BPP Congratulates Newly Sworn-In Nepalese PM


The Bhutan People’s Party (BPP) has congratulated the newly sworn-in prime minister, KP Sharma Oil, for the landslide victory in the recent elections and becoming the 41st prime minister of Nepal.

Party president Balaram Poudyal congratulated the Nepalese prime minister by issuing a press statement on February 17 from Kathmandu.

“In the first historical election, after Nepal become the federal republic, your party has secured a landslide victory through an alliance, which for sure will be fulfilling the diverse exceptions of the Nepalese people in Nepal and abroad,” stated the statement, “We also firmly believe that your government will take strong initiatives to find a lasting solution to the Bhutanese refugee problem in Nepal.”

Asking to press the Bhutanese counterpart for coming to the negotiation table for resolving the long-standing refugee imbroglio, BPP also reminded PM Oli that the Bhutanese government has come out clean of its misdeed, and has been boldly advocating the Gross National Happiness in the international forum.

Poudyal further mentioned, “Although the third country resettlement program initiated by the donors has provided shelter to the Bhutanese refugees, it was a compulsion but not a choice.”

According to the statement, those refugees who have been denied of resettlement or lingered by resettlement proceeding entities or without identity cards are said to be desperately waiting for a “concrete plan of action from the Nepalese government”.

BPP also reiterated a need for establishing a permanent task force to resolve the Bhutanese refugee issue.