BNS to launch periodic video segment ‘Bhutanka Kura’ from July 1


The Bhutan News Service (BNS), the country’s first news agency under operation from exile since 2006, said it will begin periodic video segment ‘Bhutanka Kura’ from July 1.

According to its Manager, Vidhyapati Mishra, the ‘Bhutanka Kura’ would be presented on weekly basis in a thematic artistic play.

“Young Bhutanese artists from Pennsylvania, Bharat Tamang and Nanda Lagun, have been assigned to produce periodic videos for the Bhutanka Kura,” Manager Mishra said.

Nanda Lagun (left) and Bharat Tamang
Nanda Lagun (left) and Bharat Tamang

The ‘Bhutanka Kura’ has aimed to highlight almost every aspect of the Bhutanese refugee issue, and post resettlement scenario in dramatic video segments, according to Mishra.

Some of the post resettlement issues like frequent reports of suicide, education in the country of resettlement, and nostalgia the elderly citizens have would be highlighted in a thematic approach by involving the artists, added Mishra.

BNS has also released the official promo of the ‘Bhutanka Kura’ on Saturday.

“We expect to reach out to almost every resettled citizen. This is why the video segments will be produced in Nepali language.”

Meanwhile, both the artists have expressed their pleasure to be a part of the dynamic media team.

“We’ll leave no stones unturned in materializing this project, though it is very challenging,” said one of the artists, Bharat Tamang.

Tamang and Lagun are also learnt to have been preparing to run regular television program on the Bhutanese refugee issue from the New York based White Himal Television.