BMS continues donation drive ; donations from Europe up


The Bhutan Media Society (BMS) on Friday said it has decided to continue the ongoing online donation drive until April 15.

A refugee searches his lost items in Sanischare

Following the field visit to both the fire-gutted camps of Jhapa and Morang districts by its speacial team BMS said the conditions of those displaced by fire have been much more pathetic than what appears in media.

“The donation drive will go until April 15 as the displaced people have bigger expectations,” the society’s Manager Vidhyapati Mishra said.

Meanwhile, BMS said the contributions from Europe have been very encouraging considering the least number of people employed after their resettlement.

“The Bhutanese in the Netherlands have contributed US $ 715 while those in Manchester of the United Kingdom have donated £ 520, and such amounts are significant,” added Mishra.

Tara Nidhi Niroula from Manchester told Bhutan News Service that all 34 houses made a donation of £ 1 5 each.

He further said,”The resettled Bhutanese in the United Kingdom have expressed deep grief and solidarity over the devastating fire incidence in Goldhap and Sanichare camps with this contribution as they have shared a part of support they received from the government.”

According to Mishra, resettled Bhutanese in Denmark have said they already contributed US $ 1,851 through the BMS.

“We are deeply saddened to hear the tragic incident about the devastating fire incidents in Goldhap and Sanischare camps,” said President of  the Association of Nepali Speaking Bhutanese in Denmark, Thugten Dorjee Drukpa,  adding,”We stand by the displaced people to support them with 10,030 Danish Kroner.”

Likewise, a donation drive has been underway in Norway, informed Mishra.

Meanwhile, BMS has asked Bhutanese in other countries to extend their helping hands by making the possible contributions.

“We are expecting similar supports to these people from our fellow-countrymen in other countries, especially the United States of America as it hosts over 38,000 Bhutanese so far.”


  1. It is good to hear volunteers rendering whatever small amount they can manage. Small individual contributions makes a huge amount.
    Going thru the list I could find few individuals coming to share the burden.I heard and read much debate, attack and counter attack to gain the popularity and recognition from the people as National Organizations in United States. I hear nothing from ABA/OBCA in times of need. They hibernate.
    Come Annual conference/ elections to represent these two bodies sometime later in the year,and you will see these two big bulls waging their tail and do wwhat ever possible to woo innocent people and get VOTE for the executices!
    Ain’t this funny? I strongly suggest the media men to minimize their advocacy for superiority.
    See the damn they have given when the mediamen callled for voluntarily contribution to the affected people inthe camp.
    I don’t say It is the duty of so called national organizations to take the total burden but I would appreciate if they could have taken some initatives to raise fundfor the victims. I strongly say this because I see something like help to the Bhutanese arriving in the States, If they care for Bhutanese coming to the states Why don’t they come when a part of the same population is in trouble???

    Every one must see their Attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Long live our National Organization(ABA/OBCA)

  2. Dear saila ,
    it is a very important issue raised by you .I am not sure about th objectives set by OBCA or ABA but I do agree each of these organisation should have objective to face disaster like situation in emergency.
    Here in UK we are not yet a official organisation .We have fitted into a family like structure at present and awaiting some grop dynamics to build up befoe we get a orgnisation .Though we are small group we have been blessed by few very imporant persons .TN Niraula Guruji has taken the big responsibility to try and maintain positives of our culture and Durga Giri daju is our back bone .
    Comming back to the point of national organisation I think we need a international organisation who accomodates all organisations which have clearcut apolitical stand and we grow up under it in open anddemocratic process.

  3. Prakashji,
    I appreciate your thoughts. What I want to stress here in my comment was ….At least there are two organizations in United States, Both claim to be National Organization.
    When ever there is a disaster in the camp man made or natural,I don’t say or expect these two self claimed national organizations to take the total burden.I would rather love to see (as everyone else does)these two taking initatives to collect donations (This is very important for either to grow in the community).After all donations are made by willing individuals.
    I here want evey one of my bhutanese bretherns to understand the attitude of these organizations. What is the meaning of national organization when it has no capacity to deliver even the slighest of services when people badly needed?
    ABA/OBCA members individual or the organization as a whole should not misunderstand me and my statement.I am going public against both of you simply because till date we heard nothing from your great national organizations (either in terms of donation drive/initiation to collect fund) for the fire victims. Even it is not mandatory for you to collect funds but I feel it is a measure to your survival.
    God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear all,
    Chums it’s me plenarily pening to impart a sort of sentiment that whoever it is pondering realistic view over the issues rising in the bhutanese sky. All should hand in hand join effort to shortout this problem that is being seen tragic. Please don’t make this issue a wepon to argue each other and demoralize one another’s prestig and seldom proclaim your needless attitude to affect the process of collecting fund for the victim. We should also show our human heard to the needy who are living in pain and help them by your little assistance that shall be great and remembered by the bhutanese entire multitude. Let’s now assemble in one stage to address and so the solidarity to the process of collection of fund for support. And heedfully put your thought’s without impecting the other who are willing to land their little support for such displaced people. Feel your self being undergone such tragic event than nearly merely you will realise the vex and seldom endeavour to exact the words to go without caring vision. In making any decision thus articulate your growing view talking care of your side moving with narrow understanding.