BNS journo Timsina in Canada mourns mother’s death


Laxmi Maya Timsina, mother of Indra Timisha and BNS Canada correspondent, has passed away at the age of 78 on Friday at 10 am in Lethbridge of Canada.

Late Laxmi Maya Timsina

She was suffering from lungs cancer since five years. “We couldn’t treat our mom since treating a cancer in camp was financially impossible,” Timsina said in an email circular to BNS on Friday morning.

Born in Dagana district in 1933, late was registered at Beldangi-II Extension camp, Sector E/1-25 before she got resettled in Canada on June 2010.

The funeral ceremony and cremation program is planned for Sunday at 4 pm in Lethbridge itself, he informed.

Meanwhile, various media organizations in exile have expressed heartfelt condolence to the grief-stricken Timisna family.

“We are really sorry to hear this news and we take the side of one of the senior correspondents in Canada at this hour,” said Buddha Mani Dhakal in a condolence message issued today from America.

General Secretary of Association of Press Freedom Activists (APFA) Bhutan, Vidhyapati Mishra, said the death of Timsina has closed a chapter in the history on Dagana district.

“The last moments with in the IOM transit camp in Kathmandu and back in camp are still fresh to my memory,” Mishra said, “I pray that her departed soul will always rest in peace in heaven.”

Likewise, the Third World Media Chapter – Bhutan also issued its condolence message saying Timsina’s death has caused a great loss not only to co-worker Indra, but to entire Bhutanese community in the Diaspora.

Late Timsina is survived by four sons, two daughters and 16 grandchildren.


  1. Dear Indra

    I knew laxmi Maya Timsina for a very long time and shall always remember her.She was the most kind hearted mum that I ever knew. In fact, I shall always be thankful to God for the loving mum . I shall never again see a more happy person than Laxmi Maya . I feel that your loss is a loss to all the people who knew her and we lost the page of our bhutanese history.Let her soul peacefully rest in heaven.
    Yadap BNS Canada

  2. I am shocked to hear the sad news of the demise of Laxmi May Timsina. One chapter of the History of my home district, Dagana is Closed with her. I express my heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and pray for the departed soul to rest in peace in Heaven.

  3. I am really Sorry my friend,Indra for your mom’s sudden death.I pray to almighty god to take her departed soul rest in peace.I also pray to God to provide strength to you and your family members to bear this tragic loss.

  4. Dear Sir !!

    We felt sad learning the unexpected death of your beloved mother. We pray the almight lord for the departed soul to rest in peace in heaven and Pray that the almight lord will grant strength to resist sorrows and convert mourns into eternal power.

    Puranaghare and the family.

  5. Dear Indra Sir,

    Heart felt condolences on the demise of your beloved mother. I wish you strength to face this most mournful hour and pray that the departed soul may rest in peace.

    Munich, Germany

  6. We express our heartfelt condolence to departed soul & let the god give strength to the berevered families too.Let the departed soul remains in peace in heaven.

    Sapkota Family
    Adeliade SA.

  7. Sapkota family is very sad to know about the death of laxmi maya timisina.we the sapkota family express heartfelt condolence to the tinisina famailies.we pray to Almighty for you all to gain courage to overcome this irrepairable loss and departed soul rest in peace in heaven.
    all Sapkota families

  8. We Bhutanese in Vegas share our deep felt condolence b& pray for the strength to the berevered families to bear this loss in strange land.Let the departed soul remains in peace
    Kubir Poudel Chhetri
    For & On Behalf of Bhuitanese in Vegas
    Las Vegas in Nevada US

  9. Dear Indraji,

    Sorry to hear this sad news. We send our deep sorrow and heartfelt condolences to the whole bereaved family members. May her soul rest in peace in heaven.

    Ram Karki & Family
    The Hague

  10. I called my mother to share this sad news. As usual many good deeds she did during her life surfaced. I too incline to assertion of other colleagues that a history chapter from Dagapela is lost.

    Born in Emirey, one of the most remote villages in Bhutan, this lady had enormous patience and qualities.
    1. Her support to women who were deserted by their husbands for one or other reasons and trying to work for justice is what many women admire of her.
    2. Her forwardness in situations of difficulties and deaths; when other people lose wisdom, this woman retained it to give outlets. This is what my mother says.

    The question is did she die early or are we late to trace? Bhutanese tragedy missed, as she took away with her some precious, probably not to trace facts. I am informed that this women knew the situation around how thukpawalni, one of our martyrs, was raped to death amongst others.

    Timsina family – lots of courage to withstand this difficult time and at the same time congratulations for having such a mother, who as a widow brought her children up as a mother should have done.

    Indra sir, as a writer you have capacity to pen her life down.
    Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal

  11. Indra Timsina Ji:

    I do not know you personally, but I am a free-lance journalist just as you are.
    I am sorry to read the news of loss of your mother, Laxmi Maya Timsina.
    I offer my heartfelt condolence on loss of your mother, and let her soul rest in peace in heaven.

    A mother is the most important member of the family, and it does not matter a mother is 40 or 60 or 100 years old, the loss of a mother is a great loss at any age.
    But please do not let this great loss stop you from serving your community all across the world. You are serving your community members and others readers of Bhutan News Service, by sending your reports and articles to Bhutan News Service, are readers all over the world read them, and your reports and articles keep all of Bhutanese community members together.

    There in Canada, someone is mourning the death of her mother, and here in America, a son (Someone I know personally), has not spoken with his mom in last ten years because he is angry with his mom over her yelling at his young and beautiful wife, who he treats like a Princess. I received a letter from his mom from her country, Pakistan, begging me to have her son call her. He refused to call his mom. I felt helpless because I could not force him to call his mom. His mom wrote in her letter, “I am an old woman, and do not have much longer to live, and I do not want to die before speaking to my son whom I love so much, so please help me and have my son call me”.

    It is sad to know that there are some sons and daughters out there who mistreat their parents and torture them emotionally. I am sure these kinds of sons and daughters, some day, will receive punishment from God for their inhumane treatment of their own parents.

    I would like to request all of the readers whose parents are alive, to treat them with respect and love them and do the best they can do to please them. Being successful is not whether you live in a refugee camp, or in a developed country, or you are uneducated, or have a Master Degree, or you are unemployed or have a great paying job, but the success in real sense is how happy your parents are with you.

    Let us all start treating our parents, especially mothers nice. Let me put in simple words, “If your parents are happy with you, this world in which you are living in now, is nothing less than heaven”. I conclude my comment with a statement made by America’s former President, George W. Bush, who once said, “I kiss the ground my mother walks on”.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Massachusetts, USA.

  12. Our heartfelt condolence to you and bereaved family. We are shocked to hear the demise of such a great caring mother. I remember her always…. and pray for her soul being in peace.

    Tika Acharya and family.
    NH. USA

  13. Our heartfelt condolence goes to the breaved families and Our prayers for the departed soul to rest in peace. May god give the strength to the Timsina Pariwar to face the grief at the loss of their loved ones.

  14. Dear Indra Bhai,
    My sincere condolences to your family for this loss. Sorry!
    She is on our heart and we’ll pray for our ‘Chaylee’ the daughter of DAGAPELA.
    Dagapela, the base of Nepalese settlement at Bhutan has produced very vibrant and dynamic citizen and your mom is never the exception.
    I hope the environment is ok to perform the rites and other rituals which you and your family preferred.

  15. Lamitarey family North Dakota is very sad to know about the death of laxmi maya timisina.we express heartfelt condolence to the tinisina famailies.we pray to Almighty for you all to gain courage to overcome this irrepairable loss and departed soul rest in peace in heaven.
    all lamitarey families

  16. Dear Indra Jii,
    The news of the sudden demise of your beloved mom has saddened me and my family.
    At this time I am unable to be there in person to share the words of prayers for the safe landing of the departed soul.Hereby, I am joining the line of friends sharing the words of condolence to the bereaved family. May the almighty grant Timsina family the strength to bear this irreparable loss.

  17. It is very sad to know the sudden death of dear mother to Indra Timsina. I know her personally as we lived in the same camp. Her death has brought a. Great loss to the Timsina amply and all the Bhutanese . I leave my condolence to all the brevered family members and pray for the eternal peace for late MATAJI. May you rest with God dear MATAJI we miss you