BNDP to initiate process to consolidate movement, says Dr Dhakal


Acting President and Executive Chief of the Bhutan National Democratic Party (BNDP), Dr DNS Dhakal, said his party would initiate process to consolidate the movement focussing at repatriation of willing refugees to Bhutan and deepening of the Non-Resident Bhutanese (NRB) network.

Dr Dhakal

Issuing a press statement on February 7 on the occasion of the party’s anniversary, Dr Dhakal also called upon all the party members to continue to be part of the movement irrespective of dispersion because of the third country resettlement program.

“The BNDP has crossed two decades of its existence in exile. The party is committed for establishment of inclusive democracy in Bhutan and repatriation of willing refugees to their own place with honor and dignity,” said Dr Dhakal in his statement.

Welcoming the recent changes in the system of governance in Bhutan, BNDP has also sent best wishes to the contesting political parties inside the country in the forthcoming general election.

“This is a beginning of the process that will help achieve our longterm goal,” added he.

Dr Dhakal further said his party would continue considering resettled refugees as NRB.

“The recognition of the resettled refugees as NRB by democratically elected parliament of Bhutan will continue to be one of the campaign agendas of the party.”


  1. BNDP has long been a party of slogans – mainly looking opportunistic. The agenda of repatriation has long crossed its time and even if a few thousand Bhutanese are repatriated now – it does not satisfy to be called a genuine act of repatriation. And this act too depends on the government of Bhutan. But of course if it happens, BNDP will take credit for it.

    Regarding NRB, the choice must be left to the people in the diaspora. This too is an issue BNDP adopted in a very opportunistic style, after certain people in the diaspora community raised the concept. But thanks for keeping that concern.

  2. Dear Dr. Dhakal,
    I think your statements about the repartition of willing refugee and democracy in Bhutan is worthless now. BNDP’s 20 years of existence repatriates 0 refugees to Bhutan. Now you started saying the term NRB. What a shameful statement? Can anyone from BNDP makes clear about the fulfillment of their single objective in 20 years long history? It is useless to use the terminology of NRB because it disturbs the mind of resettled Bhutanese. There is no way that BNDP or any exile existing so called political party can make changes in present political system inside Bhutan. This is just a DAY DREAM for you all; because the Bhutanese refugees came across 20 years observation. So, my suggestion to you and other so called Bhutanese leaders is better stop giving false assurance to Bhutanese. Now the resettled Bhutanese started getting the citizenship of respective countries. So, why you start the putting the tag of NRB to us? Once again please be specific. No more political business with resettled Bhutanese.
    Subash Subba
    Resettled Bhutanese in US.

  3. In my opinion Dr. Dhakal wants to convey the message of unity among the political parties in exile. I also think that he is free now because he does not have to spend his time thinking about any of his relatives to send them to the usa. If you analyse in cool mind, you may observe his relatives here in the usa almost a decade before we get resettled. You even can see his Juoi, Bhangas, Bhatiges, Bhatigas and many more had already enjoyed their lives in the usa. I think still Dr. Dhakal and his core group want to explore the idea of NRB to make we the resettled Bhutanese people fool. Also, he should understand that we are not gullible and you can’t make us fool. Why do you want to talk about repatriation while this has been taken for almost decade before? best of luck

  4. Its right time Dr.Dhakal – prove your leadership.
    If you have spoken the words contained in the above report its time to show to the outside world that Bhutan too has a true hero in exile. Single man’s efforts have done a lot in the world history.
    Its time for you to erase (allegations ) made on you from inside and outside Bhutan.

    Or, if someone made you to speak the above stated matters, you will be one of the worst man born in Bhutan. Nation has given you a lot. Nation has educated you. Don’t you read the life history of other successful people on earth?

    Again if we readers could read same type of hollow sentiments next year too in the name of BNDP’s estd. day I shall, for sure ,copy-paste this comment again.Then which should mean you are no more than copy-paste of some unseen guys.

    Dr.Saab. Come above BNDP and prove your capacity! !!

  5. BNDP ?
    I would like to say Dr. Dhakal or any leaders of exile parties of Bhutan. Please don’t jock any more in the name of politics. Better work for your own family or self. I have not forgotten the Mechi Pool’s event. Who was leading the mass?? BNDP??? Who were injured??? We know there are dozens of people who has mental case because of it. Many injured and some had to die because of it.
    In straight word, “If you can’t do it then please don’t say it”. I have a bad experience of talking to Dr. Dhakal. After talking with Dr. Dhakal I realized why we are back- worded or unsuccessful? Or whey repartition process didn’t success? There is nothing you guys can do unless the government of Bhutan, Nepal and India takes the responsibilities of repartition. You can do no more than appeals which we have been seeing since we became refugee in seven camps.
    Oh! Yes, It would be right if I say;” Bhutanese has political party in exile but with no power to make things happen because these political team is not in the ground or restricted”. I have no faith in any exile political parties. I better encourage Bhutanese inside to take initiative on Bhutanese Refugee matters. Information technology has made easier to communicate with Bhutanese inside and outside. Let’s make proper use of it. I advise BNDP to do the same – not to do unpredictable or indefinite press releases.
    “Where ever we are we are Bhutanese. Let’s not lose our hope to owe our own land/country” – Ramesh Bhutani.

  6. The same old illogical, intriguing statement from our leaders. The most divergent of outlooks might agree that something is terribly amiss in the whole thinking, at least at this stage. Which consolidation or inclusive democracy is being talked about here? Have we not seen enough already?

    Whatever changes take place in Bhutan or abroad, it is utter vain to state this deafeningly, except to profit as some above put it, ‘Opportunistic’. NOTHING is going to happen either to the general issue or for those still-anticipative-folks in the camps because Dr. DNS has give tongue to.………And if at all some willing Bhutanese will be repatriated to Bhutan, it surely will not be because BNDP has negotiated.

    Therefore, I will definitely reserve my credit – most probably to the Bhutanese government’s own initiative itself. This, though for me, at this moment appear next to impossible. One thing is however absolutely certain; the so-called reverberant democracy of Bhutan is not going to budge an iota of an inch no matter what Dr. Dhakal is talking about now!.

    Listen to this to substantiate:

    “The BNDP has crossed two decades of its existence in exile. The party is committed for establishment of inclusive democracy in Bhutan and repatriation of willing refugees to their own place with honor and dignity,” said Dr Dhakal in his statement.

    What about taking this commitment for another 2 decades more?


  7. I think Dr. Dhakal is truly focusing toward the issue since an inception of his political party. To me, if Dr. Dhakal was not there behind the scene then we couldn’t have gotten “third country resettlement”. Everybody has right to practice his/her political thoughts, but i don’t like people barking without a single contribution towards the movement. I think Mr. Subash needs to mature politically before giving his statements (ground level politics is not going to work for an international issue). Being a Bhutanese for almost 30 years, i never heard R.P. Subba’s statements while we’re in the camps. He could have done many things to lobby the international community if he is really far-sighted. Don’t give false statements if haven’t contributed anything towards the issue. Give salute whatever our leaders have done up to his/her capacities. I think Mr. Subba seems to be self appointed leader in our Bhutanese community; he never gives credit to others in the grounds of what he/she has done towards their capabilities. Our movement has lost the track because of bad persons like R.P. Subba, etc. etc. I think T.N. Rizal, Balaram Poudel, Dr. Bhumpa, and Dr. Dhakal are our true leaders; they are still giving their statements even our movement is going to lost forever. I truly salute our leaders.

  8. It seems Mr. Bed is truly jealous about Dr. Dhakal’s relatives and their education. You can also reach when you start promoting your relatives and families toward education; education is background of everything else. DON”T MAKE PERSONAL ISSUE mr. bed– try to think betterment of your family first, and other’s later.

  9. It is good to know that the BNDP has crossed two decades of its existence in exile. I would like to wish good luck to the BNDP for its projected plans for the greater benefit of general public! However, the materialization of such optimistic projections is yet to be seen. Here, it is worthwhile to acknowledge all the political parties and the human rights organizations formed in exile for their continued struggle for human rights and democratic movement in Bhutan. Few might have done more and had become popular in public for a while and others might have done less and their influence might have been less in public. But, there is no denying the fact that each of them in one way or other played crucial part to pressurize international community and advocated for our cause. Despite this, the only problem we encountered in the movement is disunity among the leaders. The movement always suffered a charismatic leadership. As a result, each movement deficiently failed one after another and consequently our voice became thinner and thinner.
    I always respect Dr. Dhakal for his expertise and knowledge. He is one of the important personalities not only in Diaspora but in the whole nation. However, I don’t like his idea of consolidating movement at this time. It is not a time to consolidate movement but to consolidate intellectuals, youths, seniors and leaders. Repatriation would not be successful even if it is possible because handful of repatriated people would make no difference in the political landscape of Bhutan. Hence, it has almost become outdated. The idea of deepening of the Non-Resident Bhutanese (NRB) network sounds catchy but it also needs true cooperation of leaders across the board. On the other hand, Bhutan is still not ready to acknowledge the evicted population as its citizens. So how can NRB sustain without the full-fledged support from the government of Bhutan. For this dream to make true, I think it is time for the leaders of the political parties in exile to coordinate with and convince the political parties inside Bhutan. NRB is important not only for the Bhutanese in Diaspora but also for the government, people and the political parties inside Bhutan. Hence, the political parties inside Bhutan and the palace as well should feel the importance of it. Next, it is time for the political parties in exile to strengthen the people to people relationship. Here I would like to stress on strengthening the relationship between the evicted people and the people who came straight from Bhutan and started making their new life in Diaspora. After consolidating with them, start strengthening the broken relationship between the people in Diaspora and the people in Bhutan. There is a big dichotomy of people to people relationship which was systematically designed by the Wangchuck regime for its benefit particularly for the last 20 years.

    It is not to offend anyone but just my personal thoughts.

    Bhagirath Khatiwada

  10. Bed: you are the same person who came heavily on Tika Acharya’s success in New Hampshire. And now you started same thing on Dr Dhakal’s views. And that too with his relatives! Why don’t you compete with his relatives in terms of education in the universites or the jobs for that matter in the US since you are also in the same footing and with the same opportunity? I challenge you to compete with the youngest of young of Dhakal’s relatives if you dare!

    RP Subba daju: Concept of NRB has a deeper meaning. You know it very well. But now you start talking about credit…what a joke!!! OK ……let’s say it is RP Subba’s initiative…now are you happy with the concept?

    @ other readers including Bed and RP Subba Daju
    A dwarf is as much a man as a giant is; a small republic is no less a sovereign state than the most powerful kingdom; and an exile political party (BNDP) is no less a legitimate party than the DPT or PDP. So let’s be positive! And long live BNDP

    Thank you!
    Rising Star of Dhakal Family members

  11. Guys:
    There are TWO categories of Bhutanese in exile:

    Group one ( Not- genuine- Bhutanese): Those who are not Bhutanese; they don’t want to talk about Bhutan; they don’t want to contribute for the cause. They don’t want to talk about NRB because doing so would tag them as Bhutanese. These are the people in fact 4th King wanted to evict them from the country. And that is fine. Now you got resettlement option. Just live there happily and don’t talk about Bhutan. It is not your country. And it is not your headache. You get DAAL-BHAAT…that is enough you ngolop-Nepali-economic- immigrant!

    Group two: (Genuine- Bhutanese): Those who are genuine Bhutanese; I understand you would always feel injustice all the time; you want to do something for your country Bhutan. For this group; NRB is a last resort. King and people of Bhutan understood it and one day, you would be invited back to Bhutan. So do good thing all the time for the country even if you are in exile. NRB is the right fit advocacy for you all. Have patience though.

    Dawa Tshering

  12. Dear Mr. Dhakal, Please do not beat in the bush and try to make others too to do so and make fool and spread very cheap politics without principal. We are in the world of reality, individualism and out of politics of corrupted, selfish, procrastinating leaders without commitment and determination. Not even a fool supports your ideology accept your family members. If you are really capable politician, plz publish all your commitment one by one so that we would help motivate for support but its a great shame to spread the false assurance while most of the refugees are well to do now in abroad by their own toils and hard work waiting for genuine citizenship of respective resettled countries!!

    Justice be to those who are really working for the mass population!

  13. To Dawa Tshirnig,
    very interesting but vague….. so in which category do you fall?
    what is your logic behind of categorizing Bhutanese and non-Bhutanese ? is that the same 1958 census slip demanded by the Bhutan government? Now, again too excited to know if you let us know where are you now. are you still inside the caves in Bhutan or in some developed countries? how can you define citizenship?

  14. This is reply to Bhagirath Khatiwoda:
    Mr. Bhagirath, I think you don’t understand what Dr. Dhakal means in terms of consolidating the movement. ‘if you look at the dictionary, the word ‘Consolidation’ means ‘To discard the unused or unwanted items of and organize the remaining’. So you have to understand that you are one of the unwanted persons because you have lost the legitimacy by opting third country resettlement. Why don’t you advise Dhakal directly instead of writing in this news so that he can be better prepared.

  15. I think Usitapa Pandey has other way of thinking to ruin the reputation of our grate leader. There are lots of synonyms for consolidation; try to look for other. If you don’t understand the true meaning, try to contact him directly rather than asking for Mr. Bahgirath (who has already understood the meaning).

  16. I agree with Dawa Tshering: NRB is not mean for people who feel uncomfortable to call themselves Bhutanese either because they were Non-Bhutanese or because they already obtained a citizen of another country like RP Subba or Bed. These two folks have no rights to talk about Bhutan. They got DAAL-BHAAT-TARKAREE as one of the commentator mentioned above and they achieved their goal.

    I have not seen Mr RP Subba doing any constructive thing for the past 20 years accept doing M-WAY business by luring innocent resettled Bhutanese in the US. I have not seen Mr RP Subba encouraging any of the resettled young guys to focus on education instead he has been encouraging them to join petty business like M-WAY. When his contemporaries such as Dick Cheetri come-up with great ideas, he simply criticizes with no substance. Yet some of the Bhutanese call RP a genius! What a innocent folks.

    If RP Subba has better ideas than any of the Bhutanese leaders, why he is not throwing a proposal of concrete ideas to consolidate the diaspora and intensify the advocacy for the greater good of all exile Bhutanese? He doesn’t do this because he does not have a streak of ideas in this direction. He has criticized Rizal, he has criticized Bumpa rai, he has criticized Dhakal, He has criticized Poudel!!!!

    My question to you: what have you done for the last 20 years? At least Rai, Rizal, Dhakal and poudel are in the camps and did not opted resettlement like you! We know you very very well. Better learn from Bhagirath Khatiwoda!

    Bhagirath khatiwoda: You question is genuine! I like you argument. Do your study well. You are a future asset to Bhutanese diaspora in the long run! Keep it up

    Pravin Gurung

  17. From all these comments it’s very clear that what were the creditably of our exile leaders and our people. And also the effort of Bhutan , Nepal and India government towards Refugee solution. There is nothing we can do regarding this matter unless top level governments do anything.

  18. Congratulation Dr. DNS-ji. I am happy to hear that the BNDP is now ready to initiate the process to consolidate the movement. I don’t know whether you still remember your response to some of the journalists at the Press Club of India in New Delhi on February 7, 1992, the day of launching BNDP as new national political party for Bhutan. Journalists questioned you on the purpose of launching new political party when there is already one existing (BPP). Your answer was “we want to consolidate the Bhutanese movement in a new and dynamic way so that we can have a democracy in Bhutan which would be beneficial to every Bhutanese citizens. The existing party failed to win the heart of the people…..” justifying the formation of new party. When journalists asked, “are you ready for the consolidation of the Bhutanese movement or how soon you are going to do that?” Your response was, “yes, we are ready. Our first priority will be to consolidate the movement and move forward.” So, my curiosity here is – after two decades of BNDP’s existence in the Bhutanese movement – are you still in the ‘process of consolidating the movement?’ I am just curious, as once an active member of the BNDP.

  19. Hello Bhutanese Folks,
    The idea of NRB is one of the best idea ever. I think folk like RP SUBBA, BHAGIRATH and so on dont know the value of having an identity of our own. You guys ruined the life of thousands of innocent Bhutanese and now you are in against of the idea which is great.I think people are misunderstanding the concept as a whole. First think to understand this go and read a history of Tibetan refugee, learn lesson from the struggle of Algeria so that you know the value of what you are… how can you just ignore for what happened to us for last two decades.How can you just forget what happened to our Bhutanese fellows who sacrifice their life to establish democracy in Bhutan… WE were all cowards to fight for our rights and now YOU are in against of an idea where we can have our identity. Dr. Dhakal ,you are one of the highly educated person in OUR Bhutanese Community and I strongly believe all of US (Bhutanese Youths) are after your Idea.Instead of going in against of Dr. Dhakal We should start building our community for a better future. Our kids are talented so we should think of making their future better. Its not just a day work to build a better community as our community is being spoiled by ideas of folks whom I have mentioned above.. Well, lets work together and support Dr.Dhakal’s idea of NRB. We are still having a Hangover of Camp politics so we might not be able understand the value of this particular idea but the day will come when our kids will start asking about our identity then what should we tell them… It might be a good idea for YOU to deceive your kids and grandkids but not me hence I will support Dr. Dhakal and his fellow supporters.
    Jai Bhutan…

  20. Looks like lampooning inhumanely, spitting venoms at others and belittling a fellow citizen has become a trade to some of the burgeoning commentators !

    The style of their shots— a random mix of ‘je-payo-tei”, shooting profusely and directly at their opponents and the author— exibits a feel that some half-baked bugs are all out, littered and gradually eating the ‘whiteness’ of this sacred mouthpiece of Bhutanese citizens, exiles and diaspora.

    Obviously, inspired by ‘Freedom of Speech and Expression’ some of the commentators, even without rolling their eyes over the entire content of the writeups, appear to resort to personal attacks and eventually tend to strip his/her adversary naked whenever a sensible discourse hits the news !

    I believe, that’s why many of our established think tanks, writers and opinion-makers just hesitate to step forward open-up and lay their views pracisely because of this burgeoning trend !

    To safeguard the sanctity, purity and integrity of this news service, — to call it a ‘Bhutanese chautar and above all–;to call it a place called home, the editor is advised to stand vigilant while entertaining and printing sensible feedbacks and comments !

    Nashville, Tennessee

  21. Mr. Adhikari was one of the core executive member of BNDP in the beginning. He left this party because he got handsome money from DNC. It is truly a shame for Mr. Adhikari because he is an opportunistic guy, and the fickle minded. He doesn’t have any stand besides representing Bhutanese refugee for the sake of his own promotion and the money. I myself feel same to talk about Mr. Adhikari in the future.

  22. Dear Leaders,
    I absolutely feel wonderful idea of forming NRB by Dr. Dhakal However, i feel to make this idea successful, there should be the circle of second generation intellectual who could better trust by young king of bhutan. All the semi-popular names in bhutanese movement are frail and not trust worthy by GOB. I think if we achieve following points from the GOB we should remain thankfulI.
    1. Recognise NRB
    2. Allow Investment from NRB-which could be win-win solution
    3. Repatriation of Bhutanese in the camp who really want to.

  23. Reading Dr Dhakal and subsequent comments clearly shows the Bhutanese in exile are still immature and attack each other without any cognition and respect. This is the sign of distrust, hate and ego.

    I feel sorry that for a cause something above individuals and few leaders, which is as big as a “Country Bhutan”, people through emotions and frustration never accept one another.

    On the outset, the diaspora needs good one decade or more to change the way we are thinking now whereby, the second generation youth may come up with more positives and dominance, to override few negatives then to have positive outcome and vision for the Bhutan and Bhutanese democracy (by then Bhutan from inside may already be a model of democracy-who knows the level of changes that took just in 5 years, if you are in touch inside can judge yourself),

    With regards to repatriation let me share what I have been talking to senior most bureaucrats in UNHCR and core groups in Geneva from 2010 to 2012.
    The initiation was discussed between two UNHCR, one USA official, then floated to core groups that was accepted. There are no records, meetings and letters that corresponds to and from the exile parties have played any role except generic appeal and letters that are in public domain.

    There was a respected politician (name not held) from Nepal who was invited to USA to talk on this, and latter had very long meetings for days with the then State Department Secretary Condolisa Rice and the senior officials of USA and UNHCR for days and This resulted in USA finally receiving Nepal government’s approval to issue the travel documents for TCR if at all takes place. The the TCR followed on.

    Repatriation to Bhutan will not be lobbied by anyone except the government Bhutan itself and the core groups in Geneva (there are 2 core groups, one in Kathmandu for operational reason and one in Geneva for policy reasons where Bhutanese delegates from Embassy are invited very often and asked to keep their word of repatriation.

    Before any repatriation takes place (which I doubt) after speaking to senior donors of Bhutan and senior officials in UNHCR in Geneva, there needs to be a office of UNHCR inside Bhutan and condition similar to what the resettled folks have been given be guaranteed by the RGOB (which is ?able). So, I suggest intellectuals like Dr Dhakal to be pragmatic on what you put on public domain.

    Given the budding stage of democracy inside Bhutan and current capacity of people inside Bhutan to understand and interpret democracy in Bhutan. And at the same time, the differences of opinion the general exiled population in diaspora and citizen inside Bhutan has on each other, it will take few decades to recognize anyone to come on common ground. This includes recognition of either NRB or otherwise.

    What I suggest and wish is, if all can work on unity among ourselves, reduce parties, accept each other with more positives notes, recognise that we have heinous crime of caste system in the name of culture within us and thrash this out, then only we will build be our biggest assets and will make a pillar to contribute towards stronger approach to convince Bhutan that we are Bhutanese.

    Also BNDP and all political and non political parties should know that there is not a single program, events and occasions I have noticed since the TCR that reflected to embrace BHUTAN as our country. If anyone puts national dress, people say you are champcha, no national day celebration, no losar. There was a simple ask in 1990s for few changes in the system that will open pathways to democracy in Bhutan, but as time passed by, people became more extreme and many youths were never told the story of the cause and they eventually developed hatred to the nation which was never intended initially and should never be

    So what is the icon we all have to portray except saying that we are Bhutanese? This is what the international community is watching and asking questions to us.

    Perhaps, time to learn from Aung Sung Suki that instead of emotional burst and hate, to extend a olive branch and create atmosphere to sit with RGOB on the table on goodwill to share ideas on how we make Bhutan a better country in the region and help reduce poverty, particularly in remote parts of Bhutan. That is where our wisdom lies if we can.
    I know I will be blasted for being talking more on Bhutan but the truth is bitter and this is only the path we have to follow if we dream of reconciliation with the people of Bhutan.

    Some leaders dreaming of democracy in Bhutan like that of India, Nepal and Arab uprising is perhaps, a dream bit too far in this century.
    All the best
    [email protected]
    +61 412265317

  24. Dear Parsu sir,
    I have gone through your comments which I feel in most of the points are praise worthy-cast system, wearing national dress, respect and few more points, however in some points i would like to inform you, like, about national day celebration, losar and educating second generation about bhutan-if i talked about myself i was just 7 years old then when we left bhutan that too from remote part of dagana, in the camp itself i learned basic dzonkha language and important history of bhutan beginning from Ngawanag Namgyal, these are the evidence to contradict your points which we got from our first generation parents in the camp. i guess you were not in the camp, i humbly request you to get some more information from resettled bhutanese. I would like to thank for your informative comments and expect more in the days to come.
    tashi delek
    naresh bista

  25. “Inspired by Bhutanese constitution?”

    “KATHMANDU: Political parties have drawn inspiration from Bhutan’s constitutional provision to appoint Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi the chief administrator, according to sources. Article 19 of the Constitution of Bhutan (on Interim Government) reads: 1) Whenever the National Assembly is dissolved, the Druk Gyalpo (King of Bhutan) shall appoint an Interim Government to function for a period, which shall not exceed 90 days, to enable the Election Commission to hold free and fair elections, and 2) The Interim Government shall comprise a Chief Adviser and other Advisers appointed by the Druk Gyalpo within 15 days after the dissolution of the National Assembly. The Chief Justice of Bhutan shall be appointed the Chief Adviser.”

    Dear bhutan loving friends please go through this news from The Himalayantimes and imagine how far Bhutan has reached even being youngest democracy, So, my points here is, lets have good unity among us and think more positively towards Today’s Bhutan and forward the idea of friendship with bhutan and the concept of NRB in mutual beneficial manner.
    naresh bista

  26. Hi Everyone,
    Well someone said our children will ask for their identity in the future. That is true. Well I too was thinking the same 3 years ago. I wanted to ask the same question to my father- what is my identity? But i came along with my family here in the US. I will be getting my citizenship card this year. But speaking against some of the comments above, I will definitely have my identity now. And you think you will be repatriated and will have your identity back? You think the government that made you refugee will take you back and give you an identity? You think you can go their and forcefully get your identity back with the support of handful refugee leaders still living in Nepal. Sorry guys! I swear if this post will remain for the next 5 years I would love you to recall what i have said. I will have my identity as an American and Bhutanese as my nationality but you will still be fighting for repatriation. It is not I win and you lose game but just remember that you have not only wasted your year but your children will also lose his precious year with no identity of his own till then! And it is you who needs to be blamed because you know it wont happen and you were still adamant and ignorant. I am not against repatriation but I am against those donkeys who think that resettled refugees are not Bhutanese and they are not in the issue anymore. Remember this! Holding a citizenship card and changing my nationality wont make me totally American. For the last 18 years (and ongoing) we have been in the camps and we never lost our identity as Bhutanese, how can you tell that we in 5 years will become American? And above all how can you tell the resettled Bhutanese people to stop talking about Bhutan? To all my beloved brothers and specially Mr. Pema and all of those who carry similar ideology. Just because one has not opted for resettlement or is a staunch repatriation minded person- he is not considered patriotic! Forming small group and going to Phuntsholing for demonstrating are all old tactics. It wont help anymore. If we think that writing in Blast paper or Purba Sandesh or interviewing for Pathibhara FM about the Bhutanese issue will make our cry heard in the world- then we are still the same 20 year old frog in the pond. I think it is time to think more broadly. I just have one thing to say. Unless and untill we make our issue global we can’t help make repatriation a reality. Bhutan GOVT is a bull dog and handful leaders in Nepal can not make repatriation possible unless they get support from the big countries! And I think the resettled refugees and leaders can have a big role to play in this. It is not what I am saying. It is common sense. Just think if you have brains.

  27. The concept of NRB is not going to work until there comes real democracy. Who gonna recognise you guys as NRB ???? Mother India? America? Australia or who else ??? So better work for real democracy if you can or have some caliber. If not give it up !!!!! You are trying to build a 100 storeyed building without a foundation !!!!!!!!!

  28. To Ruben,
    I like the way you proclaimed yourself the rising star of dhakal family member. I personally dont have anything to turn upon you but just the way you praised yourself made me think that you are an immature still(not to mention how irrelevant it is in modern context). stop milking dhakal jee if you are the one that im suspecting. I think you have done enough already.
    just to make you clear I dont belong to bed clan either..

  29. BNS is a reputed institution by now and the only vehicle of communication among the Bhutanese community. It should not be used as a dumping ground by those individuals who are just learning to write. Freedom of expression, when managed unprofessionally kills the very intent of exercising that right.

    Barring a few sensible observations, most are not even comments, they are reactions. Most reactions come not to the issue raised but to the person commenting. Here, the subject is a political party (BNDP) and its agenda (which can be treated as a matter of public domain) not Dr. DNS Dhakal. But the hard reactions come from dhakal fraternity; one has even claimed to be a rising star of dhakal family. They take personal against others who do not worship Dr. Dhakal. So much for the Bhutanese politics and the stake that this family has in this movement.

  30. Chrome: I don’t have to milking any one as you said. I have enough cows in my reservoir
    It is not a question of worshiping Dr Dhakal as a person but worshipping his ideas.
    For the benefit of your doubt; Dr Dhakal has political tentacles around the globes including United States, South Africa, Tunisia, India, Nepal, Cyprus, Bhutan, United Kingdom, UAE, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan and so on.
    Anybody from any parts of the world would write and contribute for the NRB advocacy. Your suspicion of Virtual Ruben impersonating your imaginary figure is your mere hallucination!!!!
    Have Peace!

  31. My Dear BNS friends
    Understand that People with education naturally view Bhutanese issues Vis-à-Vis NRB differently than less educated lot. Our responsibility now is to educate the less-educated one on our cause and Guide them. Educated lot measure risks and strategize differently, they define exile-hood differently, and they have different levels of understanding on this complex issues. That is why I worship NRB ideas.

    When I asked one of the high ranking officials (royal connection) on my Facebook chat; he said refugee issues is a complex geopolitics issue of the entire Himalayan region; HE, however, appreciated the NRB concept floated by Dr DNS Dhakal! It is a win-win.

    The facile assertion by some of you (people like Bed) that the advocacy of NRB cannot go it alone is more a hopeful platitude than a description of reality

    Reality is: if GNH is Bhutan’s soft-power, NRB is refugee’s soft-power. Please analysis it at deeper level (apply to RP Subba daju)

    Thank you

  32. Well, I followed this discussion with great interest and curiosity to know how the intellectuals in exile could contribute for the strengthening of our young and fragile democracy. My observation are as follows:-

    Dr. Dhakal’s idea to consolidate exile movement does not carry any weightage. It has no support from exile and inside. Democracy is already there, political parties are already there to play in the democratic field. Thus BNDP has nothing to do with Bhutan’s democracy.

    Democracy needs long time to become mature and our democracy is not an exception. Thus i found RP Subba’s idea to support either directly (if possible) or indirectly to any existing parties formed in Bhutan is practical and fruitful.

    Resettled Bhutanese are already in the process of becoming other countries citizen. They needs to come to Bhutan to visit family and friends as tourist. In the long term if they showed positive support then they could be allowed as NRB.

    The Dhakal concept of NRB hold no water. Such concept needs to come from Bhutan friendly ex Bhutanese and later extended to others gradually. Thus i feel intectuals like RP Subba and others should start network with such Bhutanese and start building confidence.

    Talking of repatration has slowly become unrealistic.. Dhakal’s effort towards this direction will remains as slogan and dont find good takers among the people.

  33. Sonam:
    NRB is not only for Bhutan friendly people, it is for all Bhutanese in exile. This war will go on on until entire Bhtuanese in exile get justice…..and justice is nothing but NRB status of all exiles.

    You could consider any one as your intellectual…that is your rights and that is your perception. I would consider intellectual if he/she is capable of creating/teachingnews ideas, guiding people all around the world, teaching young minds all the time, have hell lot of techinical knowleges, respected and hired by world bank, ADB, JICA, Harvard, Duke, MIT and the list goes on…….here your RP subba intelectual does not fit any where…whereas Dr Dhakal fits every where. Thus beliving Dr Dhakal ideas worth 100 times than beliving RP Subba ideas

    Nima Tshering

  34. It seems Sonam Kunga is also other name for RP Subba who doesn’t know any person of the camp and the politics besides downgrading our political leaders. Did you see his statement above that he is praising himself besides respecting our leaders??

  35. I know Bhutan is under going democratic pathway. And most of our young and educated population doesn’t support the conspiracy designed by Our fourth monarch (Jigme Singye Wangchuck). We all know the fact about ethnic cleansing in Bhutan, but we could not express it openly here till today.

    So, my points is – we have lots of hope on 5th king if he remain independent and makes his educated decision to accept his citizen with due respect. The problem of refugee should be the responsibility of the then government, but our 4th king didn’t take any responsibility over it. It is very shameful to the idea of GNH.

    Next, we have democratic government and it should not be controlled by monarch and its ideology, rather, should make wise and matured decision to bring our people back to home with respect and dignity. Our government should realize the gravity of these issues in long run, this issue will harm our country’s image and hinder the values of GNH and Buddhism.

    So, I am positive that sooner or later our government would make matured decision to bring our 1/6 population back to home. And we Bhutanese youth should not be shamed to listen and hear sad part of our history.

    Tashi delek!
    peace from Paro Bhutan.

  36. Dear All:
    Thanks for the reactions to BNDP’s press statement. The party will contiue with its responsibility which was entrusted to it by the party commission committte in 1991. Repatration of willing refugees to Bhutan and NRB status of the resettled Bhutanese refugees will continue to be the campaign agenda of BNDP in addition to deepening of democratic reforms inside the country.
    Jai Bhutan
    Dr D.N.S. Dhakal

  37. Dear Dr. Dhakal,
    I hope you grasped some important points from the comments above, of-course some are in favour of your declaration and some are in against, however from my understanding most of diaspora bhutanese are in favour of NRB concepts. But the big question mark is, how could we achieve our goals? could you please explain us your strategic plan, your road map. I am happy to help you and many other would if you produce your concrete plan through various means-cash, moral, physical or intellectual. I hope, soon then later you would share your plan for this praise worthy idea of NRB, if achieved would be win-win solution for both the sides.

  38. Thanks you Dhakalji for opening up a can of worms. You can see who and how many are with you and who and how many are not. You and others can do some statistical analysis. Although the data is small, it still gives you some evidence of where you stand.
    My observations:
    @ Dhakaji
    I have seen some of your personal thoughts, here and there and people commenting on favourably or unfavourably. BNS is an established communication line and therefore why don’t you now and then put down your party’s platform, vision and achievable goals, and what have you really achieved. Rather than one man’s lime light, may be we want to see your whole team’s standpoint. Are your new ideas coming from yourself or from your team or established norms like NRN or NRI? Have you sent questionnaire to get ideas from others or suggestions for your ideas? I am sure you know that many leaders have failed because they have gone, “my way is high way.” Give us a brief history of your party and how you are different and better than others. Tell us why we need so many parties to achieve one goal. Show us some outcomes. You have to show that you have achieved ‘this’ therefore you or your team is moving onto another idea. Or you have failed this therefore you are moving on and it is perfectly fine to fail now and then considering the unknown variables. We readers need some deeper substance and rationale to comprehend your canon as they say in philosophy. Do you have a blog where you debate your or your party’s ideas, thoughts, goals, rationales and so on? May be people need to see it.
    @ The commentators
    ‘Leaders have done many things or they have done nothing’ are the thoughts established in many of the writings of people.
    My observation, and has been of many, is that the leaders had to have their’ status first than the cause of the Bhutanese exodus. Their fights were to beat each other and be a leader at any cost in most cases. I will be unfair if I say all!
    Our issue really was with Bhutanese government or the King. We should have been one with one mission to talk to Bhutan to solve the problem through United Nations and not with India or Nepal or anybody else. A Government never wants to see another Government putting pressure on something that they can handle themselves. It is a myth that India controls Bhutan on Bhutanese Refugee issues. However India can make friendly suggestions or mediate with Bhutan’s agreement to solve the Refugee problem. They could have taken initiatives, but they chose not to.
    My question is why T.Rizal, D. Dhakal, R.K.Dorji, B. Poudyal, B. Rai, Gazmer, Burarthoki, B. Subba, and so many other leaders (?) could not leave the coveted positions, and make one organization to deal with the refugee issues. Some came up as women leaders, some caste (High –Low) leaders. But why? Our issue is not Women, High or Low castes, Ph.D vs illiterate, big mouth vs quiet. Our issue is Refugees and Bhutan Government. We should have had one leader and only one leader for one and only one mission that is to eradicate the Bhutanese Refugees situation in or outside the camp. Take an example from Tibetan unity.
    There should be no Refugees on this planet. This planet belongs to all living and non living things of this planet. All Bhutanese who had to leave the country should settle down as citizens back in Bhutan or elsewhere. That should be our mission. Until everybody is settled and has a passport to travel as a good human being across the world our mission should carry on.
    I am grateful to Nepal for bearing a big burden of keeping the Bhutanese Refugees until now and for some more time. However considering who is a Bhutanese and who is not should lie in the hands of the Bhutanese in the camp and not Nepal. One of the greatest jobs of the leaders could have been to establish all the Bhutanese who had to leave Bhutan as refugees. Not only the fortunate ones who could be enrolled in the camp but also who could not and they should have been documented by the leaders. They should have got the info. by sending people to different gewags in Southern Bhutan to get the records. Today things could have been different for many who are trying for resettlement.
    Some comments are so disgusting that without any evidence making other people non-Bhutanese or economic immigrants to Bhutan. The leaders shouldn’t be sitting quiet on these issues. What is the real situation? They should let us know rather than people making ten million assumptions. Leaders must give the down trodden people a little hope. The gurus of Bhutanese citizenship should recognize that one doesn’t become a Bhutanese by holding 1958 census in BHUTANESE case of course. Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal was a Ralungpa in Tibet and as soon as he came to Bhutan he became a Bhutanese. He did not show his census document, holding land. I don’t think Our King’s fore father’s held any land holding when they arrived in Bhutan. They came to Bhutan and they automatically became Bhutanese.
    As time went by things changed. People of Southern Bhutan came at different times. They were allowed to stay or hold land for almost nothing or little cash. These people became Bhutanese and on top of that they had a general kasho in 1958. The Kings also gave Kashos to their favourite servants, people they liked or in some cases people worked long enough in Bhutan to ask for one and so on. My point is that there is not one way of becoming a citizen of Bhutan. I have seen many Lhotshampas trying to tell that their great great grand fathers and mothers were in Bhutan is a fallacy in itself. If you argue that way then you are giving the Northern or Eastern Bhutanese a license to kill. A CITIZENSHIP IS AQUIRED IN MANY WAYS and in many lengths of times. We don’t need to show which grand father or grand mother was born in Bhutan or you have the 1958 land holding or not. Remember that Bhutan had accepted most of these people as their citizens in many of their censuses. Let us not be kidding that 1987 census is correct and others are not. Dawa Tshering’s ngolop-nepali-economic-immigrant – where did you get such a wonderful designation which I suppose you even don’t understand the premise from which it was derived from. What are the conditions laid and agreed upon by whom to coin such a label. At one point of time you or your fore parents were then the ngolop-xx-economic-immigrant too.

    Question of NRB: Please don’t use this term. Please study the meaning of the term very carefully before you use it in our context. Discuss this term with people who know it and oppose it. The term can be used by Bhutanese people who are in Bhutan and not by Bhutanese who have settled outside Bhutan. Why? If I become a British citizen one day and talking to a main stream British and tell him that I am a Non-Resident-Bhutanese, he will ask me, WHAT? I cannot tell him I am an NRB. I have to tell him I am a British of Bhutanese Origin. People of Bhutanese Origin (PBO) might be a solution. NRB is what the people of Bhutan will call us if one day they recognize us as NRB. Once I am British I cannot be Bhutanese unless I acquire a dual citizenship.

  39. dear readers,

    it is very good that looking at the working principle of BNDP but how much impact it makes inside the dragon country. a party alone cannot do anything. hardly anybody talks of regugees these days.
    bhutan thinks that the refugee problem is over with mind that few elements are lingering around just for criminal activity.
    i wish the BNDP with oher relevant international agencies work hand in hand to put pressure to the govt. of bhutan to solve the problem at the earliest.
    this would enable willing refugees to come to back to their home land with dignity and honour.

    best wishes.

  40. Dear All:
    First of all thank you for taking interest on the issue raised by BNDP. It is important for us to understand that repatriation of willing refugees to Bhutan and recognition of resettled refugees as non-resident Bhutanese (NRB) is a common agenda of all Bhutanese people including those inside the country.
    Everyone within the country, including the King, is aware of the fact that the refugees in exile are genuine Bhutanese citizen and any amicable solution will have to address the issue of resettled refugees who have left behind everything they had earned and inherited in Bhutan. The issue of injustice will always be there unless the country as a whole comes up with a practical solution giving honorable solution to everyone.
    Therefore, the issue of NRB is tied with an amicable resolution of Bhutanese refugee problem and that was the reason why BNDP and DNC have floated the idea. It is not an issue who support and oppose; NRB is not going to be part of any political party. Eventually, the country will have to own it and what we want is that the resettled refugees are part of the Bhutanese diaspora and that has to be recognized by the parliament of Bhutan at the time of resolution of this political problem.
    Very soon we will come up with a mechanism on how to move forward. I know there are differing viewpoints and we may not be able to have everyone on board at least in the beginning. Even if we have a few committed individuals who can accept NRB initiative and start participating in the process that will be a great achievement.
    More important than involvement of the resettled refugees we need to garner sympathy and support of the host government, regional powers and the international community at large to push forward the issue of NRB as a negotiation agenda.
    Please do continue with debate both pros and cons as you see. I would also request those inside the country to think critically what could be a suitable recipe for parito-optimal solution of this complex political problem. You all know very well such issues do not disappear easily. The closest struggle I have seen is of Armenian, and there are other live examples in the list.
    Jai Bhutan
    Dr Dhakal

  41. Respected Dhakal,
    We are really glad to hear the opinion of you and ur party regarding repatriation of refugees…if u success in that matter then it won’t be wrong to call u as second Abraham…but question is that are’t u too late…?Still even in Bhutan there are thousands of Nepali speaking people without Bhutanese identity…who are those…? They are’t Bhutanese…? Even today their case are pending…y? Our thousands of relatives are being seperated due to third country settlement…and I think it might not be like this if Bhutan had introduce repatriation programme earlier. See today, how traggic condition is prevailing in camps…some parents are being seperated from their son & daughter…some are being deprieved of their lovers…some r commiting sucuide…these are nothing just the results of late awakeness of the person like you. Mamy of our people are being the victims of corruption even in camps…some are not getting refugee registration bcoz they cannot pay handsome amount…their resettlement process is slow or pending whose half family are already resettled in thid county…lastly what I want to mention is that Bhutan lost many educated,active and strong manpower through third country resettlement programme…there were many future politicians,specialist,labour and so own within refugee which is backbone of development…but Bhutan sold them in holesale rate…nothing can be worst than this…

  42. Dr Dhakal,
    What ever you are proposing is ignoring others who have put very practical suggestion, either negative or positive.
    You seem to bull doze my friend. I have also read some where that you even don’r share email ID, forget blog.
    You are not touching with other political parties show go want your way…
    What will you do if there is NRB (BNDP and DNC) and NRB (other parties formed), or NRB by the RGOB who live as Bhutanese in USA and other countries? Have you ever get in touch with these people.
    Everyone knows that you have links to other country as academic and not as politicians. You never seem to appreciate other youngster who are from other area and background?
    How stupid is that you talk to BNDP agenda of 20 years and its members then. Do u have guts to show that how many current paid members you have and what is the latest meeting AGM resolution?
    Please Mr Academic, be realistic and learn to work in a team, not on the ghamand of Harvard education.

    In politics there are youngster that will perhaps teach you.
    if you are a genuine leader, why you did not even name one of your opponents and offer the hand of unity. And on top everyone say BNDP is of Bhanus and Chhetris?? Please don’t bring another split in the community. They way you are going there seems to be more than 3 to 4 NRBs and you are to be blamed for initiating another break up while people are settling in west. Keep this comment and lets us see in 10 years
    Be true and genuine if you dare lead or let others do

  43. In the effort to criticizing Dr Dhakal, people like Bed-clan such as Charo will lose sight of the mounting challenge Bhutanese diaspora would be facing, challenge far greater than exile-hood, and that is disappearing Bhutanese identity ( identify crisis). In their nervousness about Dr Dhakal genuine leadership on guiding our cause at Macro-level, they may forget the dangers of an arrogant/uneducated leadership (like Bed-clan) in which non-liberal and non-democratic leaders come to out-weight genuine Bhutanese leaderships in the global completion (handling NRB and GNH hand in hand). In their passion of replicating Nepal- style-ethnic-based politics in Bhutanese diaspora, they (bed, Charo) may lose sight of the other liberal principles that have made Nepali-Bhutanese community what it is today!
    This is a wake-up call for so called educated people in the diaspora! I am one among younger generation Bhutanese , doing careful observation of development happening among Bhutanese diaspora, in Bhutan and at Global level.
    Time has come for us to do advocacy at global level where meritocracy matter. Grassroots politics is applicable only at Village folks. Our future is governed by advocacy with mature political diplomacy!

    Samdrup Tenzin Dorji
    Thimphu, Bhutan

  44. @.Dhakalji and Other Leaders,

    Dhakalji and many other Leaders must be reading the reports, stories and comments written by a variety of individuals to express their experiences and observations. BNS readers have written many comments targeting them positively or negatively. They have asked many questions searching for answers. My earlier comments have implicit or explicit questions. We never get targeted answers from you gentlemen and gentle ladies. Your answer usually is, a sweep under the carpet or a lecture or no answer. I think the leaders should try to answer most of our political questions.
    Why did you really become leaders? Who elected you as leaders? Who selected you as leaders? What were your long term goals? What are your short term goals? What is your political platform? Have you ever debated your ideas and vision with your friends and opponents in public? Do you have a blog in this Date and Age to examine your vision and ideas? Do you ever really go and talk to the grass root level people? Have you ever checked on the missing refugees? Have you ever tried to find out why they did not register as refugees in the camp? May be these people were disallowed by the camp authority at different times (hamro haru authority paya pachi ta bagh bhahi halchha ani ghang ghang gari …… sabai ta hoina) or left out because of their ignorance or fear of authority or something else? Remember many of our people are totally uneducated and have lived in remote areas in Bhutan? Did you really sit down with them, listen to their horrific and sad stories and cry with them? Sometimes Leaders do that. Have you achieved anything significant that came out from your long term and short term planned outcomes? Have you critically examined your outcomes and actions? If you achieved or didn’t achieve your goals, let us know the reasons. General mass might have answers sometimes.
    Many readers including myself are ashamed to call the Southern Bhutanese movements as Democratic movements. We call Mahasur Chhetri movement as a democratic movement. What did he know about democracy in its true sense? He had no clue what he was doing. General mass did not have any clue of what he was doing. Wasn’t he the then P.M’s loyal servant and he thought that he had all the powers to bully the villagers around him and copy cat few things from neighbouring countries about democracy. It was a blunder what he started for himself, his family, friends and few others. I hear that he bullied innocent people with khukuri to show his power. He should have been arrested for that. I think we have to look really deep down ethically to praise to be our hero. The word hero carries a lot of weight.
    J.B. Chettriji, who wanted to become the Teen Sarkhar of Southern Bhutan, almost started his own campaign. Luckily he was stopped on time. If not then he would have brought another disaster. He was another loyal servant of the king. Really???
    Similarly, Rizalji started another one. He thought, he was the most powerful one just because he imprudently THOUGHT that he was the King’s loyal servant. My goodness he literally terrorized officers of the Government and people as he travelled across the country when he was Jr. K4. He used to talk down to people as if there was no one greater than him. For him the same King, JSW was the greatest when he used to get Kedu or Bakshis. He had no clue what was coming even when the axe hit his foot. How much he knew about the democratic philosophy and Human Rights?
    Burathokiji (BPP), who did not have a clue about democracy, at least in the beginning, pulled his gang out of Bhutan and did all the things he did, you know what I mean. And THAT was the greatest blunder that our leader(s) made. They could not have done anything from India. By agreement, any violence coming from India to Bhutan had to be stopped by Indian authority. So why do things from India.
    I really think Rizalji, BPP, may be Gazmere and some other leaders, who ran away from Bhutan should apologize to all the Bhutanese Refugees for (a) taking innocent Bhutanese out of the Bhutanese boundary initially and (b) failing to organize and lead the mass as true and dedicated leaders. They fought themselves vigorously for the CROWN rather than for the cause.
    These leaders had no idea how Bhutan as a whole country and our giant neighbour in the south would react and behave at the southern Bhutanese situation. They didn’t learn from the past history. So sad! If they had stayed in Bhutan to solve the problem, a number of people would have suffered; a few would have died for the cause, but never would have occurred such a big mass misery on people both inside and outside Bhutan. When people are intoxicated by the illusionary power they think they got from the Royals or high level dignitaries, they sometimes become danger to the society or miss lead them dangerously.
    Dakalji- I see your two feet in two boats. Let us come straight. I wonder what thoughtful others would say about my observation. I am saying it after looking at many pages of your Resume. It seems that you are leading a double life – if we succeed politically ‘I will become the Prime Minister of Bhutan,’ if not I will become a professor. You can’t do that.
    If your heart is in academics then get out of our lives as a leader. I salute you on your magnificent academic and professional achievement. Only few can achieve what you have achieved so carry on. Leave us alone. We will always sing songs of your achievements and academic excellence.
    If you want to be a leader then you have to sacrifice. You have to dedicate your life for the cause. As a leader of this nature, you will go through many hardships and also can achieve glory. Your job description will be – bring people together, lead the masses, develop ideas and vision and debate and discuss them, create platforms and get accepted by the mass, preach, negotiate, renegotiate, keep going, get arrested, be jailed, when you are out, keep it going, may be you will die in the process but you will live on like a true democratic leader forever. You will live forever! If you fulfil the vision then you will carry on as our leader at capacity that the mass will decide on. Examples: Mandela. Gandhi, Aung San Suu Kyi and so on. Gandhi could have had great carrier and an academic life if he wanted it but he sacrificed everything and fought for the cause!!
    Many might say that my narration is character assassination. Not at all! Unfortunately, these people have counted me, my family, and many of my relatives and friends in their statistics. Because of their ego and careless planning my relatives spent months and years in jail. Thousands of totally innocent families lost their properties, jobs and had to spend a miserable life in the Refugee camps, other countries and inside Bhutan. They have been using the statistics all the time. Have they represented us well, BOY, I have to say no. A few or many will agree with me. They better start doing something right now than later.
    You might ask me what about Bhutan. Don’t worry about Bhutan. They have put themselves into such a deep and narrow sticky hole that I don’t even know that they will ever come out of it. For a flash gratification of Governmental power, Bhutan went too far. There was no reason for them to be so harsh. They have seen around the world what civil unrest can be. The Southern Bhutan case was basically miner and the King, the Government and the people could have solved the problem super easily. But this is another topic of its own. First we have to keep our HOUSE clean and it has not been so for a long time. Two commenter just above have highlighted a few points similar to this one.
    I hope the comments put forward here open up issues that need to be cleaned out and consequently will allow us to open a new page.

  45. Thank you gentleman for giving your candid viewpoints. We all know how the events unfolded in Bhutan and how the refugee camps in Nepal were established. The kuensels of those days do record what was going on in Bhutan and how the innocent people were made the victim of circumstances.
    There are people from south Bhutan who have raised the voice of unjustice and we know well how they were victimized. It starts with Garjaman Gurung, Masur Chettri, Debi Bhakta Lamitarey before the 1980s, and now many people including Teknath Rizal. History will evaluate their acts and it might be inapproprite for us to make judgement.
    As a Bhutanese ctizen we are concerned for Bhutan and welfare of Bhutanese people. What we believe is that the country will have to solve the problem of Bhutanese refugees giving an amicable solution. In that light only we are floating the idea of NRB, and there could be other better alternative as well. So let us keep on throwing new ideas ..
    Dr Dhakal

  46. NRB, eh!

    Firstly, there is something interesting about the idea of non-resident Bhutanese. I believe that the movement for NRB is to get the government of Bhutan to recognize the Bhutanese refugees as such. Does that not mean that Bhutan will have to declare that all refugees were Bhutanese in the first place, that they were evicted? Will Bhutan do that? Why would Bhutan want to do it now, when the headache is finally being sidelined? To me it looks like the idea is nice and politically very naïve. Not going to happen, no matter how you look at it. If it does happen by some miracle in a decade or two, it makes not an ounce of difference to the common people – it just might pave way for politicians and businessmen in exile to influence national politics in Bhutan. More crooks on the block is all it is going to get for the people of my remote hamlet. So, no thanks. Those who are resettled will be citizens of their new country. They perhaps should be encouraged to practice responsible citizenship instead of being burdened with lovely and naïve ideas.

    Secondly, I came across a website dedicated to this idea:, and noticed a few things. I guess I will share my thoughts.

    1. On the home page, it has photos of RB Basnet, RK Dorji and RK Budathoki as martyrs. With all due respect to Basnet and Dorji, I don’t think people who die of natural causes are considered martyrs. And what about the real martyrs of the Bhutanese struggle? This one is to just annoy the author of the site. ☺

    2. In the NEWS section, almost everything is about is about BNDP. Intentional? There is one article of about three lines that mentions DNC cadres, which interestingly provides an opportunity for Dhakal’s position on repatriation. There are six articles which are completely about BNDP, including one ‘season’s greetings’ from Dr. Dhakal. It is fine, but it tells a story. There is one link titled “Peace Marchers of AMCC” which is empty. That is fine too, but it tells the other side of the story.

    3. It mentions three organizations that are actively operating under the NRB umbrella – BNDP, BRAVVE and BRRRC. For some reason, I smell a fish here. I am happy to be proven wrong. Dr. Dhakal has been running around with this NRB idea for more than a year and all he has is his own party, his sister’s organization and an irrelevant group with him?

    4. In the Movement section, BCDM, spearheaded by Dhakal and his party, is painted in a light tad better than other movements. Some implicit blame is laid on AHURA and DNC for leaving the BCDM and rendering it difficult to function. This is also said of the AMCC: “ The AMCC had deeper interaction with the international NGOs and human rights groups; its support in India was primarily confined to ethnic Nepali groups, namely All Gorkha Students Union and AkhilBharatiyaGorkha League.” This is not entirely true- AMCC had support from organizations stretching from Sikkim to the doors including the Association for the Protection of Democratic Rights. They actually had a fully functional support organization called SOBRE. Supporters included every group from the region except the GNLF of Darjeeling. Some were public, some were not. Anyway, the point is, if we are trying to create a united NRB platform, why pass blame around for things that transpired more than a decade ago?

    5. In the section that talks about the UFD, it says that the BNDP was a founding member. Then a rift between two honchos of DNC leads to the collapse of the UFD and BPP walks away. It says nothing of the BNDP’s role in the whole deal. There may be nothing in there, but one can be curious, right?

    6. There are three nice pictures of our very own Dr. Dhakal – he is agitating in one, he is working on the computer in another and he is pontificating in yet another. It is his website and it is his choice to put what he wants on it. Sadly though, a leader needs to be above and beyond what s/he thinks she deserves. If this thing needs to fly, should not we feel an ownership of it? A Dhakal stamp on every page and every step of it does not really allow space for that.

    7. Overall, this website looks like a reasonably shameless promotion of self and an attempt at a comeback. Probably the concept of NRB is designed to keep the resettled refugees bogged down in the incessant chicanery which our leaders, including Dhakal, have proven to be capable of. Dhakal and his supporters are free to try everything they want to. The rest of the Bhutanese are justifiably wary of this new dedication to another utopia.

    Someone mentioned Dhakal’s political tentacles in many countries of the world. This perhaps is an effort to extend those tentacles to every Bhutanese community organizations being established in resettling countries. It would probably be a cutting-edge political move. Hopefully, more than less people will see through it.

    I will not be responding to posts that call names, that call people God, that worship politicians, extol every word politicians say, or make personal insults in their comments. I also fully respect Dhakal’s right to do as he wants so long as the favor is returned.

  47. Dear Friend:
    Thanks again for the comments. Time will tell whether the headache is gone or would bounce back gain. Our assessment is that issue of injustice will surface again and again unless we address it at the root. It is a fact that JVT had proven over 75% of the refugees in Khudunabari camps were Bhutanese. Third country settlement has not addressed the issue of injustice to them.
    About the website: in this age people have freedom to put in web as they think appropriate. Its usefullness to others is dertermiend by the frequency of visitors. Otherwise too, it could remain as record. So it is Ok to express viewpoints on the electronic page!!
    Jai Bhutan
    Dr Dhakal

  48. Dr. Sahab-
    The headache for the Bhutanese government is sidelined for now. Why would the government want to buckle at this stage and entertain fancy terms like NRB, creating a potential for new problems? That it is a just thing to do has never moved the government of Bhutan. Neither has it moved any politician in power worth his salt.

    The headaches for others, including the refugees, which you seem to imply in your post up here, is a separate question. What capability we have to address it has also been seen in the last 23 years – close to none.

    You have absolute freedom to express what you want to within the law, but sadly, the way you have opined in those pages effectively uninvites some other leaders from being part of this new idea, whether it is good or bad. Hence the skepticism about your sincerity, timing, generosity of spirit and the actual intention behind this shiny new endeavor.

    I am sure you will tolerate me expressing my opinions as well, for the record.

  49. Every efforts made by our leaders in the past, be it AMCC, BCDM, UFD…all of them tried their best. Our leaders had to do those movements under tight scrutiny of our big neighbors. At least they could do that. We must thank Dr Dhakal, TN Rizal ,Ratan Gazmere, Bhumpa Rai, SB Subba, RB Basnet, R.K Dorjee , RK Budhathoki and so on for making our cause heard at international level.
    NRB is a great idea. It will take it own course slowly. Dr Dhakal initiative of NRB is eye opening to those who have understood the complexity of our cause.
    Time has come for the younger generation to understand the gravity of our issue and take a lead role. Our senior leaders are always together on our cause. They are united issue-wise, even though the path of doing advocacy may be different. Please don’t get confused on that. All of them were fighting to solve refugee issue. That itself is a UNITY.
    Go ahead Dr Dhakal with NRB advocacy.

  50. I wanted to be candid but I failed to make you see the reality. By the very fact of you talking about the persons named in my earlier comment and adding Garjaman Gurung to your list of heroes, the meaning of heroes and people champions for you and I are so different, at least for now. Do you really know who Garjaman Gurung is? I sort of grew up with his offsprings or worked or so on and failed to see such humanitarian heroism on G. Gurung. He built his Bahuneye Dhoke mahal (?) on Saureney instead of building a school in my or your village. He could have built a big Mandir that would have served masses of people in their social and religious pursuit. Constructing a big building for himself and doing well for his family I have no problem. That is great achievement for himself and his family. I am happy for them. Historical hero, I don’t think so. They used to be my heroes too but in filmy sense – they were rich, powerful and domineering (this part was awful) and glamorous- and not because they fought for Southern Bhutanese. What can History judge in the absence of facts????? History without facts is called myth. We have to judge these people when we at least know some real facts now. Not twisted history later. I really want to know if Guru Rimpoche flew on a tiger to Tag Tshang rocks. I revere him greatly but he flew, I don’t think so. History????
    @ NRB, are you looking through my eyes or am I looking through your eyes? Whichever way, your points are analytical. We need more of that. When it comes to name calling. If you are talking about some of the names I mentioned then here is my rationale. These are people who are made people champions, heroes and leaders on your behalf, on my behalf or on a large community’s behalf when I know they are not. Dhakalji wants the history to judge them and not us. Why not.

  51. The headache for the Bhutanese government started since the resettlement process began.

    1. Now the voice of Bhutanese Refugee reached around the globe,

    2. Bhutan fails to prove the implication of GNH inside Bhutan, and Bhutanese Refugee around the globe had already prove the conspiracy of GNH.

    3. Bhutanese government who defines happiness in
    “karma”, would eventually failed to illustrate its implication to 1/6 population of refugee.

    4. Educated Bhutanese and international communities already predict how the young generation Bhutanese Refugee would shape Bhutanese global political and economical standers in future.

    5. No one knows, a great political leader may emerge in the blood of resettled Bhutanese. No one know, how much affect and effect would anonymous hacker would create to Bhutan’s technology?

    The more hate and disrespect to these refugee population would certainly be a worst nightmare for Bhutanese government. It is not too late for Bhutanese government and its intellectual to make wise and matured decision
    to resolve its problems and give respect and dignity to its people. Other wise hate will multiply hate, and the Bhutanese government should be responsible for the cause.


  52. Thanks for the reaction! The discussion is good and it is good for the younger generation to think critically what we should be doing to preserve our identity and to address the issue of injustice to resettled people in the most practical way. NRB is a way forward. There could be other options. I would like to learn more balanced viewpoints from those inside the country. We also should be open to suggestions. The suggestion “vanish in the melting pot” is not a solution. We need to come up with a solution that will be mutually beneficial to everyone and benfit to the country in the long-run.
    Jai Bhutan!
    Dr Dhakal

  53. Non-resident Bhutanese and achamva make very insightful comments here. One thing about Dhakal NRB we know from the website is that it is head quartered in a mandhir in a place called dhaijan, charali, jhapa, nepal whaoh!.

  54. Well, BNDP’s defination of non-resident bhutanese is for everyone living outside the country. It could be in India, Nepal or elsewhere. I am a Bhutanese citizen and I could have my voice as a non-resident Bhutanese since I am living outside the country. Today the address is in the mandir; tomorrow it could be in Jaigoan, depending upon where I move. The webpage is maintianed by an individual not by any organization. Jai Bhutan! Dr Dhakal

  55. I think there should be a limit to personal interest. Look how you have defined a community issue to suit your pocket NRB. Some people even say that the mandir stands on your land and you are collecting money from resettled Bhutanese to complete its construction. Dr. Sahib, are you a Nepalese citizen too?

    This is how you have defined NRB – “Well, BNDP’s defination of non-resident bhutanese is for everyone living outside the country. It could be in India, Nepal or elsewhere. I am a Bhutanese citizen and I could have my voice as a non-resident Bhutanese since I am living outside the country. Today the address is in the mandir; tomorrow it could be in Jaigoan, depending upon where I move. The webpage is maintianed by an individual not by any organization. Jai Bhutan! Dr Dhakal”

  56. Well, NRB means every Bhutanese citizen living outside the country. They could be in Jaigoan, Jhapa or elsewhere in the world. BNDP considers resettled Bhutanese refugees under the third country resettlement program as non-resident Bhutanese. Jai Bhutan!

  57. Dr. Dhakal still thinks he is the wisest of all the exiled leaders but the logic goes like this: We the Bhutanese accept our so called leaders fool and dumb. Now, Dr. Dhakal thinks that he is the best among all the so called leaders. This proves that he is no more a wise guy rather than a leader of the dumb headed guys. Yes, Dhakal has the right to get a citizenship of Nepal but in my opinion, he should admit that he is a Nepalese citizen and work in favor of NRB. At this point, we the resettled Bhutanese will also say that we become citizens of the respective resettlement countries and we want NRB. Dr. Dhakal should understand that there are youths and future generation who are more smarter than many of us. Have you any one noticed Dr. Dhakal talking about the youths, education and the ideas? He is ignorant because he never had felt the difficulties in obtaining education in his life. There is a large gap between his education system and the exiled Bhutanese education. Dr. Dhakal was was funded for his education by the Govt of Bhutan where as exiled made by themselves. The exiled educated know the hardship of balancing education and the everyday living expanses . Great youths and smart children are growing with great minds to respect the collective ideas to advocate the need of time for people of Bhutan. But, we respect your education!!!

  58. I think we got to have NRB head office in Nepal, sub-offices in US, Australia and Europe. Please start working on this module. Even if some of the folks does not want to get involve, that is fine. There are many who are interested as NRB is the one and only the best last resort to retain Bhutanese identity

  59. Namaste Everyone,
    Lot of comments but few with the idea. If the commenters have really meant NRB, let me put few things for you all to ponder upon.
    1.First of all, DO WE ALL WANT BHUTAN TO RECOGNIZE US AS CITIZENS ???. I guess all of us want that to happen. If so, there is a real need to work on this agenda first. Unless Bhutan accepts the fact that the refugees from Bhutan were generated as a result of the bad policies, nothing is going to happen anytime in future in refugees favor. Everything including open communication with friends and families inside Bhutan will remain a day –dream forever.
    2.Second, all political parties and human rights organizations formed so far for any reason (meant for Bhutan) should declare their stance on the developed situation after resettlement. All of their proposed ideas and interests have been nullified by developed scenario. If they in real sense want to contribute to fight for injustice (Bhutan got democracy and human rights situation is improving gradually), they should be obligated to have their final say. If not, they should formally declare the non-existence status and the leaders should make an honorable exit from the issue. This will keep them away from any blame game and if they desire can join other believers of “ justice shall prevail” group in future.
    3.Are the resettled folks ready to embrace the political parties from within Bhutan and support their agendas should they desire to address the refugee issue to end the conflict forever? Or are we still expecting TN, DNS, Balaram, Penjore , Sangpang, etc. to talk on our behalf? We all need to have a clear answer to this question. And if the Bhutanese political parties in exile feel that they are in existence, they should find ways to register in the Election Commission in Thimphu to prove that they are meant to do Bhutanese politics. If they can`t do it, declare it dissolved and make an honorable exit. Pave a way to new ideas. In next few years, resettled folks will vote for their parties in country of their resettlement. We won`t need athose who could not bring any changes in our lives.
    4.Next, if we are interested in Bhutan and Bhutanese issue, it could be approached in two ways; politically and socially. Agendas like NRB should be tried on social front. Politicizing this agenda will yield nothing but distress. If Dr. Dhakal wants to live by this agenda, it would be more convincing to me if he could leave his highly criticized political party and lead this agenda in social context. I can see only a single option if he desires to lead politically and that is to register BNDP in EC (which is at horizon at this moment). So, in my opinion, NRB must be an apolitical agenda.
    5.NRB has been a topic of discussion for 4 yrs or so. In this period, I just saw two news articles on BNS and nothing more has happened. If BNDP has set this goal, readers would also like to know the plan in detail. If the plan look feasible, you may have followers otherwise it will have the same fate like repatriation.
    6.It is good to see Dr. Dhakal trying to evolve with some ideas rather then choosing luxurious life like TN but it would be equally important for him to realize that he and his party was grossly mislead by the fact that he considered BNDP as having educated cadres and others meant nothing. If BNDP or Dr. Dhakal can come out of nepotism, party undesirable pride and family prejudice, and tries to consolidate people who keep interest in Bhutan apolitically, I could at this moment say “ I can see a silver lining behind the dark clouds”.

    May God Bless Bhutan !

  60. It looks Dr Dhakal never wants to get intentionally and fool all of us.
    For god shake how on earth he defines us as NRB. The true meaning of NRB is that the country of origin (Bhutan) need to recognize. The fundamental is that it is not going to happen any time in 10 years. What sort of ghamand, murkha and akkoro logic goes on your head Dr Dhakal??? just get it this that your personalized website and couple of relatives are not entire Bhutanese population that you have ticket to act on. Before you even think of acting on others behalf, can you justify your party’s agenda, policy, AGM, paid members, currently year by year?? No… so don’t fool us… you look no different than any of those murkha Dzongdas in 1980s man!! Please learn to bow in the language you write.

    Can you show one authentic document that you have mandate to act on NRB other than your circle. Your never acknowledge other leaders.. this is where you fail….and you will fail…

    If you were a true leader and have slightest of concern about the Bhutanese, what have you to done to the suicide cases in US?? Did u participate in the recent teleconference?? What is your touch to the community at grassroots??
    Mr Dhakal, don’t be stupid with the one way traffic that you think and dream is the vision for resettled Bhutanese ??/ have you answered to any of the specific questions??? have you ever thought that BNDP has no current authentic stand as per international norms of the political parties. If you dare put all your annual members, records and minutes in your website. Don’t dance with a photos of 20 years. Everyone has history and there are more people who have suffered, in the the name of intellectuals that you have you have corrupted the community by favoring and nepotism. Imagine one minute if there was no resettlement…all your family would have been the richest to buy us in nepal.. thank god this did not happen and people are at par with you…
    Your really don’t get it… just define correctly NRB.. there is no meaning without Bhutan accepting, and you fool us round and round… perhaps, take a break like Bhim Subba and let others do the leadership… just get your head on key points and legitamise BNDP before jumping on bottom less hole..
    Sorry, I need to write this by seeing his petty reply to points that he feels comfortable to react…

  61. Thanks for the reflection. It is getting into the crux of the issue that is justice to the victims of southern Bhutan problem.
    I have no doubt in my mind that every body is concerned about it and toeing ideas on how to make contribution in resolving this problem amicably.
    I truly believe that well organized NRB would be an asset to the country. The dispersed Bhutanese population, particulalry the second generation, could be technology savy, would have access to financial resources and well informed. We should all encourage our people to organize themselves as NRB at global level though they are already doing at country or state level.
    BNDP is not trying to take any milage by raising this issue, nor would it like to take leadership of NRB. As a party we will go back to the country at appropriate time and try to register with the election commission and fight election. But our agenda in the election will continue to be recognition of resettled refugees as NRB and other issues on inclusive democracy, human rights and economic development.
    Sure enough I would do well as a professional and my opportuntiy cost of being in activism is too big. But what I am observing in South Asia is that there is a need to involve professionals in politics if we want the politics to work well. Though there are obstacles and discouraging remarks from all sides I am committed to continue working in Bhutanese politics until an amicable solution is found on the Lhotsampa problem. Jai Bhutan!

  62. Reply to BED and Rimpoche

    1.Paid cadres in the political party happen in North Korea or Nepali Maoist. Democratic Party like BNDP , I think is guided by ideas and vision and NOT with money.
    2.Dissolving exile political parties means accepting defeat from injustice! It is in fact Bhutan’s current agenda. Any exile parties including BNDP should not pay homage of 25 years struggle fighting for injustice simply because some of the anonemous resettled folks pessimistic comments to dissolve it. That is suicidal game.
    3.Blaming only DHAKAL’s extended family members coming to US prior to resettlement is a bias statement and jealousy! How about Rakesh Chhetri, RP Subba, SK Pradhan, Om Dhungel, Bhim Subba, Hari Acharya, Durga Giri, all YOB leaders, Purna Chhetri, DP Basnet, Biswanath Chhetri, Jiwan Subba, Narayan Katel, Devi Katel and 100 more? Do you have any to say to these people????
    4.All pessimistic people like BED or RIMPOCHE will die 100 times before their actual death.
    5.People like BED and RIMPOCHE will NOT be respected by the younger generation because educated younger generation would respect meritrocracy, ideas and visions

    Tshering Zimba
    Thimphu Bhutan

  63. Dr Dhakal…Please stop commenting in this forum. This anonemous guys are no worth discussing all these important issues. These are people ran away from the problem and now vocal criticising you and other leaders. Please organize NRB team in KTM first. There are enough leaders in Nepal such as SB Subba, Dr Rai, Mr Poudel, TN RIzal, Karma and others. This is a nice team to start with. It will have snow-balling impact soon.

    God Bless NRBs!

  64. Why NRB is necessary and who should involve?
    A formal establishment of NRB from exile would establish more legitimacy to talk with both ruling group and international actors. Exile leaders need to work in this direction. Establish office in Nepal first, as it is a Bhutan’s 3rd country not sharing border.
    Anybody feeling love and attachment towards Bhutan should involve in it. NRB should be a platform to guide Bhutan by remaining in exile.
    Ruling group in Bhutan has understood the importance of NRB and its importance in the long run. Only right people should lead it.
    People would judge other by their TRACK-RECORDS: in terms of advocacy, politics, education, professionalism etc Dr DNS Dhakal , Rathan Gazmere are the best Bhutanese leaders
    Negative commentators who often hide their identity are opportunist! None of this Anti-NRB gang would deliver solution to our cause. They are not our hope. They are in fact trying to establish wrong precedence. If they don’t respect senior leaders like Dr Dhakal or Mr Gazmere, they are by no means would be respected by their younger generation. There is a silver lining though. These negative commentators will become old without becoming rich. Meaning they will die without knowing complexity of our cause. By that time, younger generation would shoulder the responsibilities left by Dr Dhakal or Mr Gazmere

    God Bless NRB!
    Kunzang sherpa
    Samchi Bhutan

  65. Dear Kunjang:
    Your suggestions are great. We will move forward keeping in mind the importance of NRB for Bhutan and the amicable solution of the protracted refugee problem. We shall duly consult concerned people in Nepal, India and elsewhere in the world. Your suggestions from inside the country will be always useful.
    We will not like to politicize NRB; it should be the institution owned ultimately by Bhutan. It will have some teething problem becasue of myopic perspective by some individuals both within and outside the country. I know many of them writing negative remarks for the sake of doing, and we cannot really enter into conversation in emails.
    I am certain that they will all appreciate once they see the road map of the future. So let us move forward with NRB first, and we will do in the days to come. Jai Bhutan!

  66. Hello Readers and Dhakalji,
    We are so good at taking other people’s ideas and writing it down without any acknowledgement. I must have done the same without realizing it or not having read many articles or comments written by others. My ideas could have demonstrated similarities with theirs without acknowledgement. If that has happened then I would like to apologize sincerely. Nonetheless I can say one thing that if our ideas are similar then there must be some good reasons in that and people should look at them carefully.

    It is ironic to see that some of our leaders want refugees to stay put at the refugee camps but, as claimed by many, they have shipped their own household to the western world. We can strongly accuse them of hypocrisy only if they shipped their own spouses and children. The other relatives can go anywhere they wished to go. We cannot attach them to the leaders after they are of age, 18 or older. They have their own rights to do so. Let us not taunt them.

    The other leaders who left for the western world, I have some problem with that. I think they should have stayed back until every refugee (of course in a broad sense) was settled through repatriation, third country settlement or current host country settlement. Some of them ruined our lives. Some people love R. Gazmere dearly. Ya, as an individual I love him too. As a political personality, give me a break, he is one of the front runners who ruined the lives of thousands of Southern Bhutanese when his pen started scribbling slogans without understanding any of the country’s political ethos. He had no clue whatsoever about Bhutanese or neighbouring politics. We deserve a public apology from many of these leaders for screwing up the lives of so many. Leaders are not committing suicide currently but innocent people are. Who is in more pain now? Are they or the innocent people???
    By the way do you know what is happening to the captain of the Italian sunken ship? The captain is being tried in the court for man-slaughter for abandoning the sinking ship before the guests and his crew were rescued.

    These so called leaders abandoned so many innocent people.

    Dhakalji, Raiji, Paudyelji, Subbaji and so on. Let the people go. If you can, make comfortable way out for them. Don’t stop them for individual benefits. If they want to resettle they should be allowed and encouraged. By dividing yourselves and leading different parties you have failed in last 20 plus years. I want to say again our issue was Bhutan but you fought yourselves for your egos. Let them go freely now, they deserve it.

    Here is the issue for me with your mind Dhakalji. For you some of us are myopic which really means bigoted, narrow minded, intolerant and so forth. That is your word myopic, not mine. You really don’t give credence to your opponents, do you. Is it really, “my way is high way” for you as some people have implicitly mentioned. And there is the other worthy commentator, Rimpoche Kunzang Sherpa who agrees with you and you bow to him but others, myopic!

    Kunzangji, you tell others that they hide their identity and yours is open. Wow! Bhutan is quite democratic now. You can openly criticize your own country living in Samchi, I thought the spelling was Dzonkhanized, Samtse, isn’t it? That is a great democratic achievement. Congratulation! However, you might have to grow up a little bit and understand what you are saying, your leaders are saying and meaning of key concepts you talk about and what they are talking about before riding the band wagon. Your comments have educated me a little more and they are valuable. Your comments are your personal thoughts and it is alright but don’t try to drill into everyone the so called NRB concept without comprehending the genesis of it.
    By the way many comments we have read talks about young generation are becoming intellectuals and the older ones are becoming ‘worthless’ and whatever… whatever. You need to cut your umbilical cord and grow up a little. It is not old generation vs new generation. It is right vs wrong. It is knowledge and wisdom vs ignorance. The old generation always wanted the young generation to be educated and become wise and fight for the right and defeat the wrong and not fight their own uneducated parents and elders. Without them you cannot even feel about Bhutan. Through them learn the truth about Bhutan, issues and move ahead.

    Dakalji, I am really looking for a definition of NRB and a rationale for it to be the platform of Resettled Bhutanese. Why is it needed? Please remember what I said (and many others might have the same question) earlier – in ten years most resettled Bhutanese will become the nationals of the new country. Legally they cannot be called Bhutanese anymore. They are American, British, Australian, Canadian, and Indian and so on. They can be called, for example, American citizen of Bhutanese origin and American citizen of Nepali Heritage.
    Please think hard and keep in mind everyone’s IDEAS and write an exposé or editorial about NRB. Please do not give us shallow emotional lines. (If I support your idea I become Rimpoche and if I don’t support your idea then I become myopic.) For individual commentator, it might be ok but for a leader to make shallow comments, it does not go well.

  67. Tshering Zimba : Reply to Bed and Rimpoche

    Tshering Zimba,
    No wonder you are the alias of Dr Dhakal.
    Just have a look how Dr Dhakal is responding… dear….. for those who support his stupidity….. and sarcastic… answer to who oppose him without even salutation… this is where is fails and will fail and have failed…
    Your guts and transparency are clear as you could never answer the key questions:
    Where is the agenda of your BNDP with AGM and resolution for last 10 years?
    Mind your supporters that political party in democracy pay membership fee by choice and in communist country by force.
    Feel sorry with some of your chamchas comment and knowledge that if you have to pay the fee for political party only if you are from North Korea. I wonder where did u get the education on this from. Is it BNDP school of thought from Dhakal and gang that political party membership is paid in communist country only… shame on the ignorance….

    Dr Dhakal:
    you are running loose for and avoiding for

  68. Dear Editors,
    I think you are having a hard time in publishing my comments. I understand it. It is tough for some of you to publish some of the comments or write ups because many of you might be related to the leaders as kin or contemporaries or close friends. I fully understand the situation, however on the other hand you have volunteered to take up such a crucial and noteworthy responsibility of communicating people’s ideas, thinking, honest stories, opinions, debatable issues and a variety of experiences to the Diaspora. Not everyone goes into journalism. This profession needs a lot of courage and honesty and not all humans have that. You have engaged in this task, I congratulate you for doing it.
    You must be thinking why I am bringing up these issues is that the so called leaders of initial times have committed major crimes against Lhotshampas of Bhutan and they have never apologized to the mass of their mistakes. May be you know it already of the issues I am talking about or you don’t. In initiating an event of such magnitude, they ever never thought of what would happen to the mass as a result of their egoistic enterprise. They never did any study or consultation with the general mass, and to make it worst these people had no knowledge of Bhutanese political ethos. They created a rusty situation and fled the country leaving the mass to pay the price. And in months the Southern Bhutanese started to pay the price. We were at the mercy of double bladed sword. On one hand it was terror from outside threatening us to join the group or pay ransom or lose lives on the other hand wrath of the army.
    As a result of their enterprise hundreds and thousands of us went to jail, looked down upon, suppressed, lost all the property and dignity, scattered like the seeds across the world now separated from family and friends. Wherever we are now, doesn’t matter, we are still going through trauma and it will last for a long time. And another leader bringing out another concept -NRB –without mass debate is another enterprise.
    Anyway, my babbling here might not change anything now but as time passes through the truth will flow through your medium or some other. Our views will come out from me or others who understand the whole gamut of our issues from the very beginning.
    Leaders of the later times of course cannot be blamed for those blunders committed by egocentric personalities in the initial stages; however we should not let these fellows run away with phony ideas without debate.
    Thank you for reading it.
    With best wishes

  69. Dr DNS Dhakal, No Funny Stories again please.
    By this time you should know that Nepali origin people of Bhutan are failure.esp.aryan orgin people, you should know that Dukpa’s (mogoliod origin) are much more ahead of you. it time to give up Boss..~~~

  70. Hello Tej Bdr,
    You cannot make a statement that doesn’t hold water. If you believe that justify it. Your statement is a straight forward racist comment. What if one day your daughter married a Bahun guy? What would you say to your daughter or to your grand children? Whoever you are, I respect you as a human being but your statement is unfortunately inhuman. I think you should apologize to the people you have hurt.

  71. In the above comment, I meant to add but missed out what RP Subba said in one of his comments:

    “Freedom of expression comes with responsibility and demands civility.”

    It is worth keeping in mind.