BMS calls for support to fire victims of Goldhap, Sanischare


Kathmandu-based Bhutan Media Society (BMS) has appealed the fellow-Bhutanese to support the fire victims of Goldhap and Sanischare camps.

Starting an online donation box with an aim of garnering supports from the Bhutanese Diaspora, BMS said the conditions of over 3,000 Bhutanese refugees of both the camps have been pathetic and need urgent attention.

Those persons who are interested to make their donations available to the fire victims can contribute online.

Donation Closed:

The Bhutan Media Society has closed donation drive for fire victims of Goldhap and Sanischare camps on April 18, 2011 at 12:00 am (Nepal Standard Time). We no longer receive your contributions !

“The preliminary field study conducted by the Society shows that children and elderly citizens displaced by fire are most vulnerable, and need prompt attention,” BMS Manager, Vidhyapati Mishra, said on Wednesday.

According to Mishra, several organizations are already in the field to assist refugees through various means, however, proper studies have not been done in both the camps regarding the kind of supports each victim needs.

“Our camp representatives have been coordinating with the Camp Management Committees and affected people to figure out the groups that need to be reached most importantly,” added he.

In Goldhap, a significant number of fire victims are children and women requiring proper attentions before reaching to youths, students, teachers and camp volunteers, according to Mishra.

The Caritas Nepal has provided School Leaving Certificate (SLC) appearing students with their textbooks, and now these students are housed outside the camp.

The Society, which conducted similar donation drives during past fire incidents in the camps, said it will play a fair role to make the donated money reached out to the most deserving groups or individuals in both the camps.

“The Bhutan Media Society requests all the resettled Bhutanese, their community organizations and well-wishers to participate in the campaign to support the fire victims by making possible cash donations,” added he.

He further said that the collected money will be handed over to the targeted refugees by making public the details of all transactions carried out through the official website of the Bhutan News Service.

Contributions made :

  1. Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands, USD 718 [510 Euros] (Donors’ List)
  2. Bhutanese in Manchester (England), 520 £ (Donor’s List)
  3. Bhutanese in Denmark (ANSDB), 1965.48 USD [10649 DKK](Donors’ List)
  4. Bhutanese Community of Twin Falls, Idaho, USA, 500 USD(Donors’ List)
  5. Bhutanese Community Resource Center (BCRC), USA, 1493 USD (Donors’ List)
  6. Bhutanese Community of Tennessee (BCT), USA, 120 USD
  7. Bhutanese Society of Kentucky, USA, 806 USD
  8. Bhutanese Community in Melbourne, Rs 76,125 (1015 AUD) (Donors’ List)
  9. Association of Bhutanese in Norway, 2160USD [12202 NOK] (Donors’ List)
  10. Bhutanese in South Australia,Adelaide, 142 USD (Donors’ List)
  11. Bhuvan Chhetri and Team, 215 USD(Donors’ List)
  12. Bhutanese Community of California, USA, 1116USD (Donors’ List)
  13. Bhutanese of Syracuse, USA, 500 USD
  14. Individual Contributors, 812 USD (Donors’ List)
  15. Kansas Bhutanese Community, USA, 512 USD

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