Blood donation camp organised to mark Good Friday


As the Christian community celebrates the Good Friday across the world, Bhutanese Christians of three Beldangi camps organized a blood donation camp.

At least 50 refugees donated blood during the camp, organizer the Local Beldangi Churches informed.

Damak unit of the Nepal Red Cross Society provided equipments and medical manpower for the camp while the Christian Youth Unity funded the event.

Reported by Mosses Lagoon for BNS from Beldangi-II Extension


  1. let me write to fello bhutanse who are converts or going to be converted in near future about releigian here. We can easily donate blood without the name of Jesus or ram or Bhuddha for good cause. I find even in America people have been converted to chirstain in hope of getting some old cloths and reverted back after they know they are treated diffrently and they are isolated from the local communities.
    I have feeling, bhutanese should remain as bhutanese lhotsams, buddhist or hindu what ever but no convert to the religion which you all don’t know any thing. For example how many of you believe white Americans are 100 chirstians. The fact is white americans r not even half religious. People stopped believeing in god now and hardly religious.
    therefore i sincerely request pls get converted and do not loose your communities behind and try to understand. The church is not giving you anything in America or in Australia, its the govt. Churches are to route spending to resettlers and it si actually taxpayer money so religious has nothing to do on the spending and helping of new comers, which you have to be obliged of.If you happen to see in churches in Netherland or any other developed countries only converted christian are there , original christain by birth are just single digit percentile. Other important points i want make is while white europeans/americans/australian comes to our house enjoy festival like dasain tihar be part of own family even take tika ashirbad from oldies, wht are our dear nepali converts from over night start behaiving alliens. They say can’t take part in dasin tihar , it was tradition of Nepali not always connetced to religions.
    so i advice fellow pasters to notes this and transform from those belief that this religion is go and that is bad….every religion is good in fact.
    No offence to any religion….

  2. Robi, I agree with you. Hardly 20% of Americans go to Church. People in the west don’t care about religion anymore. Even Christmas is all about exchanging gifts and having an annual family get together,it is more of a culture than religion, nobody I know go to church at Christmas time. People are more practical here. Our people go to church in the hope of economic gain which is not right. You got to respect yourself, don’t stoop to the lowest level, we are not refugees anymore. We have come to the land of equal opportunity, lets work hard and be proud of ourselves.