BNDP urges for amicable solution


The Bhutan National Democratic Party (BNDP) urged the international community to pressure Bhutan for finding an amicable solution of the Bhutanese refugee problem, and even termed the imbroglio as a ‘political issue’.

Dr DNS Dhakal (Picture: Vidhyapati Mishra/BNS)

Issuing a press statement to laud the efforts of countries of resettlement in accepting 80,000 refugees from Nepal, its Acting President and Executive Chief Dr DNS Dhakal said the party also appreciated generosity of the western countries for resettling thousands of Bhutanese refugees.

Dr Dhakal said, “Third country resettlement is not an amicable solution. The people who have been denied citizenship and property rights in Bhutan are victims of gross violation of fundamental human rights as enshrined in 1949 UN convention. Therefore, the international community should press Bhutan to repatriate the remaining refugees.”

According to him, BNDP has considered the resettled refugees as the Non-Resident Bhutanese (NRB) and regarded that repatriation of willing refugees from the camps to Bhutan with honor and dignity, and recognition of the resettled Bhutanese as NRB would be a way forward for deriving an amicable solution of this political problem.


  1. Ah !!! BNDP considered the resettled Bhutanese as NRB … Do you think You are free to considered them in a way you like ???? But we wonder who gonna listen your lamentation !!!! But it’s good to know that your party’s slogans has changed now. Democracy….. Human right…. Freedom …..repartation…And finally NRB..want to see some more … Keep going…

  2. nbgiri seem to be expressing with fatigue in regards to fruitlessness of “peaceful means” and futility of long patience in inactivity. Ashok Budathoki’s expression supports it. In regards to the imbroglio being termed as a ‘political issue’, its beginning is not unknown to the sensible people from the failure of REPATRIATION efforts for amicable solution. It goes back to the times when it was planned and decided to act defending a small nation from the threat of rich diversity. Versions of the message from the party that wanted to SWAMP the nation mention part of the facts.

    Amicable solution by way of repatriation would mean defeat of the purpose of its creation and loss of glory to the wise leadership of the Bhutanese nation. The parties that played the roles in this part between the affected groups as arbitrators, investigators or mediators have studied the overall intent of the PROJECT to get to the source of the message being for the success of ONOP (One Nation, One People) and GNH, that needed to sweep away the dirt of diversity.

    Is the world intelligence so dull not to know it? I think not as they are helping the threatened nation in the effort to rid of the POTENTIAL DISASTER due to the presence of unbearable diversity….

  3. This statement from BNDP needs the evidence-based statistics and pragmatic pathways to show that whatever is said is based on convention or wider adoption. Who are the groups consulted in Bhutanese diaspora?

    Please stop the fancy jargon of unbelievable words and spreading wrong message that has no substantiation.
    First and foremost, please provide the readers of latest AGM of BNDP and active members as of June 2012 or December 2012. And then to whom the statement is issued. Blanket claiming for all are the bygone days of past. Your BNDP website should have current members, financial report and entire AGM.
    Don’t mess up the avenues if one day the Govt of US asks for legitimate Bhutanese group to represent in the white House. instead of wasting time on dry BNDP ideology and fake mantra, please consolidate to establish a common platform in US.
    Blinking in BNS for cheap popularity and acting as if BNDP is represented by all is not the desire of non members. Please do not represent others if the statement is BNDP’s as there are 20 others such groups that is known to all.

    Happy to have open chat with Dr Dhakal
    +61 412265317
    [email protected]

  4. Dr Dhakal maharaj…..resettlement is not a solution? I am a refugee resettled and it has now given me hope to live a life and you say its not a solution? Sir many politicians came and went…some grew like weeds, no one could lead us to a right path. Infact non of them were born leaders. Sabai chor nai chor haru le rajniti garey pachi k ko ubho lagthiyo. when you speak to the media and the international community..please speak on behalf of BNDP and not on behalf of refugees. I too am a refugee who is resettled. I dont want to be included in your statement. And to be honest there are hundreds and thousands of refugees in the camps and some living outside, who dont have access to BNS and who dont like to be included in your category. I vehemently argue your statement where you have without prior information included me and thousands of people who are just out of the grip of political games now. Dont act as our saviour when things are going the right way. If tomorrow US and the other resettling countries stop resettling and UNCHR moves out of Nepal, are you ready to feed the thousands of people living in the camps? Can you lead them and help them live their life? Pressurizing international community re! If you can’t sir than dont try to divert the canal that is helping refugees flow in one way if you can not prepare a way for them. By the way doctor how long have you stayed in the camp to understand what refugee really means?