BMS distributes Rs 1 m plus for fire victims; thanks all donors as it makes historic collection


Bhutan Media Society (BMS) said it distributed Rs 1,162,676 (equivalent US $ 16,610) that it collected through the online donation drive to fire victims of Goldhap and Sanischare refugee camps of Jhapa and Morang districts.

Of this, Goldhap camp received Rs 788,040 and those of Sanischare camp Rs 349,860.(Camp-wise figure)

BMS volunteers cross check names of fire victims in Goldhap camps

Distributed in three different phases in Goldhap, Sanischare and Beldangi-II (for those shifted from Goldhap), the program was channelized through camp based organizations, camp management committee and volunteers of Caritas Nepal funded Youth Friendly Center and BRAIN (Bhutanese Refugees Association of Intellectual Novas) on May 10 -13. Basudev Khanal and Roshan Shanker of the BRAIN accompanied the BMS team throughout the distribution period.

During the course of distribution, 1424 children received Rs 240 and 2959 adult refugees got Rs 260 on individual basis, according to BMS coordinator Jeetan Subba. Refugees of Goldhap camp received Rs 788,040 and those of Sanischare camp Rs 349,860. (Download distribution criteria)

The donation from the Association of Bhutanese in Norway, the highest contribution the society received went to 676 children. Altogether, 4383 affected refugees belonging to fire-gutted 751 huts in two UN-monitored camps received the contribution in presence of government representatives and officials of various aid agencies including the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).

Fire victims of Sanischare camp during the briefing session

Besides the contribution from resettled Bhutanese and their community organisations, BMS also distributed contribution made by non-resident Nepalis from Australia and other Australian well wishers, the drive being initiated by Parsuram Sharma Luital and his team. Altogether, Sharma’s team was able to raise Rs 256,718 (equivalent AUD 3334) for the fire victims.

Sharma also contributed AUD 200 to the Society for mobilization of the funds and even made arrangement to transfer all funds collected by BMS from across the globe and Australia to Nepal free of cost.

UNHCR Field Assistant, Camp Supervisor and BRAIN volunteer listen to BNS correspondent Tilak Niraula (From R-L) in Goldhap.

According to the Society’s Manager Vidhyapati Mishra, who led the distribution team, fire-victimized refugees were really grateful for everyone who decided to extend the helping hand.

“The response from the community was enormous. They have felt that they are still taken care by their fellow-countrymen,” said Mishra adding, “The donation also went to a four-member Nepali family affected by the fire mishap.”

Meanwhile, speaking at a program in Goldhap, Camp Supervisor of the Refugee Coordination Unit under the Ministry of Home Affairs Pashupati Niraula lauded the inititative and expressed gratitude for all donors including the non-resident Nepalis.

“The government likes to thank everyone supporting fire victims of Goldhap and Sanischare camps,” Niraula said.

The BMS further said that donation from community organisations was highly appreciating.

According to Manager Mishra, the Association of Nepali Speaking Bhutanese in Denmark donated US $ 1965 following by Bhutanese Community Resource Center, USA (US $ 1493).

BMS and community volunteers pose for a group photo after fund distribution in Goldhap camp

Other organizations included Bhutanese Community of California (US $1116), Bhutanese Community in Melbourne (AU $1015), Bhutanese Society of Kentucky, (US $ 806), and Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands (510 Euros) among others.(Download donations from other community organizations)

Several individuals also participated in the donation drive, promoted by the Bhutan News Service, contributing amounts ranging from US $ 10 to 100, and that their total donation amounted US $ 812.

“Bhutan Media Society shall remain ever thankful for everyone who provided a medium to make the donation reached to every victim of both the camps,” Manager Mishra added.

BMS, a platform of refugee journalists, has been involved in a series of community works since 2004 and doing similar donation drives during in various instances in coordination with the Bhutan News Service.

(With inputs from Tilak Niraula, Lakpa Tamang, Khem Dahal and Tulsi Upreti from camps)


  1. I congratulate all of those who played a role in donating, collecting and distributing the donations to the victim families in the refugee camps in Nepal, especially, the Manager of Bhutan Media Society, Mr. Vidhyapati Mishra.

    All of you are “Real Heroes”, and I salute all of you for your great efforts.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Massachusetts, USA

  2. Great work. BMS has done most praiseworthy and unparalleled work in our whole 20 years period. The manner BMS distributed the donated cash shows how sincere and transparent they are. Keep up your great work BMS team.

    Ram Karki
    The Hague, Netherlands.

  3. Friends at BMS,

    Your works need to teach several including so-called organisations (OBCA, ABA, etc) and those who did similar donations (AHURA, etc). Can Ratan Gazmere show us all papers like what BMS has done?

    Congratulations !

    Manoj Chhetri

  4. Hipp ! hipp ! hurrah ! BMS.Thank you very much Bhutan Media Society for your enrollment in collecting donations through online transaction from various corners of the globe successfully. Nonetheless, I too would like to thank all my friends with status as the resettled Bhutanese in core countries of resettlement for extending their helping hands to those fire victims of both camps subsequently. Obviously,this financial assistance could be reliefs to some-extent for all those affected by the calamity.

    Gurung Hem Kumar.

  5. Hi BMS team and other thosee who joined hand to hand to support the fire victims in the camps you all have done the great work for that i would like to give you all congratulation.This is very much positive to all of us.

    Purna Dahal

  6. This is one of the best work the community was able to do and please keep up the spirit of giving for the right cause. I would also like to congratulate and thank the volunteers who contributed their time and helped set up things in the ground. Efforts like this are instrumental in community building and we should always be prepared to help each other in need.

  7. It was very special to be able to witness the efforts made by the joined BMS, Caritas-YFC and BRAIN team. It was also very shocking to see the devastation especially in Goldhap. Too many people still live in temporary shelter in inhumane circumstances. The images will never leave my memory.