BNS to improve through audience suggestions


Bhutan News Service (BNS) has urged its valued readers to participate in an “online survey”, placed in its official website, which in their words is described as helpful attempt to seek public opinion to improve their news dissemination process.    

“Despite several hurdles, we have now stepped on fifth year of our anniversary. We proudly say that due to your continuous support, guidance and wishes, we are now an established and one of the most trusted news agencies—both in and outside Diaspora,” reads a statement, adding- “As we are strictly guided by standard set norms and ethics of journalism, we try our best to serve you with true information. We will continue to run through the same track. Honestly, it is never possible to do all these things without your support and guidance. We have decided to bring some attractive and significant reforms in our news dissemination process including the outlook of the site, thus, we kindly request you to participate in this survey. Your ideas might be very helpful in our news generation process.”

Click here to participate in the survey.


  1. I am from Beldangi 3 now in Lexington Kentucky USA I normally open this website and some time forwards the news to some of my american and other friends. They suggested me to post the worldwide news too not only the news of bhutanese or news related to bhutanese community only.

    In my view if BNS add the reporters from all the area where the Bhutanese spread, it will be easier to collect all kinds of news. and please add the news of world cup football as a sports news too

    Devicharan Adhikari

  2. I often explore this website and read the news associated with our Bhutanese communities as and when I get a leisure.To say frankly, it is due to BNS,RBO,APFA etc.I, as a resettled Bhutanese have been accessed to remain in a spontenous touch with knowledge of Bhutanese refugees and the prevailing situations of the camps back in Nepal.On behalf of this, I would like to extend my gratitude and utter just two words of felicitation from the core of my heart to the entire BNS Unit. Hence, I have nothing to comment with prior to your work, which is satisfatorily sufficient and reliable as per the available resourses.I assume that, BNS has already succeeded to touch the hearts from hundreds to thousands Bhutanese till these dates and It will nodoubtfully be able to win the hearts from thousands to a lakh Bhutanese subsequently in the days to come. Thus, I wish all the best for its further popularity,systematization and improvement ahead.

    Hem Kumar Gurung.( Pre-Existence.. Khudunabari
    Currently-Storslett, Norway.)