BNS distributes cash support to fire victims


February 20: Bhutan News Service (BNS) in close coordination with the Camp Management Committee (CMC) in Beldangi-I camp distributed relief package to fire victims in the camp on Friday amidst a special function.   1

BNS distributed cash donation to fire victims in presence of representatives from the UNHCR, LWF and Armed Police Force. The donation package ranged from Nepalese rupees 1300 to 7000 based on family sizes.

Through online ‘call for support’, BNS had collected Nepalese rupees 156339.33 from resettled Bhutanese in various parts of the world.  Similarly, Bhutanese from Adelaide, Albury, Wodonga and Melbourne of Australia shared their souls by extending monetary cash to the fire victims.

Association of Bhutanese in Norway alone had contributed the greatest amount followed by resettled Bhutanese in Australia. Bhutanese Community of Australia  had played crucial role in donation.

Camp Secretary, TB Gurung, handing over cash grant to a fire victim during the program
Camp Secretary, TB Gurung, handing over cash grant to a fire victim during the program

On the program, the CMC also distributed Nepalese rupees 32000 cash collected from various camps while the Netherlands-based GHRD and Bhutanese community in the Netherlands also distributed Nepalese rupees 28844 to the fire victims, through representatives of BNS and CMC.

Vidhyapati Mishra of BNS, who reached camp from Kathmandu to distribute the cash support, also handed over ‘match box’ and ‘lighter’ as symbols of fire control to camp secretary TB Gurung during the program.

Fire victims highly praised those who managed their hard times to collect the funds. “We are really thankful to Parshuram Luitel in Australia, Ramesh Gautam in Norway, the BNS team, and the entire Bhutanese community in diaspora for extending us support,” said TB Gurung during the program.

Click here for details of the support through BNS. Click here to download powepoint for photograghs and other details.

By Arjun Pradhan/BNS


  1. A big around of accolades and a very big thank you for all involved. this is another milestone. We are finally becoming a class of people helping eachother….our efforts will soon extend beyond, if we continue with this pace.

  2. Most of the calamities, either the natural or human created prevailed at Beldangi-I. Why? Is there anything wrong in the mode of settlement? We could see the same style of planning at all other camps. In a technical term Bel-I has linear fashion of human settlement, which is an adventageous pattern for optimum use of air-circulation and safety during calamities/havoc. Nearly grid iron pattern like that of Bel-II which is almost square in shape is much more vulnerable for fire and other catastrophy.
    Is there anything wrong in the agglomeration of category of people there? We need to review it in a different aspect and perspective. We heard most of intolerable news from this camp, be it fire or murder or rape. Are the people preoccupied with misled and guided to be inhuman? Where is our values and esteem?
    Symbolic guesters are worthy for understanding society but I fear the essence of that for the people of Bel-I.
    I don’t mean to feel in a negative way but most of the time I put the difference of opinion and it is not the ‘benefit of doubt’.
    I appreciate the contributors either in cash or kind and the lead by media friends.

  3. Hello vIdyapati ji.The work which you have just been enrolled with to extend the helping hands to the fire victims is praiseworthy. But I am awfully surprized to see the news publicized in your web page, highlighting the contribution of resettled Bhutanese of Australia,instead of the ones resettled in Norway,affliated with the Association of Bhutanese in Norway.To add fuel to fire, you have stated that, the greatest amount is collected from Norway but it’s saddentary to have left the unmentioned,how much is that amount?