BMS mobilizes donations for Beldangi-II fire victims


Bhutan Media Society (BMS) distributed Rs 113,643 that the society collected through online donation drive for recent victims of Beldangi-II, Tuesday.

Involving the camp management committee of Beldangi, BMS provided a cash support of Rs 1800 each for 63 households displaced by a massive fire in December.

Speaking at the distribution program, Camp Secretary Sanchahang Subba lauded the initiative to sympathize fire victims. “The camp management committee is thankful to the Bhutan Media Society for supporting the fire victims,” Subba said.

Involving the Punya Foundation, the Society collected the funds for the fire victims in December – January.

Two community organizations, Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands (BCN) and Bhutanese Welfare Association (BWA) in the United Kingdom, six resettled Bhutanese and two American citizens donated funds for the fire victims.

The donations included USD 500 (William Gillett), USD 20 (Dil Mishra), USD 25 (Ratna Subba), USD 10 (Dhananjayah Khatiwada), USD 50 (Julia Freeman-Woolpert), AUD 25 (Tulsi Upreti), USD 100 (Parsuram Sharma-Luitel) and AUD 21 (Tal Rai).

Similarly, organizational donations included 303.05 Euros from BCN and USD 250 from BWA.