BNS expands its network, 40 steps in from USA


Shouldering more responsibilities after resettlement, Bhutan News Service (BNS) has officially expanded its network in United States of America.

Official logo of BNS.
Official logo of BNS.

BNS has formally welcomed 40 representatives from various States within the USA in their team. “We believe that we will grow stronger in the days ahead in regard to news generation,” said Buddha Mani Dhakal, one of the founder executive members of BNS.  

According to Dhakal, BNS will be bilingual within these few months. “We are also working hard to disseminate information in Nepali language.” Dhakal further said that the newly welcomed BNS representatives will continue to help their team to gather information from their locality, among other areas.  

Dhakal also informed that they are working on bringing some “attractive packages” as appreciation to journalists, writers, and regular contributors at least once in a year.  

Established in 2006, BNS has already established its network in Australia, Nepal, Norway, Canada, among others. “In future course of time, we will continue to expand our outreach to all places where exiled Bhutanese dwell,” said Dhakal, adding that BNS is committed to work for public’s right to information.           

Meanwhile, BNS has requested interested individuals who wish to work with the news agency, to formally communicate with the board at [email protected] or [email protected]. “Upon receiving such requests, we will study and follow them in detail first before we welcome any “independent” representatives in the team,” added Dhakal.


  1. Nice to hear that this news agency has expanded its tentacles to a wider circumference. Since a vast majority of the resettled Bhutanese have problems in English, I think it will be far better it you guys make it BILINGUAL as stated above. Our Nepali GURUS of the camp can be helpful for the Nepali version, in my view. GOOD Luck BNS!

  2. Congratulations! It is a great proud to read the news that BMS has extended its network in almost all places of our community’s presence. BMS’s has become the most effective and reliable news media to worldwide exiled Bhutanese community and its expansion is most praiseworthy. I wish BMS a grand sucess for its ambitious future plan.

    Ram BK Chhetri
    The Hague.

  3. Congratulation to BNS and BNS team for the extending network .I really like the logo of BNS newly designed .Thank to designner .I do hope this logo will cover the corner voices of the bhutanese peoples .Lets join hand to hand for the press freedom inside Bhutan.

  4. Dear TP Mishra and your team,
    You have done praiseworthy job within the community. Those now busy forming different organisations have to learn from how BNS is working voluntarily. 40 people entering into BNS is not a matter of job. Good luck. Keep up your spirit. We will always back you, BNS!

  5. Cong!!!! BNS team.
    I am glad to hear this expension.
    BNS team is already strong with group of young generation.
    This expension will make BNS even stronger.
    I pray for BNS success
    DP Mainali
    The Netherland

  6. Congratulation BNS Team.
    I think every one who have sensed and understood the power and strength of Media in Morsden World are happy with the growth of BNS.
    I wish to see BNS leading in Public Opinion.
    Thanks and Congratulation ones more.

  7. I am very pleased to hear gradual expansion of Bhutan’s First News Agency -“BNS”. I request all the executive members especially editorial board members of BNS to give equal opportunity to every individual, remain non-political and always think for the unity. I personally support and have faith on this organisation. Good Luck!
    Hari Sharma
    Laconia NH