BMSC dissolved


In a joint press release issued by Bhutan People’s Part (BPP),Bhutanese Refugee Representative Repatriation Committee(BRRRC), Druk National Congress (Democratic) and Bhutan Gorkha Natipnal Liberation Front(BGNF) signed by the head and officiating head of these organizations on 13th June 2012, it is announced that Bhutanese Movement Steering Committee has been dissolved henceforth.

Tek Nath Rizal

The press release states the failure of Chairman Tek Nath Rizal to conduct appropriately for the advancement of BMSC program as the chief reason to dissolve it.

The press release reads, ‘the BMSC deliberately failed to discharge its responsibility, thereby failing in the duties of chairman as the highest responsible portfolio of Bhutanese movement.’

The joint press release also states the single-mindedness attitude, non-transparent financial gains and misuse of BMSC portfolio to have such gains by the chairman. He is alleged of not consulting matters with the committee members and thus many of them have diverged with disappointment.

However, Rizal has taken the action of dissolution to be an attempt to denigrate his image. He comments, “In fact, BMSC has turned out to be less meaningful when majority of the refugees and the leaders opted to resettle. But this will not lessen my commitment for the cause of human rights and democracy in Bhutan.”

Similarly, BRRRC chairman, Dr.Bhampa Rai alleged the signature of his done without his physical presence in the joint sitting.


  1. Shame on you so called leaders… Ur actions reflects ur poor visions. Stop calling yourself as a leaders as u deserve nothing. Better you choose third country resettlement and start wiping somebody’s bum to make ur living as u deserve this ! At least poor Bhutanese will get rid of u bloody hell.

  2. When will the next generation of leaders be born? I think when the next generation of leaders start laughing very loudly at the present ones and say you don’t realize that you do not have the ability to do anything- not even joke about your misfortunes as leaders. Then perhaps..

  3. This is not a good news for Bhutanese movement. I wonder why there is a make and break of organizations not once or twice but always. We (ordinary Bhutanese) worshipped leaders but the leaders never realized and acted according to our prayers. Individually or as a group they started fighting themselves and let their egos rule them. Some of them even got involved in selling out the refugee status to local nepalis with a greed of earning big sum of money. This is ridiculous.
    At this hour I appeal to all Bhutanese leaders to rise above their vested political interest (either individual or as a group ) and think for the wefare and broader interest of general Bhutanese people. Keep aside your egos and your personal agenda within yourself and start working for a mutually agreeable solutions.This is the only option left for you so called leaders before every single Bhutanese start ignoring you sooner or latter.
    Signature stolen?/ duplicated? not a good practice . Change yourself to change the world.

    God Bless

  4. Tek Nath was never a refugee and a bhutanese. His fighting for Human Rights for our people could carry two meanings. Either he wants some benefits like financial help for himself or he wants to be famous with a fake identity.

  5. New generation is gaining and developing far more better, and applicable leadership potentialities in these Western countries. Our old generation Leaders, your move was right but your vision was poor.

    So, it would be appreciated if you all Old generation Leaders would agree that- the one to advocate and march for human rights for the Bhutanese in exile and those inside the country is under development in United State and other Western world.

    For sure, our educated and well trained young generation Bhutanese in Western countries would make our mission happen!!!! Long live the human right movement!

  6. This is good. We shouldn’t put our useless effort when it seems impossible to lift the load placing Fulcrum near to us. It’s to put the fulcrum near the load and effort from long distance. So, load can be lifted easily.
    We need new style of applications in Bhutan’s political technology, so, everyone can make effort to buy it, access it and take real favor of political technology.
    Next thing is- Tower /artificial satellite has to be placed in different location. So, out political technology will catch the network and everyone will be communicating in political language hello & Hi across the world for Bhutan’s Political- Technological strategies.

  7. This is not a ideal step getting divided among leader in exile who could only be counted in our fingers at the present situation. There must be some divide and rule strategy played by some oppurtunist. Those who took this decision are no better than TN Rijal in movement.
    Or it will show us what they come with thier future plan.

    If these leaders really want to show us some good, one of them would be if they can register their Political Party in the upcoming election in Bhutan in 2013.
    Will be able to do that and speak the voice of the voiceless inside Bhutan?

  8. Teknathji,
    You said: BMSC turn out less meaningful, when majority of refugees opted for 3rd country resettlement. Dissolution of BMSC will not lessen my commitment for the cause of human rights and democracy in Bhutan.
    In fact BMSC was never meaningful as you misused it in the name of movement and suited best as your source of personal income, as its chairman. Your receiving of NRs 36,00,000 as BMSC chairman is one drop of information leaked by the media and rest of the dollars you got from overseas has never been accounted for.
    How could you blame resettlement program as the cause of weakening BMSC when you never performed any job in your capacity as chairman except extracting resources for your own benefit?? Where ever the refugees are resettled, they have continued to support the movement by representing mass in campaign and advocacy about which I need not be explicit as internet and BNS stands the witness. Don’t you understand that our Bhutanese refugees resettled in different countries are never failing to represent in different platforms to voice against Bhutan’s regime? If, one has dedication and commitments, interest for money making is never a mission of a leader. It is not you, but the cadres around you should be raising funds for the movement, but you never wanted them to be exposed to Nepal government or any such organizations or individuals who wished to contribute for our movement. You always wanted that you should be in the forefront and concealed your subordinate leaders with your sweet words of shrewd approaches.
    Your word, dissolution of BMSC will not lessen my commitment. Ha ha! Please refrain from speaking without any perceptions. You are making yourself a joker.
    Do you recollect 17th December 1999. When you were released from jail, you promised your Chamgang inmates, “I will work for your release within six month counting from today”. You recall the day you gave speech to the refugees of Timai camp, “I wiIl return all of you back to Bhutan within six months”. Where are those promises and assurances?
    In 2006 senior refugee leaders were called for a meeting in Atidi Sadhan at Birtamod. At that time you made them sign as your supporting force by using the fist powers of refugee youths. You recall submitting a budget of Rs 48,00,000 to Nepal government against which you received Rs.36,00,000 for the Bhutanese movement. Don’t expect the balance of Rs.12,00,000 will be paid to you. Since you exposed everything to the media, the balance amount may not be paid to you now.
    It is easy to speak mouthing words of your likes, but it is difficult to put words into action. So better you don’t speak without analysis or having consent from your internal mind. Your mind is thus the witness between you and your corruptive mission.
    There is still chance to lead the vulnerable refugees. They still have faith in leaders and anticipate leading them for a dignified repatriation.
    Lastly, I suggest that all the viewers commenting on this article are requested to be impartial, because the work for changing the system in Bhutan is an equal responsible of every Bhutanese, not only for leader. Throw light along with wisdom to achieve everlasting benefit of the Bhutanese people. Let us not show our anger while expressing our thoughts. Let the living and coming leaders learn from our expression. “WE WANT DEMOCRACY & HUMAN RIGHTS IN BHUTAN”.
    By Tony Brown