Black Necked Cranes arrive in their winter home


Nov 23: One of the endangered species of birds – the Black Necked Cranes – began to arrive Phobjikha, their winter home. Phobjikha already saw around 150 birds this winter. Last year, the locality had sheltered over 320 birds compared to 200 five years ago.

Villagers say crane population is increasing in the valley every year.

The Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) is active in Phobjikha to protect the bird and maintain the marshy wetlands. RSPN has introduced nature trails for local villagers and tourists to avoid them from going near the birds.

Birds that used to take shelter in Bomdeling also started diverting to Phobjikha since habitat in Bomdeling has been disturbed by floods in the past.