Birat-led CPB (MLM) expels two leaders


The Birat-led Communist Party of Bhutan (MLM) claimed its Central Committee (CC) meeting held on April 11-12 decided to expel two leaders from the party by terminating their affiliations.

According to a pamphlet dispatched in refugee camps on June 6, the ousting leaders included former politburo member Prahar and one CC member Nabin Prabhat. Bhutan News Service couldn’t reach both for their comments.

The Party has accused the duo of involving in anti-social activities and serious fabrication against the party policies. However, Prabhat is said to retain at least his general membership.

The pamphlet has carried the name of the Party’s Acting General Secretary Vikram.

The Bhutan News Service couldn’t independently verify if its General Secretary Birat is still holding his portfolio or not.

File photo : cadres of CPB (MLM) perfoming a stage drama in Kathmandu before the party suffered a vertical split 

The 20th plenary meeting of CPB (MLM) CC meeting also discussed and “unanimously” endorsed two separate documents- organizational report, and party strengthening and rectification resolution tabled by the Party’s General Secretary.

The Party also reiterated its claim that the ongoing resettlement program has aimed at suppressing the just movement of Bhutanese citizens, it further said.

Meanwhile, the Party said it would take a political decision in near future to terminate leaders and cadres who have already opted the resettlement offer.

Some people claim that including senior leaders, who were working as private school teachers in Nepal prior to their resettlement, dozens of active communist cadres were resettled in various western countries.

“A resolution was also passed that the party shall participate in the ongoing debate on the latest series of events in the international communist movement with new position,” it added.

Both the factions, one led by Birat and another by Vikalpa, have been claiming each to be the main party after the founding CPB (MLM) suffered a vertical split in 2008.

Reports in the past even claimed that besides these two leftist ideological bodies, yet another Communist Party of Bhutan (Maoist) was also under operation both inside and outside Bhutan. But, Birat-led faction later refuted its existence.

“The party which was never seen in existence in the past declared a threat to take physical action on two politburo members of our party quoting their real names,” a blog run by the Party clarified.

“It still has been mysterious as who has done it. However, while going through their statements, it seems to be done by the counter-revolutionary agents infiltrated in the communist circle.”