning to give. I think it is the time to contemplate and open up our hands for others.

  3. I dont have to say anythings to these people..
    i know they are preety much rich than refugee people who live in camp and who are going damak to work for one day.
    these girls are jealous because they didnt sit in refugee camp before but when resettlement start they are doing like this…
    i know i am refugee too previously and as from side of humanity i have to show pity too them also who had undretand this case they didnt show pity to these lady…
    they spend their life outside camp before and now when resettlement process start they come here…
    instead of sending money to this girls if i have to send i will send to poor children who is going school and dont have dress to wear and dont have rice to eat for lunch…
    so thats all