Bhutan’s responses-III


GNH promotes equity and social justice. MDG incorporate into national plans. To reduce poverty to 15 percent by 2012. King granting lands to landless people. Food security is foremost objective of Bhutan. Nutrition status of people is improving. Underweight has reduced. Committed to mainstream gender. Focal persons identified in al government agencies. Devising database on gender.

Thakur Powdyal
Appreciates king efforts. Democratization started in 1970s. Many participated in elections. 13 percent women participation in parliament. Massive voter education. Election materials in local languages. Only two parties came to contest the elections. Elections met international standard.

State committed to rule of law. Bhutan will first build national resources and legal environment. One commission to study on ratifying international convention. Convention on disabilities is government’s priority. Constitution gives political, social, economic and religious rights.