BNDP calls for reconciliation


Jhapa, Feb.10: Bhutan National Democratic Party has called for fresh movement to make a path clear for national reconciliation and repatriation of exiled Bhutanese.
On the occassion of its 18th foundation day, on 7th February, BNDP set 2010 as the year of consolidating Bhutanese political movement.
‘Given the undercurrent of political frustration of the people inside the country under the so called democratic governance and the state of anxiety among a section of the Bhutanese refugees who are waiting in the camps for repatriation to Bhutan, BNDP has decided to work towards consolidation of the political movement and re-launching of the Satyagrah Movement which was undertaken earlier by the elderly people with the objective of national reconciliation and repatriation’, reads its press realese signed by the party’s Executive Chief ,Dr. DNS Dhakal.
The party has also said that the basis of the national reconciliation could be genuine political reforms in the system of governance, repatriation of willing refugees and restitution of their properties in Bhutan, and the issue of non-resident Bhutanese (NRB) especially those who have gone or would go abroad under third country resettlement program.
Since its formation in 1992, BNDP claims to have been lobbying  for  a durable solution to the refugee problem and genuine political reform in Bhutan.